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  1. Ahh, i thought you meant OG, thought you were in somekind of gang-banging group or something, but having too many OGs are quite bad, they would start fighting over the set and then the gang would start beefing, while the others start growing up like hell, then you would end up in a loose faction and die in a nut drive-by and end up wearing concrete shoes in a shallow coffin in the desert. But uhh, naw, that ain't it. And, Original Characters? it's quite the hobby for many poeple, i wouldn't say it's a bad thing unless you turn it into a crazy visual novel and end up a mentally ill guy like Kishimoto-Hime or that Nomura dude.
  2. Lies, lies, lies and lies, how can someone who play 15 minutes then join back, respond to every notification, status, topic in few seconds..? When i joined this IPB forums first, i didn't post or reply, all i did was spec at other members or chat with a member called Shera_Wizard i think... Say what you want, but most of you are pretty addicted to this forum! =P
  3. And then, they'll end up just like Flight Plan, most of fans loose interest when the original plot is over, if you remember, even in KHII, there was a lot of Trivia inculding Xeanort and VenAquTerr, it was clear kingdom hearts will still continue, but if the original plot is finished and Nomura starts a new one with new villains etc, KH will loose it's reputation for sure.
  4. I used to have a Wapcom bamboo tablet create, but i never posted anything in deviantart. I don't want to be harsh, but i think that this Devianart is a green arena of loosers, many people in there spam stolen/edited pictures then real creators come and start nagging them to death, and at last, the admins come to rescue and then it's an international incident..most of people in there are drama queens, including the moderators.
  5. I hate happy ending. Moreover, all of you are assuming that turf-head terra will be rescued, who knows what Nomura is planning to do next, all of you creating happy ending and stuff, doesn't that make the storyline end? in otherwords and Square Enix will stop releasing KH games?
  6. Click F5 Also i spelled inflict wrong, mah bad. (Damned Uncle Google Chrome users, Refleshing a page is reloading it! )
  7. Please post your insults below. Also if you want to punch me in the face, i'm truly sorry, you can't inflict damage thru the monitor, only Chuck Norris can do that.
  8. It seems Sqaure Enix really care about using every new console they see, but to tell the truth, the work they did so far on kingdom hearts series and Final Fantasy series is simply amazing, i hope it won't end up like Flight Plan, wasting all their money on strategy games, the western world doesn't even play, and end up broke and forced to close down..
  9. If you're using the PSP amulator, use hax. If you're playing on PSP, you're on your own, bub.
  10. It's simply because Nomura is mentally ill.
  11. Sword art online phantom bullet and mother's rosario OVA? i already saw all the light novels -.- and alicization turning still not translated by baka tsuki team..i hate japan.

  12. I totally agree! As for your diet. http://bit.ly/11IaGAB Eat, get fat, it's fun, who cares, i don't!
  13. What's a MUGEN? a new kind of tacos flavor? Wait, don't tell me, i'm either too borred or lazy to find out. Rather eat italian food.
  14. Go to a dumb looking gang-banger, kick him in the testicles (multiple times if needed), steal his gun, go to school, go the boy you like, point the game at him and ask him to date you (boys like guns or at least i do) if he refuses, shoot him, then shoot yourself, deadpool style. That's exactly what i'd do, being a lonely nerd who likes to use russian sniper rifles to bang people's head in codmw2 and be and @$$hole to everyone, who reads deadpool comics daily. If you want the truth, as a fellow male human (i'm 89% positive i'm) if you like him that much, just your continuess approach will make him notice, keeping your calm is also important, the best way to do that is to be with a friend of yours, if in a large group, or simply try to greet/help/ask/advice/kill/meet/call/chat/shoot/envite (et cetera et cetera) him more often, for now, you should seek a normal friendship, these things are done patiently, since confessing now would be a bad idea. If you keep getting close to him, you'll get used to him, that's pretty normal for every living creature, even babies wont cry after seeing a person multiple times. Hope i helped solving that puzzle of yours or ruining your mental state.
  15. I'm going to buy a russian HecateII full ratio sniper rifle, and murder Nomura.

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      Because he made a bunch of crazy lunatics, spamming in websites about prediction of a game that'll take few years to complete, and what's more, i'm part of one those communities, Damn! i'm headshooting him, CODMW2 headshoot bonus.

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