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  1. I would love to see a standalone one and done Obi Wan movie. Obi Wan is one of my favorite Star Wars characters since the Prequels so I think he deserves his own solo film.
  2. Definitely Venom! To me Spider-Man and Venom are two opposite of the coin. I wish to see the real Venom in the MCU.
  3. Definitely Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith! In my opinion, Revenge of the Sith is the best Star Wars film in the entire franchise.
  4. Probably Sora. However, I expect it's going to be a video game character that we're not expecting to appear.
  5. Better be my favorite keyblade Oblivion! I don't care if Roxas has one nor it wouldn't make sense to see two same keyblades. Oblivion is one of the best keyblades in the entire Kingdom Hearts series and I want to use it in KH3!
  6. The game is flaw but I have no problem with the many "issues" people are having. My only issue was the stupid Attraction Flow but thank God there's an ability to disable that for most of the game. That's my only issue they fixed.
  7. I freaking knew it was a good idea not to play Critical Mode right a way after I downloaded! Because of this upcoming DLC now I'm even more excited to download new content and witness them while playing Critical Mode. This will definitely motivated me to push through Critical Mode!
  8. Kingdom Hearts 3 definitely deserve this. It definitely needs to be recognized of how great this games is despite it's flaws. Well deserve and this is a great sign for more Kingdom Hearts games in the future!
  9. Oh hell yeah! Can't wait to download the update! However, I think I should wait for the other DLC updates before I play it again? The new DLC update about Xion should time a little longer to get. Hopefully more DLC's adds more story elements into Kingdom Hearts 3.
  10. Happy Easter! I'll be going to Church of course.
  11. I'm sure she will. Kairi needs a Kingdom Hearts game starring her. Just like Riku was the star in Dream Drop Distance.
  12. Here's my list of my favorite Phantom Thieves members in order. 1.) Best girl Ann obviously! 2.) Joker 3.) Futaba 4.) Ryuji 5.) Haru 6.) Yusuke 7.) Morgana 8.) Makoto. Okay I like all the members equally but at the same time differently. My ranking is mostly about the character's personalities and their interactions throughout the whole.
  13. Lol! Nice commercial. I love that they added a little Kingdom Hearts 3 clip in the commercial. Glad Kingdom Hearts is getting some TV spotlight.
  14. Should romance belong in Kingdom Hearts 3? Well I don't mind as long as it's done right. Plus, some Disney Worlds (and Disney films) in the Kingdom Hearts series have a bunch of romance between Disney characters, and Kingdom Hearts is a Disney game so I don't see it as a bad thing as long as it's done right. Out of all the Kingdom Hearts games Kingdom Hearts 3 is the closest one that could have romance in the game. Sora and Kairi's relationship in Kingdom Hearts 3 was more develop than in the previous games. In my opinion, Sora and Kairi's relationship in Kingdom Hearts 3 is a little more than friendship. While it's not official confirmed if Sora and Kairi are a couple but those two clearly care about each other and I can see their relationship could go beyond friendship. Plus, never in my life I ever hold hands with my female friends as long as Sora and Kairi did in Kingdom Hearts 3, Lol!. They way Sora and Kairi hold hands, they way look at each other, and the way they express their feelings. Yeah their relationship could beyond friendship. Also sharing a Paopu Fruit could mean a lot of things. According to Riku in Kingdom Hearts 1 if two people share a Paopu Fruit their destinies will become intertwine and they will remain each other lives no matter what. While whether or not it means romance but all we know is that Sora and Kairi share a Paopu Fruit in Kingdom Hearts 3 and, if you believe in the legend, they will forever remain part each other's live. If Nomura does decided to make Sora and Kairi as a couple well I like they way he handle their relationship in Kingdom Hearts 3. I don't need them to say "I love you" or see them kiss because I want their relationship to be nice and slow instead of force. I want their potential romance to feel natural if Nomura decides to pair them up. So for the time being their relationship is up to the players imagination. Also romance in Kingdom Hearts doesn't mean Friendship is no longer a main theme. Friendship is still one of the main themes in the Kingdom Hearts Franchise and it will still be important in the Kingdom Hearts series.
  15. Oh Japanese for sure! I would love to learn Japanese and go back to Japan again for the third time.
  16. Well it's pretty obvious but it's nice to see it. However, it would've been better if this world was on the console instead of a mobile game. There's a lot of potential to explore Game Central Station in Unreal Engine. Plus, I really hope they end Union Cross very soon because this story could've easily been told in either a movie (like Back Cover x) or on a handheld system as a side-story.
  17. That's literally one of my favorite scenes in that world in Kingdom Hearts 3. Plus, it's so awesome seeing Disney Characters and Pixar characters interacting with the original villains and being part of the main story. Mike and Sully are true bros and I love them for saving Sora from Vantias. Especially Sully who sneak behind Vantias and said "Made you look" before he roar at him. I wish and hope to see more of that in future Kingdom Hearts games.
  18. The most emotional moments for me in Kingdom Hearts 3 was Sora saving Aqua. Mickey, Donald Goofy, Sora, and Riku hugging Aqua. The reunion between Xion, Roxas, and Lea. The reunion between Aqua and Ventus, and the reunion between Aqua, Ventus, and Terra. Sora meeting Namine again in The Final World. Everyone save from their hurting and finally spend time together on Destiny Islands including Hayner, Pence, and Olette. And seeing Kairi tearing up while Sora slowing disappearing. Yep this game has so many emotional moments to me.
  19. Oh definitely Joffrey. I was so glad Joffrey was kill off. Great actor though but I hated Joffrey when I watched Game of Thrones.
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