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  1. It's because the focus of Back Cover was on the Foretellers, the Book of Prophecies and the MoM. The player was only there to draw the connection to Unchained X. Ephemer only appeared in that one scene because he interacted with Master Ava, also the scene was shown from her POV. As for the dandelions, well they were just there to recreate the scene where they were given the roles of dandelions. I wanted to see her too, maybe they could do another movie for Unchained, but this time focus on the dandelions
  2. It would be interesting if Roxas was somehow connected, but I highly doubt it considering he was "born" at the end of KH1 It's an emotional song though, so I can see them using the song for that effect
  3. The only thing I can think of is it describing the connection between the characters who said it. (Dunno about Goofy though) Or it's just for a dramatic effect, which sounds more likely
  4. SO MUCH HHYPPPEEEEEEEEE OMG IT'S SO GR8 I LOVED ALL OF THE CONNECTIONS MADE IN 0.2 TO PREVIOUS AND FUTURE GAMES MASTER OF MASTERS TRULY WORTHY OF HIS NAME Honestly, he could turn out to be some suber evil villain and he would still be awesome Same, it made me feel like I was actually playing the game and was just going through a REALLY long cutscene I haven't had the chance to play DDD before and I'm liking it so far owo
  5. Still waiting for Roxas x Ice cream to be confirmed as canon...
  6. My only real complaint was the third devil wave, that fight was a bit (okay, really) ridiculous but not impossible. One thing to note about the Third Devil wave is that once they turn red, it becomes harder to attack them so your best bet is to block, followed by the option to attack until it goes into "beserk mode" where you will no longer be able to do that. Then there's that one annoying move that has you stuck in one place while you continue to take continual damage with no way out... honestly I think we can all do without another boss like that lol
  7. Now it's the calm before the storm... The wait makes the game more worth it in my opinion (not too much waiting though) I'll be looking forward to the KH3 news we'll be getting this year~
  8. Well you have to take into consideration that KH3 is going to be a huge game, possibly even larger than KH2, so it's going to take a while to make sure everything's running and working perfectly. There's already been a few bugs with 2.8, so it'd be best if they took the extra time to sort out any minor glitches or errors That being said, I'm also hoping for it to be released sometime next year. Early January 2019 is about as far as I'm willing to wait patiently
  9. Finished both back cover and 0.2~ Back cover was alright, it left me with more questions than answers, but still good 0.2 was the BOMB! Absolutely AMAZING IN EVERYTHING!! If that was amazing, I can only imagine what KH3 will be like Also I freaking love the Master of Masters, he's my favorite character from back cover I'M MORE EXCITED THAN I'VE EVER BEEN FOR KH3 NOW
  10. Awesome owo I got 6 more hours to go before it's available here
  11. Im suu hyped for that too owo wow you even counted the seconds!
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