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  1. Well he says he's leaving it "just in case the other me needs it". I could only think of replica riku from CoM. Either that or he has a feeling someone is going to end up in the realm of darkness
  2. I like how they gave us a kingdom hears 3 version of limit form. We can still were clothing similar to KH2 through second form.
  3. Lol I think you should have narrowed it down to just 1 game instead of 1 game with 3 games in it.
  4. who gave him the role of giving his apprentices their role? Also, yea I knew I missed something but Just because my story doesn't fit doesn't change the idea. I still believe their is more to braig than meets the eye and we will find out everything about him in KH3.
  5. So, after watching the whole X back cover and playing Kingdom hearts 3D, I am convinced that the Master of masters and Braig are either the same of related. Tell me what you guys think. Lets go back to before the keyblade war. Luxu was obviously either the one that trains Xehanort and Eraqus, or he is the one that trained their master. Only the potential was seen in Xehanort so the blade was passed down to him along with the box. My theory is that braig is actually a failed student of the person that trained Xehanort and Eraqus, he didn't have a reason to stay so he left. Xehanort having all of these things was told what was in the box, the master of masters heart, or soul. Xehanort after seeing the potential in Terra, needs help bringing out his darkness, so what does he do? He finds his only friend braig and tells him he will give him the power to wield a keyblade, heart and eye of the old master. The eye was then given to Braig, who should later on be given the heart, that is why he still doesn't have a keyblade yet. The reason that xehanort can plan things so well, Is because the eye that is on the blade is actually his. This can confirmed once we find out what Braig was doing before meeting Xehanort. Which is when when you listen to the master of master talk, he should kind of give you a Braig vibe. Is this trash, is it plausible, you tell me, like or subscribe, i'll see you guys next time I post.
  6. I really don't know how I feel about them making the game easier, In my opinion the difficulty would have been best left alone. But the other Bug fixes are good.
  7. Honestly i hear him say that KH3 is farther away than fans would think, so what i am think if most fans said 2017, i'm going to add one year to that. So mid to late 2018.
  8. I think some are misunderstanding what they mean by new maps. we may still be getting some worlds back from kingdom hearts 1 and 2 but we are just not getting the locations in the those worlds back so twilight town had station plaza, station heights, underground passage way, and all that. those aren't coming back, we will be going to a new location within twilight town or at least thats how i understood it, especially with the Olympics reference.
  9. now that i think about it wreck it Ralph has a lot of characters from other companies, it would take forever to get that approved, so neither.
  10. If we go off the logic of them bringing in BH6 then we can say for sure wreck it Ralph has the best chance of the two. Frozen isn't really friendship and light verses dark. more sisterhood, lust, and i guess maybe love i don't think so.
  11. Only patience and time can give us an answer. i can give you a rough estimate, but i don't know any better than anyone else. I would say end 2016 early 2017.
  12. @Isuma_kumo said something in another thread that had me thinking, In KH2.5 when we are fighting lingering will he has all of these different transformation, that have all of our jaws dropped, so what if by the end of kingdom hearts 3 we have a sora who is able to battle like that, don't get me wrong, I think it's really over powered to be basically invincible during attack, and only having a half a second that you are open to take attack.
  13. Secret, it nearly impossible to lose on it, if you land on the right tiles and you know what you are doing, i know thats the case for most of them, but when i go up against peter pan or stitch i always have the worse luck, and it takes pure luck for me to win, everyone else is a breeze.
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