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  1. You didn't mention how close Sora and Kairi were during the Donald scene for the shippers Great analysis though
  2. It was the same Olympus demo from before. The Toy Story demo from what I saw was much shorter than the Original. Instead of making your way to the dinosaur toy, it stopped after beating the mech-toys
  3. Whats crazy is that that was me playing. That's my brown jacket. I was too into the game to notice anyone filming. Life is crazy sometimes
  4. I for 1 at the most see sora and kairi's kid(s) like with naruto
  5. A lot of people want a love dynamic between sora and kairi, who wants that? Also, who wants multiple playable characters
  6. I really want multiple playable characters in Kingdom Hearts 3

    1. Elbow Juice

      Elbow Juice

      Don't we all. Would you prefer like a BBS game where the story is told from different angles or more similar to DDD where it goes on at the same time?

    2. Garrick Autry Lenoir

      Garrick Autry Lenoir

      I didn't like DDD but i enjoyed BBS. And if they do that then the game will be really long which is what we ALL want

  7. I think applications are over if they're not then ignore that part in my sentence.
  8. Hi i'm Garrick Autry Le Noir and even though applications are over, i would like to put out there that i am a huge KH fan and have been one since 2003. I would definitely be of great value to the KH13 team and I hope that you will consider adding me. Im easy when it comes to schedule, i'm 17 years old and if this job does pay, i would like this to be my first paying job. If you would like to see me talk a lot about Kingdom Hearts please look at my YouTube channel: Noir Lilbomber
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