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  1. There are two types of Star Wars fans; there are fans of the universe and then there are simply fans of the movies, it’s possible to be both, but to be both you have to genuinely enjoy the universe. This movie completely takes a dump on the universe and it’s revealing what type of fans people are. Luke’s character was handled in such a disrespectful way that anyone who knows anything about Luke would scratch their head and just be like “who is this guy”. This trilogy clearly has no direction since obviously one director can come in and completely destroy the foundation made by another in the same trilogy. Make fun of Lucas all you want for the PT, but atleast he had a vision and followed it through...except darth jar jar, but I’ll blame the fandom for that one. Not to mention that Rian Johnson just shat on what the force is, apparently it is now this tension/balance between every extreme concept. Instead of being a force that connects everything now it needs to balance in every aspect of existence. Lol this is why I shake my head when people say they want Star Wars I’m KH, the lore and mythos of Star Wars is just too similar to KH yet fundamentally different for it to work without dumping on both of them. Now I would get into why the movie itself is an okay movie, but a terrible Star Wars movie, but i feel the thread has touched upon my greatest concerns of the movie.
  2. It's beyond stupid, I've already resigned KH to being another series where anything after the sequel in the trilogy will never be as good as the second in the series
  3. Well it's official, Nomura is trying too hard to "reconnect kingdom hearts" lore back into itself. At this point, I'm not even sure if I care about the plot anymore especially if major/stupid developments are taking place on a game I can't stand to play.
  4. hmmm, not going to lie these look pretty bad, the clothes are...okay, but the faces, dear god those faces.
  5. Merrily stated most of my concerns already, but I'm going to add to that and say that this guy "genuine interest" in a series that has existed for 10+ years yet has only played one game, and the "he doesn't have time" excuse doesn't fly with me, you make time for whatever you genuinely enjoy, unless your job is to literally stare at a button in a bunker and press it ever 2 hours, there is no way you can't make time. And your stating the "he doesn't want to make fans disappointed" as a matter of fact ...No one wakes up in the morning and says "I'm going to make a crappy adaptation that's going to piss off all of the fans" (unless you're uwe boll) that's such a generic comment to make nowadays when it comes to adapting media into another form. There's really no way at this point he can show me he genuinely cares about the franchise, because he doesn't, gets told no one time and never touches the franchise again until its prevelant. It screams sketchyniss to me. Like merrily said that "breakup" analogy is so out of place and meaningless,it's a false equivalency, if he was genuinely interested with the franchise he would have kept with it. And honestly it's the fact that alllllll of the games are presented in such a neat little bow now with the remasters yet he still hasn't played them and seems like he would only play (or watch let's plays) only if the project gets off the ground, that's just silly to me. overall, I'd rather an actual anime studio take over this just because Americans tend to ruin adaptations of Japanese works or even anime inspired works yet the Japanese can adapt American works and actually do them justice and since KH is a mix of both it would just be better for the Japanese to handle it, only time Americans have proved me wrong was with edge of tomorrow, now that was a director/screenwriter combo that understood the source material.
  6. Definitely land of departure= castle oblivion, first time i saw that I was genuinely like "wait what?!?!" It literally came out of nowhere.
  7. yeah, NOW he wants to play the other 10 games in the series when the two most important ones before the KH renascence happened less than 3 years after 1's release, if he genuinely loved the games he would have atleast played 1-2, but since he is only doing it now after literally 10+ years you have to question how much he actually likes the games, and if he is talking out of his butt just for publicity and to get backing up from The KH fandom. It's just that this is coming out of nowhere especially with the hype train that is KH3 just around the corner so that too would fuel this project if it ever got of he ground, I think the guy is just taking advantage of the resurgence of a A numbered KH title to boost his own work. avatar the last airbender live action movie would like to say something about that. Though the only time an adaptation being completely abysmal yet for the best was Dragonball evolution, it got toriyama to get off his buns and make dragonball battle of gods in order to not have that stain be the last dragonball media to be seen. yeah, I already know I'm most likely not going to like every KH3 world, we have already used the best worlds imo, but I just can't agree with anyone who wants SW and marvel in KH. KH wouldn't be able to do marvel justice because there is no way they would give marvel more than one world to explore so they would have to jam pack anything and everything into one world, and the characters just wouldn't fit KH's tone. There wouldn't be much room for conversations on "friendship is power" in marvel and i feel that the only genuine interaction Sora would have with these characters are "I've always wanted to be a superhero" it would just feel out of place like PotC was in KH2. As for Star Wars...where do I start, it's just too similar to KH without actually being KH, look up how both KIngdom hearts (the actual being) and the force are described, they are virtually the same thing yet fundamentally different and if Nomura thinks he can finagle some way to explain that the force comes from KH...I would lose my proverbial waste basket.
  8. Instantly lost faith the moment he said he wanted marvel and Star Wars to be in the show, plays one KH game and doesn't even bother with atleast com and 2, at this point the guy sounds like he is just a Hollywood suit cashing in on an established property.
  9. Or there was never a traitor to begin with and the MoM was just just trolling his students and forcing them to play a sick game of guess who.
  10. woah, I wouldn't go so far as to say Nomura is in the same league as Kojima when it comes to plot density. Kojima is god tier on that aspect. Atleast kojima's retcons pave way for epic truths, I still have goosebumps about the ending of phantom pain.
  11. ... I feel like square enix is trying too hard to milk the fanbase, this is just disappointing especially since I can go on eBay and not only buy similar necklaces, but ones that actually look the necklaces the characters wear.
  12. Knowing Nomura he is most likely going to hide a plot point exclusively for concert goers that the non-affluent/not lucky enough to live in same area fanbase will never in a million years be able to see for themselves. Seriously though, it's been almost two years where is that KH3 trailer that was shown at that fan event.
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