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  1. i'm not so sure at this point. I think i'll just watch somebody play it.
  2. i heard somewhere that they will yu yevon to life which wills sin to life it sounds ridiculous. FFX doesn't matter anymore retconned
  3. that's fine and all but the audio drama plus the book basically made the whole plot of x and x-2 irrelevant. so it's basically starting from nothing and that's not even mentioning how childish the book is. The fact that it's canon bugs me.
  4. So after hearing the audio drama and book (i'm a little late but all this talk of 10-3 made me curious). How are they going to make a coherent story that makes any kind of sense. This seems like it'd be really weak. I loved 10 could live with 10-2 but i'm not sure i even want a 10-3
  5. NEWS FLASH sakurai didn't have to give us any new characters. so much butthurt.
  6. FF xiii-2 is a horrible example of dlc not done right.
  7. XIII as any other game other than an FF game would have been a decent game. As an FF game it doesn't work. The cast was forgettable, you couldn't really play around with party structure, it was a hallway simulator which was a new standard set in ff10, the music didn't resonate like ff 1-12 did, the gameplay was hit something until it's staggered then you can start dealing damage. Honestly felt like a completely new series because the staples of an ff game just weren't there.
  8. that still doesn't say why it matters. It's not like someone's narrative reflects real life so why are people so butthurt or advocating for certain genders or races to be in games? these designers make the decisions for the story they tell we have no right to say how much of each gender should be in it.
  9. why does it matter? If the characters are good why would it matter if they are male or female. Video games are designed to create awesome worlds and stories. Both male and female characters can do that. That's why i find the whole need more strong females in video games thing ridiculous. It shouldn't matter they are video games an escape from the real world into fantasy realms.
  10. so funny I laughed. They dont respect anything japanese im surprised they even covered this.
  11. that'd be horrific people would scramble to stores and there would be trampling and oh dear.
  12. i have waited for my pre order just for this. I have the 2.5 CE and i plan on getting a KH3 one if they release one.The only collector's editions i even have are square games with type-0 and kh2.5. Square will make it worth it.
  13. this is still in development time to change the design if they want. But geez people will complain and nit pick about everything looks like a kingdom hearts game to me and that's all i care about.
  14. i would agree if i didn't go back and play chrono trigger on the SNES
  15. i say dirge of cerberus and then open it up to continue the ff7 compilation which they should have already done with the secret ending so wide open.
  16. im glad youtube was more on the side of super bunny hop on that one. Another thing that helps to understand what konami is doing is they make bank from slot machines they develop they could care less about the gaming side of things as seen by the silent hill hd collection and not promoting half of their games. Konami is crap and will now forever be crap.
  17. i want it to be on my steam so bad! Definitely the most under rated Final Fantasy game.
  18. did you ever see the screenshots that square enix had on their website? they look decently better.
  19. just because it's a crowded window doesn't mean it won't happen... That'd be like saying a movie won't come out in the summer because there are too many good ones coming out. Plus the team doing rise of the tomb raider and just cause 3 have 0 effect on what square enix is doing with ff
  20. 1. bloodborne 2. Zelda U 3. Star fox 4. added because i'm pretty sure it won't be out this year or else it would be #1 FFXV
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