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  1. The other him huh? Anybody think maybe our heroes are time travelling or something? Like Riku and Mickey go to the past in the realm of darkness to get Aqua immediately after the ending of 0.2 so she doesn't get swallowed by darkness. Then Riku leaves his old Keyblade there for his past/younger self to begin the walk to the road to dawn? I know its a crazy theory.
  2. I don't think so mate, I think they're trying to save Roxas I think so him being a seeker of darkness seems a little sketchy.
  3. Nomura is very underestimated when it comes to making these games. But I think we might be seeing a release of 2.5 remix winter 2014 and kingdom hearts 3 fall 2015
  4. Isnt the point of the whole Xehanort thing for them to be equal in power. 13 darknesses and all
  5. I think Yen Sid might have done the ceremony with Axel
  6. I think the first two lines are just about he whole time travel thing and the third line for the final clash between the 7 and 13
  7. What are you guys doing? When I saw dream or drop I thought you were discussing 3D but what the hell is this?!
  8. Coming from the guy who plans on getting the Japanese version and just hitting the attack button Cu's he's too impatient
  9. No my profile picless friend in the translations Mickey counted himself riku Sora and the bbs trio on his fingers claiming they needed a seventh light.
  10. Mickey was only around during data sora's time in coded so he didn't really go anywhere and his abscence referred to his time in the realm of darkness
  11. I don't think so I think the final mix would reveal one of the "other xehanorts" in some manner. It only makes sense.
  12. I have a theory maybe the only way for a nobody and somebody to become one is for both to be eliminated so maybe later on Roxas will split and then sacrifice himself to be complete with Sora. That would be nice. Axel and Roxas should have a proper farewell.
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