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  1. Also, is this not applicable for those pre-ordering the ps4 deluxe edition? Because I really want the kh3 art book, but if this pre-order is offering ingame content, I may reconsider.
  2. Is Star Seeker Variant going to be a pre order bonus keyblade?
  3. Y'all trash, Unicorn Gang coming back next week
  4. Have they made any announcement regarding a future PS4 bundle with KH 2.8? I'm primarily considering buying a PS4 for 2.8 (and 3 obviously), and I want to know if they're going to release one.
  5. Yo, sorry for the late response, but my IGN is Isaiah and my ID is 727574
  6. Currently the servers are down for me, but my ingame name is Isaiah
  7. The first thing that would come to mind, for me that is, is the nobody of Riku. What would he look like? Would he have the power of darkness? What do you guys think would happen?
  8. I was thinking about critical mode, so I can get the extra boosts and stuff, but I don't know if it'll be too hard for me or too much of a challenge to enjoy it, if I'm struggling to have fun, because it's so hard. I've beaten KH2 on beginner, standard, and proud, and I'd say proud was the most enjoyable difficulty. I know critical is much harder than proud, but I don't know if it's worth moving up. Maybe I should do proud first, then critical? What do you guys think?
  9. I mean, let's be real here. You're on a website entirely dedicated to Kingdom Hearts. I don't think anyone here would say to get Majora's Mask
  10. The only one I recently played was KH2 about a week ago. I got bored and did a Sephiroth challenge. My PSP is broken, and I lost Re:Coded, but I beat both of them so I know I'm not missing out on anything.
  11. As a KH Fanboy, I can admit it is more annoying to be KH Fanboy than it is to be a Sonic Fanboy. The rest of the world doesn't understand how deep and epic KH is, so they tend to make fun of it, while Sonic is more of a simple, not sentimental game, so it is more praised.
  12. KH3D requires a touchscreen, so PS3 can't work. PS4 has a touchscreen on its controller, but KH3D was built for the 3DS, so it would seem logical that it'd be on a Nintendo console.
  13. I'm pretty sure someone has made a topic on this, but what are your opinions on a KH3D remake for the Wii U? Would you or would you not support it, what would the gameplay be like, etc. I'm not planning to get a Wii U anytime soon, although a remake would be pretty cool.
  14. What are some good themes for my Instagram? I'm planning to add something with Keyblades to look epic.

  15. In my opinion, Tangled is fairly similar to Frozen, which (although I hate Frozen) has a pretty good chance of making it to KH3.
  16. I'm only here for the game, not for extra things.
  17. I think it'd be cool to see, with all the different characters and moves Kingdom Hearts has to offer. What do you guys think?
  18. No KH3 at E3..... :(

    1. Sora96


      They said no to that days ago.

    2. lostmemory123


      If I remember correctly,they said to not expect it specifically,no?

  19. We should be able to spend munny to buy potions.
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