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  1. I thought this update was supposed to unlock all the cutscenes in theater mode...
  2. Video editing done by me, music done by my friend Funky Hurdles. This isn't the only video game music video we have made together but it is the only Kingdom Hearts one.
  3. I played the LR:FFXIII demo and I loved it. It's no traditional FF by any means, but it's a unique and refreshing step away from the same old same old. Hardcore elitist fans will always bitch and moan about how the series is different, but fail to realize that game franchises evolve over time. Things change and change is good. Anyone who seriously expected them to stay with the same old turn-based/ATB forever was just fooling themselves. Graphically it was stunning, it output at 1080p and was a visual step up from the previous 2 games, especially during the cinematics. I couldn't gather much on the story from the demo but from what i can tell, Lightning is a guardian chosen by God (their God, I'm assuming, not the biblical one), to be a savior to the people. Snow is an asshole for some reason, Hope helps guide Lightning throughout, and there's a demon who looks like Serah but isn't Serah I guess... as far as the gameplay goes... you can now run and jump on the map. There's no party, you only play as Lightning, but she can equip different garbs (up to 3 in the demo) that give her different abilities. In the battles, each garb is assigned 4 different commands corresponding to the 4 buttons on the right side of the controller. You can use these until your ATB runs out and then use the shoulder buttons to switch to a different garb. The garbs change Lightning's abilities and appearance and seem to be based off of popular FF job classes such as Black Mage and Dragoon. Staggering is still a thing, and is essential to winning boss fights (the boss in this demo is weak to ice, so the black mage garb's Blizzaga works well). From what I hear, this game is meant to be beaten in multiple playthroughs. There's a 90% chance you WILL FAIL on your first playthrough (i.e. timer runs out) but then you get to start a NG+ and keep all your stats, allowing you to breeze through the beginning stages. Essentially, every time you play you get a little further each time before the timer runs out and eventually you reach the end. I know that sounds bad, but a friend of mine said he beat it in 2 playthroughs, and there are things you can do to extend the timer. overall, I was pleasantly surprised with the demo and can't wait for the full game. Like i said, there will always be naysayers in any fandom but Square has to do something REALLY drastic to chase me away from their games.
  4. Hey guys, been awhile since I've posted here. Was busy with the holidays and college and all. Anyways... On the PlayStation forums they're starting to do [iNFO] threads, for numerous PS games. Anyone can make one with pre-approval. I'm the official author of the Kingdom Hearts III Info Thread http://community.us.playstation.com/t5/PlayStation-General/INFO-Kingdom-Hearts-III/m-p/42789849 I link this here because I linked some of the news articles posted here in the thread. Anyways, take a look, lemme know what you guys think.
  5. Tbh, the KH series just gets darker and darker as it goes, and since half it's major fanbase who started it in 2002 are all grown up now, I really feel like the 3rd one should be rated Teen at least. Keep in mind KHII was rated E10+ not E. Because of the darker tones of the Organization and the obvious references to death, not to mention a few of Barbossa's lines about "pleasurable company" And when I went to see TLR, that was first time in a long time the audience applauded at the end of a movie I saw in theaters.
  6. Just saw the movie over the weekend and can safely say I'd like to see a Lone Ranger world in Kingdom Hearts III, with John or Tonto as a party member. Butch Cassidy would be the villain you fight. I mean, they did a Pirates world, so why not? I imagine there would be a part similar to Mulan's world in KHII where you come out and the town is destroyed, except it would be all the natives slaughtered by the Calvary. What do you guys think? I think it's plausible.
  7. Hey all! Feel free to add me on any of the following: PS3/Vita: jgrizzle358, Xbox 360: oversoul53, Steam: oversoul53, Wii: 1633-4423-6855, 3DS: 1633-4423-6855 (on Wii and 3Ds you must also share you friend codes, as we must register each other in order for it to go through)

  8. Microsoft isn't out of their hole yet. They more like made a mound in their hole to poke their head out. I've been reading comments all around the internet, and the general consensus is still generally anti-Microsoft and "too little, too late." Microsoft will sell just fine come this holiday, but they have a massive amount of ass kissing to preform over the next few months to win back a huge chunk of their customers. I still foresee a very strong PS4 lead in the first year. As long as Sony doesn't say something stupid, and PS4's aren't prone to combustion or something, they have pretty calm seas ahead. Minus that firmware debacle anyway. Sony'd be wise to stop firetrucking with the PS3 firmware at this point.
  9. it appears we may finally be getting through to them.
  10. Anyone doubting the diabolical intent behind DRM need only consider one of its backers caught in an honest moment: "If consumers even know there's a DRM, what it is, and how it works, we've already failed" - Disney Executive. Learn more at http://www.DefectiveByDesign.org/
  11. If I facepalmed every time Microsoft did something stupid with the Xbox One I wouldn't have a face anymore according to Microsoft you don't own any of your Xbox One games, you just license (rent) them, and if you get banned from XBL you can't even play them offline. Btw, if anyone needs proof the tweet is real: https://twitter.com/XboxSupport1/status/345338828606812160
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