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Please note that this stream may contain spoilers for Kingdom Hearts III Re Mind.
  1. I really don't care what it means, as long as we get in-game AND/OR DLC outfits for Sora and skins to play as other characters i'll be happy, even if i need to pay extra for them.
  2. Well if it exists (I sure hope it does) AND it gets extra content then i expect: - A new (probably short) secret ending OR possibly a new secret episode of sorts? Kinda like Birth By Sleep - Final Mix. - A new secret boss. - Donald and Goofy Dream eaters for defeating that secret boss (Technically I want this, but probably won't happen), similar to the Lighting party member in FF13-2. - Changed controls to fit PS3/PS4. (Let's be honest we have no idea which one they would go for at this point). I don't see it coming out on it's own, it will either include something relating to KHX or come out with KH3 in a special way. I would prefer if it came out with a KHX game suited for consoles, but it's unlikley.
  3. Well as a fan of both series i can't really say they can be compared. The Kingdom Hearts fanbase to me is split in two groups: - Those who don't mind the side games (BBS, 358/2 Days, Re:Coded, 3D and COM). - And those who whine for KH3. Don't get me wrong i understand it's been a LONG time, but it's like all they do is whine X game is not KH3. But generally it's the more friendly out of the two. The Sonic fanbase however is spilt in many different ways, the main being: - Classic Fans - Adventure Fans - Modern Fans and now: - Boom Fans There are probaly more divides in the fanbase too, and that is what makes it the aggressive out of the two especially after games like Sonic 06 and now Sonic Boom. The basic fustration of the Sonic fanbase is that every few games the formula is changed, when it isn't needed. That leads to more splits and more arguing, nitpicking and agression. So you really can't blame us too much for how 'bad' we may be.
  4. That has always been an option for them, they just never seem to do it. Although they could suprise us. The question would then be what conole/handheld to put it on? I would vote 3DS, but then there is the issue with 'bringing everything to one system'.
  5. Since BBS:V2 would delay KH3, maybe it could be released after KH3 come out? Baically BBS:V2 whilst telling the rest of the missing points from the Xehanort Saga, maybe it could also tell a brand new story. In other words It would be a Birth By Sleep to the next Saga of Kingdom Hearts or the next Volume if you will. See what i did there? Just like KH2 had a secret ending for Birth By Sleep, KH3 could have a secret ending for Birth By Sleep: Volume 2. That would also give them time to make KH4 as a result. What do you all think of my theory?
  6. - Donald and Goofy can be pretty useful if you use them correctly, the only complaint about Donald is that he heals you when you just heal yourself. - Aqua/Terra/Ventus (from the sequences they are in as partners anyway) seem to be quite strong, so they are quite helpful by default. - Dream Eaters can be useful when used right, more importantly the link attacks. Since most are invincible during the link attacks (as well as you) they can save you when you are near death OR help with the final blow whilst you’re at 1HP. - The cards are only useful when used in sleights, I used quite a few cloud cards in my decks and it helped me speed through the game.
  7. Well I certainly don't have a problem with them both now, but when I first played it i had no idea what to do with the Demyx's water clones and Xaldin's invincible attacks. That's pretty much the only real reason it may be hard for a person the first time around, once they know what's coming it's pretty easy.
  8. 1. KH2 Sora is the best, he acts a little more mature then all the others. 2. Data Sora from Re:Coded is cool. 3. KH:COM Sora was too serious. 4. KH:3D is Sora just Goofy. 5. And i'm just sick of seeing KH1 Sora everywhere.
  9. So i think this is the best pace to post this, basicaly i have one spare demo code anyone want it? first reply gets it.
  10. Too keep it short and simple: 7. KH Re:COM - Cards, do i need to say more? 6. KH1 - I just really hate how slow this game makes me feel. 5. KH Re:Coded - Great gameplay but almost no real story, I'm more of a story person. 4. KH 358/2 Days - My favorite character is in this game (Roxas) of course I'm being biased. 3. KH:Dream Drop Distance - Really amazing flow, but a pain to get those trophies. 2. KH:Birth By Sleep - Amazing story + Gameplay. 1. KH2 - Best of everything, until KH3 comes out that is.
  11. It's more likley KH 3D HD will be released in 2015, on what console? PS3/PS4. BBS volume 2 From what I know so far: - Is a theoretical game that will have Aqua, Riku and Mickey as playable characters - The main location would be the Realm of darkness, more or less. - Shows thier story whilst they were in the realm of darkness. - Would likley be related to the next Saga's plot more then the current one. If the Secret ending of BBS final mix is of any indication. - Possibly a darker storyline? If it's made (which i hope it is, you can never get enough Kingdom Hearts games), it would probably come out after KH3 since it would be an entirley new game and on the PS4 OR Some handheld (3DS?).
  12. All I need from this is the trophies and the Re:Coded movie. When I get the game myself in december then I can experience the games. :biggrin:
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