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  1. I have Axel themed shirts I designed up on my TeePublic. Nice and Simple. https://www.teepublic.com/user/shasha

  2. “Just because these foes like to dart around as they strike doesn't mean you should get antsy yourself. Lock on and let your keyblade do the talking. Careful, though: your attacks won't hit if the Floods have seeped into the ground.” The research was cut down for me seeing as the khwiki had already figured this little fellow out. The Flood is a representation of irritation. This is easy to see due too how it acts, looking around quickly and having a very snappy type of attitude. To me it acts a lot like an irritated cat, arching it's back and lashing it's front paws(?) at you. It's eyes are also slanted in anger, meaning the emotion would be one leaning towards anger.
  3. Ok so I've been planning on doing this project for a while now and finally I decided to go through with it. This may or may not have been done before but I will be doing this from a personal point of view. I will be analyzing every Unversed, ranging from appearance to characteristics to figure out exactly what emotion they are connected to, because as you may or may not know, Unversed come from Vanitas' fledgling emotions. Again, I may just be overlooking them and they may just be a mix of emotions, it's just an idea I've had and I decided to write it down! All posts explaining will be down below, feel free to post, I will be linking posts to explanations below for easy access ~ (All unversed from Final Mix though I'll be looking at their original forms as well as their Japanese version, just to be sure) Flood Scrapper Bruiser Red Hot Chili Monotrucker Thornbite Shoegazer Spiderchest Archraven Hareraiser Jellyshade Tank Toppler Vile Phial Sonic Blaster Triple Wrecker Wild Bruiser Blue Sea Salt Yellow Mustard Mandrake Buckle Bruiser Chrono Twister Axe Flapper Prize Pod Blobmob Glidewinder Flame Box Lone Runner Vitality Vial Belly Balloon Ringer Gluttonous Goo Element Cluster Jellyshade Floating Flora Wheel Master Symphony Master Cursed Coach Spirit of the Magic Mirror Mad Treant Trinity Armor Metamorphosis Mimic Master Iron Imprisoner I Iron Imprisoner II Iron Imprisoner III Iron Imprisoner IV Vanitas Remnant
  4. Ohhhh I also did research on the other and it's come to my attention that Ephemera and Verðandi may have a connection seeing and Verðandi is the being of the present and Ephemera stands for something that is happening and that is enjoyed for a short time, which I interpret as the present or the past so he can symbolize And due to the meaning of Ava she could also symbolize the present. So Skuld is future, Ephemera could be past and Ava present That's just an idea though
  5. in the description of Lea's keyblade it says Axel instead of Lea --- jfc 20 bucks rip Square Enix pls, I still want to buy the new Sora Figurine, Kh2.8 and Kh 3, a ps4 and I want to go to your concert, pls be gentle on my wallet
  6. (I originally posted this on KH Insider decided to share with you guys as well) this is kind of completely random but I thought id share though I'm sure someone else has mentioned it. I'm currently doing some research on the 3 Fates and what caught my eye was the fact a person named Skuld was mentioned. Pretty much they were an alternate version of the Fates. One version was that they chose what happens in the future for the children of the men. And the second was that they chose who'd live and die during a war. Which is what pretty much Skuld and the Dandelions are doing/going to do. Save as many of the keyblade wielders from the war. I dunno, random rambling anf i just wanted to share tbh
  7. This is totally random bUT, if anyone is interested, I opened an Ask Vanitas on Tumblr, this is Vanitas as the Lingering Spirit (which is why he has white hair and blue eyes) you can go and ask questions here https://the-lingering-spirit.tumblr.com

  8. I sure do draw~! I do both digital and traditional art as well as story writing and video editing ~ This is a picture I draw for my ask Vanitas the lingering spirit on Tumblr ~
  9. Sora grimaced for a moment before shaking his head. He wasn't going to let Vanitas get to him. Sora nodded in agreement "Yeah! I hope so! I mean, who could hate the little guys?" He said, watching the two kittens interact "and they seen pretty calm so I'm sure we won't have much trouble with them" he said, rubbing behind both their ears. Ven purred as he butted and nuzzled his brother back before responding "Well then, it's official, we're staying with the 2 legged things" he announced happily before relaxing inti Sora's touch. Ven was very excited for whatever was coming up, he couldn't wait to be somewhere warm and safe, plus, food.
