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  1. They clearly used a marketing trick to get people to watch this stream ontop of the Cyber Monday stream. All they said was that there was an announcement and they technically did deliver. What I don't get is why they front loaded the Monday KH3 announcement instead of save it for the end. At least that would have made sense annoying though that choice may be. I didn't even watch the stream because I got the time wrong and simply skimmed through HMK's twitch stream and I could tell it was a stream not worth watching. Its a typical scummy marketing tactic played on the Kingdom Hearts community nothing more nothing less
  2. That's just correct in every way
  3. I think it's best to look at this as a price drop for newcomers. The series continues to be more accessible and affordable. This can only be a good thing for people looking into finally geeting into the series.
  4. I think the launch will be somewhere in October.
  5. Zettas


    I think I am gonna go with the date of October 23rd