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  1. Please tell me I'm not the only one rewatching all three of the trailers over and over again!

  2. The KH3 Trailer!! I watched it like 10 times and still can't get my head wrapped around with what the firetruck just happened to Aqua???

  3. I don't know. Kind of a hard decision *coughs and looks at username*
  4. I haven't seen it yet, but I want to soooo badly!!
  5. Doing two jobs and a YouTube channel really keeps you busy -_-

  6. I wish this was multi-choice. Cause I want to learn all kinds of them
  7. It's a toss up between Loki and Ultron for me.
  8. You know what really sucks? Being told that someones cares for you and would like to be with you, then goes for someone else and expects you to be completely okay with it... I'm so tired of this shit happening to me...

  9. Aww thank you so much! I definitely will!!
  10. Hey everyone! I just started a gamer channel which I'm super excited about! If ya'll can give me advise, let me know! Cause I have no idea what I'm doing. All I know is that I'm super excited about doing this channel https://youtu.be/kl9l5_6HAjg
  11. It's not listed, but Gotham. Gotham is by far my most favorite super hero TV show!!
  12. Staying home and playing video games. I don't have any money for anything lol
  13. I was 7 years old, my godfather bought it for me. I've loved it ever since
  14. They've gotta be giving a us a release date soon. They did announce it's coming out this year. So we SHOULD be expecting a release date sometime in the next coupe months. My theory is that it's coming out around October-November.
  15. I really want to buy collectors items of Kingdom Hearts figures, but I am afraid that the child in me is going to end up playing with them like action figures LOL

  16. Oh my god, it's been literally almost a year since I've been on! What's changed guys?

    1. Iris


      Hello welcome back

  17. Welcome to the site! I guarantee you'll like it here If you ever wanna chat just message me!!~
  18. Sandy heard Jack and slowly got up, dusting the dirt off himself and picking grass out of his hair. The Warren nice to go to and all, he just preferred a more cushioned landing.
  19. Sandy smiled as he heard Jack's laughter and jumped in after him. (just before he jumped, he used a rope made from his sand to pull he manhole lid back over the hole.) He slid down the tunnels, hearing Jack's laughter all the way down. The end of the tunnel got brighter and with a jump up from the end of the tunnel, Sandy landed on a patch of grass and dirt.
  20. Sandy nods and leads the way to a secret entrance to the Warren. It looks a manhole in a patch of grass, but it has an egg pattern on it. Only Guardians can see this entrance, for safety measures. Sandy opened the manhole and looked at Jack.
  21. Sandy nodded with definite agreement. At least Bunny would be a bit calm, well kinda. Anything's better than North's automatic take to do war. Sandy gestured Jack to follow so they can go see Bunny, hoping one of the entrances were open to the Warren.
  22. Sandy shook his head. Sandy figured they should talk to the other Guardians about it, because Jack and himself can't just sit here and try to figure it out on their own. An egg was made with dust above his head then a question mark, then a tooth with a question mark, then a compass the pointed north with a question mark. Asking Jack who they should see first.
  23. Sandy stopped his teasing on Jack and looked up at the sky. Jack's question makes so much more sense now. The moon was completely gone, covered by a black mass. Maybe an eclipse? But that was never mentioned to happen tonight. Sandy exchanged looks with Jack. He let out a long sigh and frowned. There's no way North, Tooth or Bunny doesn't notice this.
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