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  1. Congrats on the follower count. I've been following myself for quite a while.
  2. I'm not a huge fan. What's the source on this again?
  3. On the official SQUARE ENIX website, they announced that Japan will be getting a "Film Collections Box". NOVA CRYSTALLIS translated the webpage and the contents of what will be included in this collector's item. Right now the Films Collections Box will be priced at around 20,000 Yen. There may also be a "lighter" version of the box that only includes the bonus content and movies priced at 12,000 Yen. Two day earlier, it was also reported that SQUARE ENIX might release more of the Ultimate Collector's Edition of FINAL FANTASY XV. Reported by Siliconera, this is what Hajime Tabata said in a tweet:
  4. LEOPARDOS My in game name is Wyle. I joined Leopardos because I'm a Leo so I just thought it to be natural. Currently I'm not in any party as I feel like waiting for a KH13 party for Leopardos to get rolling.
  5. It means it will be splitting the game into "episodic parts". This means the game will not be on all one disc and each part may have different release dates. An easy way to think of it is it'll be something similar to FINAL FANTASY XIII so like FINAL FANTASY VII Remake, FINAL FANTASY VII-2 Remake, so on & so forth.
  6. Also, not sure if shared before, but FINAL FANTASY XV could have up to or over 200 quests. Not sure if /spoiler worthy. Most likely these quests are used to probably just gain more experience for levels and not too many will actually have real importance.
  7. FINAL FANTASY XIII trilogy will be used as "blueprints" for FINAL FANTASY VII Remake's episodic release format.
  8. I believe this is more in regards to how heavily it is being influenced by FINAL FANTASY XIII's releases, unless I am mistaken.
  9. According to Gamespot, Yoshinori Kitase has confirmed that the new FINAL FANTASY VII Remake will be released as multiple full-sized games comparable to the FINAL FANTASY XIII trilogy. For clarification this means the Remake will be structured similarly to FINAL FANTASY XIII where each "part should be on par with the scale of one FINAL FANTASY XIII game" (Kitase). This seems to be met by some mixed reviews, mostly with the compassion to taking direction from the FINAL FANTASY XIII trilogy which was met with heavy criticism. Since the announcement I believe this is the first time we are getting confirmation the game will not have just on full release. When originally released in 1997, the game in its entirety was divided into three discs. credit
  10. Who wants to stay up until midnight so we can see together? o/
  11. Welcome! Looking forward to seeing your hard work. :biggrin:
  12. As some of you may be aware, Square Enix is using visual motion capture to use in making the characters of FINAL FANTASY XV not only feel more alive, but personal. Square recently released a pdf of the presentation used at CEDEC 2015. It contains a ton of information on the visual works motion capture. You can find the pdf here, however note it is in Japanese primarily. Credit here
  13. $350.00 can be about two months of meals to some families. People with different pay stubs find different things expensive.
  14. The vinyl is a limited edition release of the FINAL FANTASY VIII Original Soundtrack. Only 2,000 copies with the serial code will be given away in the UK. It's going for 49,99 pounds. You can pre-order it here. Credit here
  15. My reaction: *scoff* whatever soriku is totally real
  16. I'm not created enough to make one from Noah. Or at least there are none I'm aware of that make sense.
  17. Along with a huge lineup, Square Enix will have FINAL FANTASY EXPLORERS demos out at their boot at this upcoming New York Comic-Con 2015. The game was announced for the West on July 30, 2015. FINAL FANTASY EXPLORERS is a multiplayer action RPG game for the Nintendo 3DS system. You can see more of their lineup by clicking here.
  18. When I opened it up, I thought it was going to be pretty bad. But it's not! It looks actually good! The graphics and/or props also looked well done. #HYPE
  19. If we could get keyblade weapons that are similar to the weapons of those in RWBY, I would be completely ecstatic for that. I mean, c'mon, who doesn't love Ruby's scythe? In the Wisdom Form for Kingdom Hearts II, they could have easily had the keyblade turned into a dual gun type weapon.
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