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  1. Anta baka. You guys do know the only reason KH3 is even on the xbone is simply because how easy it is to port right? That's a cash grab. Porting to the Wii U would involve a lot of work making it compatible not only spec-wise but for the touchscreen as well, which let's face it would be too much work for so little reward. People who want it for the Wii U are a minority, albeit a vocal minority, but a minority nonetheless. I personally don't blame them for not wanting to do it, that's a lot of work and if they wanted to release it for all all at once it would delay the game even longer, which I think we can agree we've waited long enough, right? Who knows there's a slight, very slight possibility it might reach the Wii U 2 years after release since they've been doing that for a lot of PS3 games, but the Wii U is a dying system. I mean I don't think Nintendo consoles will ever die, especially their handhelds, but it seems their current home consoles will be at the bottom for a while, at least until smash comes up, but even then most people who are interested in smash have a Wii U already, and those who don't see it as baby's first fighting game. Personally I would prefer KH3 was a PS4 exclusive, but if the money from xdrones will support the future for Kingdom Hearts I approve, while it seems porting to the Wii U will cost more than it makes.
  2. projecttank

    Top 5 cats in video games

    More than half your list wasn't even cats
  3. projecttank

    Sonic Mashup Songs

    I know these aren't Sonic related but they're classic mash-ups. It's a lot so open at your own risk.
  4. projecttank

    Sonic Mashup Songs
  5. Buy this, download through a program called bootcamp that comes preinstalled in Macs, then just boot it up. I'm using it on my mac as we speak, best option, but also expensive.
  6. projecttank

    Sora sacrifice again?

    So is like his body after Hollow Bastion a shell made by his and Kairi's heart? In a sense.
  7. projecttank

    Sora sacrifice again?

    Actually Ven's heart is actually connected to Sora's unlike Kairi's. In Kingdom Hearts 1 Kairi's heart shared Sora's body so when he unlocked his heart it was freed, but Ventus's wasn't because it's actually sharing Sora's heart, basically the two hearts that flew off, one was Kairi's and the other was Ven's and Sora's before it turned into a heartless. After the fight with Vanitas Ven's heart was so damaged it couldn't survive, I mean why would it simply just go into Sora's body? If that was the case Ven's heart could've just stayed in his body, his heart was actually badly damaged and needed to attach itself to another heart to survive, Sora's being most compatible. Chances are reviving Ven's not going to be too hard, it's most likely just going to require something trivial while near Ven's body.
  8. projecttank

    FFXIV: Who got Early Access?

    Well Square-Enix really firetrucked up with the early access codes too, though I think everything's resolved now o.O
  9. projecttank

    FFXIV: Who got Early Access?

    It should be on the receipt. Also I did, servers were so firetruckED up early this morning, going to start playing again now.
  10. projecttank

    Thoughts on KH Yaoi art

    Honest I don't really care, if they like yaio that's them as long as they don't make me see it it doesn't bother me, except for the fact it clogs up my search for any rule34 of Kairi, Xion, and Aqua
  11. projecttank

    Significance of the Data World

    It's only significant as an emulator, meaning Maleficent only wants it to practice taking over these worlds and learning their secrets so to succeed in the real world her first attempt, there's no real significance it could really play except maybe how hearts can grow from inanimate object that emulate emotion I.E. Nobodies, puppets, programs, etc. It's basically good for KH lore, but doesn't really mean anything plotwise.
  12. projecttank

    If it was real

    I've actually been writing a story for the last few years (well coming up with it in my mind) about a multiverse with KH fitting in. Might consider writing it and posting it if there's any interest, probably will eventually but it's hella long. Kinda made me think that I wouldn't want to be a keyblade wielder, but I'd definitely want to know one, but if that meant I could travel through worlds I'd take one in a heartbeat, seems like it comes with a lot of responsibility though.
  13. Something about remembering her presence when near her remains allows her to use your thoughts to bring her back.
  14. projecttank

    11th Disney princess

    Doesn't really matter, I remember hearing that in KH you don't actually HAVE to be a princess to be a princess of heart such as in Kairi's case and possibly Alice's, same thing vice-versa, just because she's a princess doesn't mean she'll play much significance, same thing with Rapunzel and what's-her-face from Princess and the Frog, maybe they could make something up, but I doubt it.
  15. projecttank

    Super Smash Bros. Wii U Is your body ready? If you want to be somebody sign away.