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  1. I love the changes! I dont know why people want it to be the exact same. And they did say if people wanted everything to be the same then might as well play the regular ps1 version. Lol
  2. Remember that in kh3 each world will be like an open world with no loading screens.... San fransokyo is gonna be fun to explore!! Haha
  3. This happened to me once. Thought it was supposed to happen, lol
  4. I really hope tidus returns in kh3 and that he is doing the voices right now lol
  5. Im pretty sure we will... Since soras new keyblade that turned into a chariot has zeus on it lol
  6. Why are some people so negative. Lol I BELIEVE there will be at least a teaser trailer for kh3!! Haha
  7. Holy shizzzz nuts......... This is huge!! Hopefully its true!! I love square enix! Lol
  8. Good thing nothing from square enix conference is leaked.... YET. Lol
  9. Yeah i didnt like this one bit. Lol
  10. After kingdom hearts 2 all the games were just "good" not "great" so for that i guess i give the series an 8?
  11. The characters i want are Red xiii (ff7) Cid (ff7) Zell (ff8) Seifer (ff8) Steiner (ff9) Vivi (ff9) Auron (ff10) Wakka (ff10) I want more characters but these are the one that came to my head lol
  12. We can expect a dissidia 012 HD remaster soon right square enix? Lmao jk
  13. I think they said it was gonna be a console game. Nvm they just thought it might be about a new console game that square hinted back in nov. So an ios is likely lol
  14. http://www.gamespot.com/articles/square-enix-to-reveal-new-game-this-month-what-do-/1100-6424696/ What do you guys think it will be? Will it be a final fantasy related game or a new game? Since its not gonna be a remake... Im hoping sequel? Final fantasy X-3? Lol
  15. Nope. Lol and im pretty sure theres going to be more keyblade wielder in future installment anyways
  16. I want goofy's son MAX in kh3 just because. Lol maybe he can be a keyblade weider apprentice lol... We do need more disney keyblade weilding characters... C'mon!
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