  10. Sora smiled as he watched the two kittens before blinking "Wait, hold on! Did you say we're keeping the kittens!?" He questioned, excitedly. It had totally went over his head but now that he took a moment to think over what was happening, it finally hit him. He smiled brightly "I'm sure mom would love them! Kairi has some kittens too! I'm sure they can be friends and I'm sure Aqua wouldn't mind some new cats back home" Ven happily meowed as he ate from the creatures strange paws. He made sure not to bite the creature, maybe they were poisonous , but took big chunks from the deli meat "Roxas, maybe if we stay, they'll give us more food" he said in between nibbles and bites and once he was done, he even licked Sora's fingers, only for a while though, until the flavor disappeared
  11. Sora frowned before shaking his head "wow, you just can't stop bring mean, can you?" He muttered before looking at the piece deli meat given to him. He gave a small nod as he watched the two kittens for a moment as the two reunited and took a bite of their food before taking a small piece of the meat he held and held it out towards the kittens, trying to lure them in "Come here cuties" he quietly cooed. Ven was relieved when his brother was beside him again. He started to purr, he let out a small meow before tensing as his brother started to bathe him. "Yeah, I'm fine" he quickly reassured , trying to get his brother to stop before his attention was redirected to something pink that was placed in front of then. Whatever it was, it smelled delicious. The small runt took a sniff of the meat "it sure smells like it" he murmured before carefully taking a nibble of it. Not only did it smell good but it tasted great! The kitten didn't hesitate to gulp the rest of the cold meat down before looking at his brother "it taste great too!" He exclaimed. He eyed the meat in the smallest creatures hand. He seemed to hesitate before taking a couple steps forward, sniffing the air
  12. Ven's excitement soon turned to terror as he was lifted. They were a lot bigger than the had expected and obviously, a lot stronger since they didn't seem to have much trouble picking the kittens up. Ven didn't appreciate the ruffling, letting out annoyed meows and the occasional hiss, no use though. He did like the warmth though so that was the only thing that calmed him, until he heard his brothers cries and meowed right back. They weren't taking him away, right!? Sora carefully held the kitten in his arms before using part of the towel to dry off the kitten in his arms, making sure to dry him completely off. Sora nodded "You bet! I bet they're starving" he said before tensing as the kitten began to struggle in the towel "shhh" he quietly said, trying to calm the kitten. He wasn't sure what to do before he heard the other kitten meowing as well. He hummed a little before carefully placing the towel next to the other so the two kitten aren't separated "Why don't you help feed them Vanny? Aren't they cute? I'm sure a sourpuss like you can't deny their cuteness."
  13. Ven seem to struggle a little as he was dragged into the freezing water. He let out a small hiss but didn't bat at his brother. He shook his head a little as he was let go. He hesitated before quickly swimming after his brother, shivering a little as he swam but didn't stop since he didn't want to be left behind. The small kitten let out a couple mewls, hoping to catch the creatures attention. He seemed to brighten as the man looked towards them, thank goodness, he was freezing. Sora looked around before looking at what his dad was looking at. "Are those...Kitten!?" He questioned. He shot a glare at Vanitas as he overhead his comment, pushing his arm, not too hard but hard enough to get his point through. He quickly nodded before reaching for the towels they had brought and quickly handed it to their father "Is their mom with them?" He questioned. Trying to look over his father's shoulder
  14. Ventus also noticed the food, his little ears perked as he closely eyed the chicken. He didn't understand what they were doing? We're they doing that for them? Or were they really just throwing out the food? Why would they do that!? It looked perfectly fine to him. Ven looked at his brother. He seemed to hesitate for a bit. Swimming was not his thing though he guessed it was easier than walking, beside the fact that you can drown if you don't know how to swim. He let out a small breath before nodding "Yeah, I'll stay behind you" he reassured before hesitantly sticking a paw into the water, quickly pulling back as he felt just how cold the water was. He did not want that but they had no other choice, so he stuck all his paws in, holding his breath as he got used to the waters temperature under his paw pads. "Stop being so negative, Vanny" Sora urged, still using the nickname on purpose, knowing full well how much his brother hated it. The big snickered at their fathers comment "I hope it does" he murmured with a small grin before look back out towards the water, checking for any movement nearby that can signal a fish
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