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  1. Hey I'm a casual player who really enjoys kh union cross, sadly I don't have many people in my team who play enough and don't play at all. I would really like to find some team who enjoys the game as I do, and we can play together in multiplayer. Here's my resume
  2. That's OK I'm not blaming you guys, I just feel a little frustrated on how much better the JP version of khux is compared to the US version
  3. Is it voiced? I feel it will be just like the illustrated Sora medal we got last time, frankly SE is starting to disappoint me with how unfair these pulls are. I mean really you could spend $100 and only pull 6/10 to get a garanteed medal, odds are you still won't pull it, and you just wasted $100
  4. It seems everybody is asking for more jewels, good I made myself clear about the jewels earned in the game, as well as too lower the medal pool draws so we all can get those really exciting new medals
  5. Don't get me wrong I love this game, but I don't have enough jewels to get everything I want in this game, I wished we had the daily jewels earning like they do in the Jap. Version :sad:
  6. Hey if your interested to join I'll be more than welcome to let you in, just as long you play and get along with the other part members. Here is my code 31950
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