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Please note that this stream may contain spoilers for Kingdom Hearts III Re Mind.
  1. Exactly- so I'm thinking he's one of those 6 unknown Organization members in the True Organization XIII, and he'll end up fighting the 7 guardians of light until he's somehow miraculously saved and brought back to his senses- either before or after the final battle (preferably before)
  2. If Ansem the Seeker of Darkness and Xemnas were Terranort's Heartless and Nobody, and Xehanort has come back as a Somebody due to their being defeated, shouldn't Terra have returned as a Somebody as well? If so, maybe he's one of the six remaining hooded members of the True Organization XIII, and the main characters will have to free him from Xehanort's control in Kingdom Hearts III? o.O
  3. 2013: Kingdom Hearts 1.5 HD ReMIX for PS3 2014: Kingdom Hearts 2.5 HD ReMIX for PS3 (maybe PS4) 2015: Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days HD for PS3/4 (full game remade- they already have about 3 hours of HD cutscenes; Mission Mode could be online multiplayer) 2016: Kingdom Hearts III for PS4 Main title games take a while to make (and are worth it in the long run) and if III is still in its beginning stages with Nomura working on FFXV odds are a 2015 release may be too early, unless it's released towards the end of that year.
  4. I wanna know what happens next- keep writing!
  5. Yep- main reason I got a DS, PSP, 3DS, and now a PS3
  6. I pre-ordered it yesterday along with Lightning Returns
  7. I own both of them, the "Final Mix" part of Volume 1 is that in between Chapter 19 and 20 is a chapter called "BEYOND THE DOOR Secret Place"; it's 8 pages long and focuses on Riku arriving at Hollow Bastion and remembering when he and Sora were little kids on Destiny Islands. The "Final Mix" part of Volume 2 is that at the end of the manga they've added "UNKNOWN", another 8 page chapter that focuses on a short confrontation between Sora and the secret boss from Kingdom Hearts 1 Final Mix, and ends with a confrontation between two other characters, one of which is searching for Sora. If you're talking about the video games, Final Mix added a few new cutscenes, a secret boss, some new weapons and abilities- but the main plot is the same, there's just some new things you can do on the side
  8. PS4! 8D I wanna play Final Fantasy XV and Kingdom Hearts III!!! ^~^
  9. They need that to get them back- makes sense right?
  10. YES!!! 8DDD Release it as a CD and put it on iTunes- I'll buy the entire Album!
  11. Day 76 ~Inseparable~ "Herein we will determine your fitness for future missions by conducting an assessment of your mobility. Team up with Xion and collect the numerous Organization emblems we have placed throughout Twilight Town." Day 77 ~Inseparable~ "Shadow globs have overrun Agrabah. They have been deemed harmless at present; however, allowing them to propagate further could have dire and unpredictable consequences. Team up with Xion and destroy them on sight."
  12. Thank you so much for saying so! 8D That's what I was going for with Terra and Xehanort- the fact you think Aqua looks cute is just an extra bonus
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