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  1. Gravity Falls would be interesting but I don't think the creator would be invested in it, from what I remember he doesn't like Kingdom Hearts
  2. Part of me still hopes that someone somehow leaks a copy of this somehow because I want it.
  3. 8 GB seems pretty big for a patch, considering it's supposedly just updates to KH2's stability. Not too bad for those with larger hard drives so not a huge thing, I was more annoyed that I needed to reinstall all my mods.
  4. KH2's nostalgia factor is really strong but honestly with this one I'm gonna go with DDD. It's such an insanely high quality opening, really captures the spirit of the franchise better than the others. Plus, watching it on the big screen at the World Tour was an unreal experience.
  5. I don't think so, I think Nomura's comment about no new KH news until the 20th anniversary was pretty solid.
  6. I'd rather them remake 358/2 Days in Unreal 4, there's a lot that they could expand upon and make a more full-fledged entry.
  7. I honestly am glad KHUx is shutting down, I stopped enjoying the game entirely once PVP had been out for a few months, but I think I will really miss KHUx, especially from it's time as Unchained x. I hope they remake it someday in a non-microtransaction environment so everyone can enjoy it to it's full extent.
  8. I'm a little confused, is Dark Road coming to a close as well, not even a year after it was released? This post says it won't be available until Version 5.0.0 in September but are they continuing the game after that, or is that it's permanent offline mode?
  9. I think what's more disappointing than the issues with the Epic Games Store itself is the fact that the All-in-One bundle isn't available, and every game is at full release price. With the All-in-One bundle's current discount on PS4, buying every game on Epic is literally ten times as expensive.
  10. A bit rude to accuse them of not being a true fan for not following a story format that they dislike. I'd have to agree on the story format, it's been way too long-form for me to stay interested in it these past 6ish years, I kept up until around 2017 and I've been essentially waiting for the major plotlines of X to wrap up so I can understand it better.
  11. I hope some confirmations about the fixes come out soon, I'd replay 0.2 a lot faster if it received many of the QoL changes and fixes from KHIII.
  12. I find it very interesting that gameplay is the least voted, while I love the plot and the music is second-to-none the gameplay is 100% my favorite part.
  13. Oof, listing Zurg and Hans as boss fights is pretty bad, but otherwise I love this.
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