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  1. Finished Primary School, High School, Sixth Form College and im currently in university and turning 20 tomorrow. Great 15 years of my life spent to this game franchise
  2. Andrew Jones

    Possible leaked schedule E3?

    its from neogaf. its someones theories here is the link wouldnt be surprised though if half of them were actually true though
  3. If its Paris then the sooner the better but personally I think its going to be either London, Singapore or Shanghai. Due to the fact information and images of KH3 have been released in Tokyo due to D23 Japan and Paris Games Week. Its possible they could release new information to different regions to treat specific fans. Im holding out hope for the 25th March in London since its the last day before the hiatus till the Singapore performances.
  4. Wonder if that "something else" being planned for the same time the Orchestra World Tour happens between March and June is an Uncovered Event like with Final Fantasy XV and gives the release date set for the end of 2017
  5. Andrew Jones

    Does this mean KH3 won't be at E3?

    If it appears at E3 then at least we are getting something. I honestly think though we wont get anything till December like the trailer said. I think they will show of 2 trailers in December or make a new world announcement possibly Toy Story since its still celebrating 20 years: 1 for the General Public and 1 Private Trailer for people who attend a possible Launch Event for 2.8 like what they did with 1.5 and 2.5. They may show off something at their concerts as well to attendees in 2017. But after that I think we will receive a 30 second/ 1 minute teaser at E3 2017. Due to one month later being D23 Expo in Anaheim. They could possibly do a Kingdom Hearts Uncovered Event there like Final Fantasy XV due to it being the 15th Anniversary as well and they announce the official release date which i think could possibly September 2017.