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  1. Aww man this was pretty sad to read. Xion has always been my favorite character in the series, and I'm glad she got save in Kingdom Hearts 3. I also like that they go deeper in Xion's character in the Character files. However, is the Character Files consider canon to the games? Or just one of those fun character trivias?
  2. Geez another Card Base gameplay? Man the Medals gameplay are better than the Card Base. Anyway, it's really sad that Xehanort Origins is going to be explore in the cheap mobile game. But as a Kingdom Hearts fan I decided to play the game and see where the story goes. Especially since I've play all the other previous games on both console and handheld systems. Plus, If I manage to survive that awful Card gameplay from Chain of Memories (GBA) and Re:Chain of Memories (PS2) then I guess playing another Card gameplay wouldn't kill me. Still hoping they will change the gameplay in the USA soon.
  3. In my experiences with the Data Battles in Kingdom Hearts 3 Ultima Weapon, Oblivion, and Oathkeeper are the best keyblades to use. Ultimate Form and Double Form does massive damages.
  4. I'm getting this package because I don't have Kingdom Hearts 1, Kingdom Hearts 2, Chain of Memories, Birth by Sleep, 358/2 Days Cinematic, and Re:Coded Cinematic on the PS4. I only have Dream Drop Distance, 0.2 Birth by Sleep, Back Cover, and Kingdom Hearts 3 on the PS4.
  5. I love all of them. Here's my list of favorite Heroines in the Kingdom Hearts series. 1.) Xion 2.) Aqua 3.) Kairi 4.) Namine 5.) Ava 6.) Skuld 7.) Invi 8.) Strelitzia 9.) Olette
  6. Wait so basically nothing change in the main game? No new story cutscenes were added into the main game? I hope i'm reading this right?
  7. Man I can't wait to update them when I wake up in the next eight hours lol.
  8. Seriously, if only this tease was on the console instead of Union Cross. Other than that I'm excited to see this announcement.
  9. I'm very excited for this. I already got the items I need for the Oblivion keyblade and Oathkeeper keyblade, and I already got the Ultima Weapon. The new world sounds interesting? But I think it's just more content for either The Final World and Scala ad Caelum. It's cool to see Yuffie and the rest of the Final Fantasy characters again in Re:Mind. But to be honest I wasn't upset when they said the Final Fantasy characters were not in Kingdom Hearts 3 back in 2019. I love them and all but, in my opinion, I was okay without them in Kingdom Hearts 3. But I'm happy to see Yuffie, Squall/Leon, and Aerith again in Re:Mind and see what they've been up to.
  10. In my opinion, the Secret Reports in Kingdom Hearts 3 were definitely the most interesting because some of the Reports give little teases of the future of Kingdom Hearts. And some of the Reports give some little insight of some members in Organization XIII.
  11. Aww man that new artwork of Sora and Kairi really brings some warm feeling in my heart. Very beautiful and kind romantic. I'm so excited for this DLC and I hope it lives up the expectation. I'm so glad I didn't watch any of the Re:Mind trailers because I don't what's going on or what's happening in the DLC.
  12. Man just six more days left! The wait is killing me here, but it will be worth it. I already pre-order my Re:Mind DLC on my PS4 and I'm patiently for my PS4 to download it. Plus, that Re:Mind Dearly Beloved theme music is beautiful man!
  13. Here's my list of my favorite Kingdom Hearts handheld games. 1.) 358/2 Days - Mainly because of the story and characters developments from Roxas, Xion, and Axel. The relationship between Roxas, Xion, and Axel. And because I got to see the another side of the Organization members. And that's why it got my vote! 2.) Dream Drop Distance - Mainly because it's finally moving the story forward after Kingdom Hearts 2. The music and interesting gameplay, especially the Flowmotion. Riku's character development and his growth as a character. And the introduction of my second favorite villain Young Xehanort. 3.) Birth by Sleep - I love Birth by Sleep because it was such a fun game. The Command Boards and Melding Gameplay were one of the best gameplays in the Kingdom Hearts, in my opinion. I love the new characters Terra, Ventus, and Aqua, especially Aqua. The introduction of my another favorite villain Vantias. However, my problem with Birth by Sleep was that there wasn't enough character moments between Terra, Ventus, and Aqua. Terra, Ventus and Aqua were supposed to be best friends, but the game focus too much on separating Terra, Ventus, and Aqua. If Birth by Sleep show more friendship between Terra, Ventus, and Aqua and show how strong their friendship are than I might've rank it second on my list. 4.) Re:Coded - Re:Coded is not the strongest game in the series, but it has a very fun gameplay. the story was a little weak, but the story did move forward so I respect the game for that. Best part was the second ending and the revelation of Master Xehanort return.
  14. This is my list of my favorite Kingdom Hearts Theme Songs in my opinion. 1.) Sanctuary - Beautiful, nostalgic, and still gives me chills. 2.) Don't Think Twice - Beautiful, refreshing, and very emotional. This song was prefect of what to expect before I play Kingdom Hearts 3. 3.) Simple and Clean - Nostalgic, hype, and still magical. 4.) Face My Fears - Decent, interesting, but it didn't give me the emotional impact I wanted before I play Kingdom Hearts 3 like Don't Think Twice.
  15. Honestly, I was going to say by the end of February until I realize that Re:Mind won't be release until February for the XBox players. So I'll say we should let the Spoiler Policy last until the end of March.
  16. Pretty sure I saw her Chess Piece in the Secret Ending? I'm sure Ava will come back in the new Saga.
  17. No matter how old I get or what people say about me, but I will forever play Kingdom Hearts games until the day I died. Kingdom Hearts will forever be special to me, and I will continue on and see where the series goes. Love this series! Kingdom Hearts forever!!!
  18. Good lord neither of them. I rather have Kingdom Hearts and Star Wars remain separate forever. I seriously hope EA Games keeps licencing the rights to Star Wars so it would be completely impossible for Nomura to add Star Wars. I love Star Wars, but I don't want it anyway near Kingdom Hearts. I rather have more Pixar Worlds in Kingdom Hearts than Star Wars.
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