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  1. That's cool then. Thank you very much!
  2. Hi! I kind of need some help with a current sale that is going on. So a game i want to buy is on sale, and it says that it is on sale "until 31st of March". What does this mean specifically? Does it mean it lasts till 12AM of the 31st? I want to delay the purchase as much as possible because the myNintendo program is also supposed to start on the same day, but around the afternoon. Any info is much appreciated!
  3. Yes, give me a worldwide release and I don't care when SE decide to finish the game. If Japan gets the game first, I will probably have to disconnect my wi-fi and find a rock to live under.
  4. hahaha true. Have to be reasonable as well. But this is much more of a big deal than ORAS. Even though it isn't "official" this is pretty much gen 7.
  5. Yeah I am really hoping to see the game in action and how much they improved over ORAS. Hype train departs April 3rd!!!
  6. Well, I bought a PS4 believing that I would get the full KH3 experience on it without having to buy another console or such. I will be very sad if there is a new PS4 and KH3 will be the complete edition only on that system.
  7. I wish we could get something similar to Sonic Generations. That was a fun game.
  8. Happy Birthday Pokemon!!! May you continue to be in my pocket for another 20 years.

  9. I just beat Type 0 not too long ago, so this so relevent and even more hilarious Perfect. Edit: Probably should say, it was in Type-0 that I heard first heard the song
  10. This sounds about right. I still wouldn't mind some word from SE/Disney. Ah well, two more days won't hurt anyone.
  11. Ohh I see, yeah that makes more sense. Hopefully the person is able upload the thing again. It just might be it. But that raises the question, IF some random guy can upload it, why wouldn't it be an official upload somewhere. This doesn't add up.
  12. But the video in the link was over 3 minutes. It couldn't be anything else cause the e3 trailer was less than 3 minutes. And the video was blocked by Sony Music Entertainment. Surely there was something there?
  13. I got myself super hyped for this moment by watching previous trailers. Next minute...

  14. Woah, what's this about the trailer not being released? O_O The light is slowly fading...No... >_<

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    2. Pokemoncuzzie


      So that whole thing about 1am EST wasn't an official confirmation? Well, that blows.

    3. lea12345


      i'm just glad people figured out before it was too late and people really stayed up late to try to see the trailer

    4. Pokemoncuzzie


      Yeah that's true. I had it lucky because it was in the evening time. But if there's no trailer, I think I will be legit disappointed about the whole thing. The event might have missed some expectations fair enough, but a new trailer is a new trailer...Don't do this Square...pls...

  15. A few more hours until we finally get to see the trailer. Man it felt like an eternity. Feeling more optimistic today, maybe they will chuck in something extra (fingers crossed!)

  16. Will we get to see both the KH3 and 2.8 trailer, or just KH3.

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    2. Pokemoncuzzie


      That will be a bit sad. But I really hope we get both. I mean what did we do wrong? O_O

    3. Pokemoncuzzie


      I'm sure everything will be better after we see those trailers. For one thing, we will feel less excluded because at the moment it feels like we aren't even part of the hype.

    4. Trece the Xam ( ▀ ͜͞ʖ▀)

      Trece the Xam ( ▀ ͜͞ʖ▀)

      Well, I've never been part of the hype xD

  17. I was actually really expecting a new Disney World announcement. Really surprised they didn't go with one.
  18. This feeling... Ughh I can't do anything els until I know what is going on!!! Still like 2 hours left ahhhhhhh

  19. Don't say stuff like that bro... I would be over the mooooooon and back ahah
  20. Nice to meet you to! Good time for a new account, we are on the verge of more news
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