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  1. Keykid Jocelyn! (^o^)/ One/Two more left to go! By the way, this is just an introduction card that I’m making for an upcoming blog on Tumblr [ @ask-the-keykids​ ] that I’m starting with the talented@duckgooose​~! Be on the look out for updates from me or from her! ;oD
  2. Left the my party behind... no one was active or speaking and it got lonely ;~;

  3. I'm also curious to know who from the KHUx lID list joined my party? I think two people but I have no idea who they are outside of KHUx ;~;

  4. 「エフェメラ一番好きです~」<3

  5. XV Jocxelyn


    Although this was shared on Tumblr, I decided to upload it here, too. I am so in love with KHX because of how intense the story is. Ephemera and the Player are the best, so I made a drawing of them both with dandelions in the background. It was kind of just me mourning over the fact that Ephemera is going to disappear and the Player will be left all alone ;~; [Originally uploaded on theblackheartkeyhole.tumblr.com]
  6. YES!I've finally seen an appreciation post for Everglow's (aka Marco) work! All of the things he's done for the community has been so wonderful and helpful!BOORAY FOR EVERGLOW
  7. I found out about KH 2.8 and said, "Well, Square, where the heck did that come from?"

  8. I'm sure people have thought of that, but it'd be really hard to explain the GAP of years from the Keyblade War and BBS. Still, I really like the theory!Some people have also mentioned Kairi's Grandmother possibly time travelling if that were the case.
  9. So...Basically, all of the story from Kingdom Hearts Chi up until the most recent update, 09/03/2015 I believe, has been a prologue. There'd be no other reason to show this after the cutscenes: In any case, the fact that we've been playing for two years and now we get to the REAL GOOD STUFF. I'm just really excited. Unfortunately for my heart, it seems like Ephemera, my like now top favorite characters, isn't real?? ;~;And Chirithy doesn't want us to investigate our dream, look for Ephemera, and such? Or she/he knew about it all along??? (Maybe my Japanese is faulty)This is practically the start of me turning against my comrades/ vice versa, and going on a journey all alone. That's kinda sad...
  10. Trying to get the hang of everything here again... I kinda wanna upload my favorite screenshots from KHX but I dunno how...

  11. My goodness, has it been a while since I've even logged on

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