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Please note that this stream may contain spoilers for Kingdom Hearts III Re Mind.
  1. It could be likely for them to make a new enemy based on the soul since terras armor and vanitas lingering will are a thing
  2. where the hell did you get your thumb nail from xDDDDD
  3. Gxmwp


    Monty said Ruby isn't based on little red ridding hood Monty actually said that the characters aren't based off of snow white and red riding hood
  4. " Markus Persson, founder of Mojang, has stated that the company's games will likely support the Oculus Rift." Imagine a creeper blowing up literally right in front of you " Several prominent figures from the games industry, notably John Carmack, the co-founder of Id Software, Gabe Newell, the co-founder of Valve Corporation, and Cliff Bleszinski, former design director at Epic Games, publicly endorsed the campaign." Maybe valve will make half life 3 on here and learn how to count =D What do you mean pre order them? Is it done being developed?
  5. How would it be disrespectful. Isn't that like saying they should have taken money out all together just cause the guy died
  6. You should also read the novel. It's the original story and it's better than the anime(anime still great tho)
  7. Dıd you just try that one demo or did you actually plat some other ones before saying you hate the whole series ._.
  8. Why do you hate it if you've never tried it? '
  9. http://m.fanfiction.net/topic/116887/69423757/1/The novel(the original) is the best version and you get the full plot unlike the anime(anime mostly has useless side stories but it's still nice to watch). That link has the novels and the manga linked in it. Also if you get a move on and watch all 16 episodes by Saturday then you can watch the raw version of episode 17 at Animehere at 1:00 est. Sub comes out a few hours after that.
  10. Found it! http://style-spiral.deviantart.com/gallery/28976163
  11. So this pic is I think where the author of the comic got her idea or it was from the form that this girl talks about http://jolynnmangaka.deviantart.com/gallery/?offset=24#/d10v6f6
  12. There's this one kh fan comic(id link it but it would take me forever to look through my fave on deviant art) were something happens to kairi(haven't read it in a while) and she accidently absorbs to much light from kh, which makes her go light crazy. She then makes the decision to get rid of all blemishes (darkness) in the world and in the process kills riku. When I find the comic again I'll link it.
  13. Maybe we should post where everyone lives so that we can adjust the time so that it's good for everyone. I live in Toronto, Ontario so I'm in the eastern timezone 3 hours ahead in pacific time
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