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  1. Kingdom Hearts is just a big cardboard heart hanging in the sky, the entire series was just Sora playing around with his toy sword in his room before dinner.
  2. Honestly I wouldn't mind if he stayed as either one of the 13 darknesses or just stayed dead, one thing that annoys me about KH is that they make such a big deal when someone dies, only to bring them back a few games on, at this point there are basically zero characters that have died that aren't likely to come back in KH3.
  3. Honestly I think Riku was at his best when he was a bad guy, but I still love him as a good guy.
  4. I'll actually be pretty disappointed if there's no main character death or betrayal of some sort. There has to be some kind of loss, I don't want the finale of the Xehanort saga to be all happy, they can't end that without something huge like that happening.
  5. I can totally imagine him popping up at the end of KHIII and revealing himself as the next big bad guy that nobody was expecting haha
  6. Luxord was always such an odd character to me, he has little plot relevance outside of a single Disney world (even compared to Demyx), he never seemed to have any idea of or be particularly concerned about the organizations true goals, had barely any meaningful interaction with Roxas and Xion, yet somehow was able to not only be an interesting and enjoyable character, but also one of the last of the XIII to die, which seems odd for such an unimportant character. Idk he's just weird. Also nah Marluxia is way too sexy not to be the final boss
  7. The only world i'm really opposed to is a marvel one, it'd just feel so out of place idk
  8. I think Xion should come back and have a harem of Xion clones But in all seriousness yeah more female characters would be cool but for the moment i'd rather they just developed the existing ones more. Xion needs a bigger role if she does indeed come back (cause she's the best) and Kairi needs to be more strongly developed and playable in the next game.
  9. I was expecting more Xion Come on guys you all know she's the best
  10. If i'm remembering correctly the creators actually asked what other games people wanted and KH was the most popular answer, I'm pretty sure they said that it hopefully will be able to happen
  11. I loved the new trailer but honestly after that "Metroid" game Nintendo revealed even KH3 releasing tomorrow couldn't make things right for me right now...
  12. FFVII remake is very exciting, that's mine for now but the moment Nintendo reveals a new Metroid that's all I'm gonna be thinking about
  13. I think Maleficent's Green flames are dark fire not just darkness, and they're only that way cause that's how it was in her movie, also Purple darkness looks way cooler anyway. So yeah i'm team Purple Darkness
  14. The only thing i'd really have a problem with would be Atlantica, the KH2 version of that world was the most cringeworthy, horrible thing i've experienced in a game
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