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  1. Pooh and friends are back! I'm so happy! They even brought Lumpy to join the gang, AAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!!!!! I really did enjoy the minigames from the 100 Acre Wood and I'm so happy it came back. I will admit, the minigames from the first game were a bit of a drag, but the ones from the second game were fun and lovable. Since there are no skippable worlds, maybe this means the world will some importance to the story this time, who knows.
  2. A Pucca world or characters appearing in the game just seems out of the question. Disney does not own the franchise, they were however given the license to produce a television series for the channel Toon Disney/Jetix. Pucca is owned by a South Korean company. It's basically the same situation with Tarzan.
  3. I screamed in joy when I beat him, I only died about 3 times until I beat him. Kind of shocking considering I died more than 10 times last time I played.
  4. I did it!!!!! :DDDDDD Thank you both, Baloonra was a major help!
  5. I can’t seem to be getting through the Boss when it comes to Ansem Seeker of Darkness. I do some damage, but the majority of his attacks just seem unavoidable, and when i do avoid them, it’s just mere luck. He also has a strange attacks where he blows me away and colorful balls appear, I have no idea what do there and I die every time. Any help please?
  6. That goes to almost all franchises when it comes roster options. I understand we have Smash, but when I think of Nintendo VS Capcom, I think of tournament fighter, such as Street Fighter and Darkstalkers. I would really love for Nintendo characters to be in these kinds of games, it would incredibly fun.
  7. Why not Nintendo VS Capcom? I'm not a Fire Emblem, so to me that game would be pretty disappointed and I would ask "Why couldn't they just do Nintendo vs Capcom?". Sure, the Fire Emblem would be happy, but honestly, it would be a pretty dumb decision to just do the FE franchise when you could put in many more franchises in order for it to sell more.
  8. Now, I understand that the inclusion of Marvel in Kingdom Hearts seems very controversial, but honestly, I'm all for it. Seeing Marvel characters in KH may seem pretty stupid, but then again, isn't a crossover between Final Fantasy and Disney kind of weird and dumb on its own? Honestly, I enjoy when KH can get very weird when it comes to including many of their properties. From Pirates of the Caribbean to The World Ends With You, I see now reason with excluding the Marvel, but the question is: How? The main problem with Marvel is just how massive its universe is, it has such a complex and odd cosmology due having many cooks in the kitchen. There are many characters, dimensions, realms, universes, gods and cosmic entities within it's omniverse. Now there are many routes the KH devs can take. They can either go with the cinematic route, which is basically the cinematic universe of Marvel movies most of you I assume already know. Personally, I don't like going this route, but this seems to be the most likely route, given the popularity of the films and how it introduced many people to Marvel internationally. Another route is creating their own canon of the Marvel universe, I believe this is the best route, since it gives the devs more creative freedom to make their own canon of how the Marvel universe works in the KH universe. Heck, I would love to see Nomura and the art team design their own version of the Marvel characters, wouldn't that be awesome?! How do you guys think it should work?
  9. I personally don't see it happening, a world based on a property outside of Disney or Square just doesn't fit in the Kingdom Hearts universe in my opinion. Besides, it just seems to mature for something to have in Kingdom Hearts, I understand they can toned it down, but isn't the joy of games such as The House of The Dead to enjoy killing zombies in brutal and fun ways? Honestly, I can't see it happening.
  10. Are there any Disney Shows that you would be interested in seeing as a world in future Kingdom Hearts titles? I believe there is many potential for Disney's animated shows to become worlds. I personally would live to visit the world of Duckburg and have Uncle Scrooge as a party member or uncover hidden secrets in the town of Gravity Falls or battle monsters with Star and Marco from Star VS The Forces of Evil. But what other series would you like to see? Or if you disagree with the inclusion of TV show based world, why?
  11. Remember that Nomura said that the game will have less Disney worlds than before, so I don't expect to see more than 7-9 Disney worlds in the game.
  12. Do you guys believe that some members could be completely new characters?
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