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Please note that this stream may contain spoilers for Kingdom Hearts III Re Mind.
  1. That loop at the end. It seems even SE's trailers are untested and have bugs on them.
  2. According to GamersJoint only physical copies were tracked, so yes the game probably sold more than that.
  3. This is a little disappointing to me considering that I never played a KH game in my life and I was expecting this PS4 collection to be the "definitive edition". I mean I'm still really excited to get it and I'm sure some of these problems might not be present on every playthrough, and maybe the Western releases will either perform better (or worse but let's hope it doesn't ) or Square will patch some of them before its US/EU release or release a patch for it some days later.
  4. Considering that KH 2.8 got 2 patches (maybe more?) then maybe this time Square will actually do something to patch 1.5 and 2.5 now that they are on PS4.
  5. I might be mistaken but I think it's because you can't switch characters in FFXV and so some people were worried that this would happen on the remake too.
  6. You mean the PS2 one? are the load times as short as the PS4 version here or are they some seconds longer?
  7. Video provided by Tealgamemaster. I never played the PS3 collections (or any KH game for that matter), did it really used to take THAT long for the game to load the next scenes? excited for the PS4 collections!
  8. The price has been known since months ago, on both SE official website and the PS Store: $49.99
  9. I can't believe some people are still complaining to Square for not releasing more KH games on Xbox, I'm not being a fanboy here I'm just looking at the facts: 1- The Xbox One is a huge failure on sales on Japan, reason why the majority of Japanese games never gets released on Xbox (to name some recent ones, FF7 remaster and remake, FF12 Zodiac Age, Ni No Kuni 1 and 2, Nier Automata, I Am Setsuna, Danganronpa Collection, Yakuza, etc...) 2- Both FFXV and FFType-0 performed badly on Xbox One, the former sold 80% of its copies on PS4: https://www.gamereactor.eu/news/487863/Almost+80%25+of+Final+Fantasy+XV+UK+sales+were+on+PS4/ while the later didn't even charted within the Top 50 of X1's releases: http://www.dualshockers.com/2015/03/27/xbox-one-final-fantasy-type-0-misses-the-top-50-battlefield-hardline-manages-as-ps4-dominates-japan/ 3- The PS4 being the best selling home console of the current gen, being 20-30 millons units sold ahead of the X1: www.vgchartz.com 4- The reason why the X1 is getting a KH 3 port to begin with is just because it was decided before the new gen started and seeing the success of the X360 last gen Square Enix thought the Xbox One was also going to be selling huge this new gen, it turns out that didn't happened and the PS4 became the leading system and their latest releases on X1 performed badly like I mentioned before. I think X1 users should be glad that KH 3 didn't end up being cancelled for their console after all that. So being honest I don't think KH 3 will perform that well on X1 either, if FFXV which was a super hyped game before its release sold 80% of its copies on PS4 then KH 3 and it's "childish and Japanese" look will appeal even less to the general X1 fanbase. With all that said I do believe they should port KH 3 to the Switch, it would at least sell far better there than on the XOne. Also what are the spin-offs you guys are talking about? I thought every game on the KH franchise was important to the overall storyline, maybe excluding Re:coded?
  10. But not for the thousands who either never owned a PS3 or just didn't played any KH game on it, the later is my case but no we're already 1 day from the Japanese release and still no trophy lists for those two, so yeah they have been removed :c
  11. I also noticed that they removed the "Final Mix" subtitle from the PS3 trophy lists too: https://psnprofiles.com/search/games?q=kingdom%20hearts Too bad they removed the trophy lists for Days and Re:coded since I like to collect trophies, but oh well it's fine!
  12. Like Connected said the collection is getting released on Japan a day before PAX East starts, and considering how some people always manages to get their games even earlier somehow we might start seeing some gameplay of it either tomorrow or this Wednesday.
  13. Thing is Japanese games (JRPGs, visual novels, animes, etc) never really sold that well on Xbox. 1- The Xbox brand was always a failure on sales on Japan, nowadays even the PS3 is selling better than the Xbox One there every month according to sales charts numbers. Reason why there are and there will be way more Japanese games on PlayStation 4 than on Xbox One: Danganronpa collections, Yakuza 0, Star Ocean 5, Persona 5, Ni No Kuni 2, Shenmue 3, Final Fantasy 7 remaster and remake, Final Fantasy 12 Zodiac Age remaster, 999 and Last Reward The Nonary Games, I Am Setsuna, etc... 2- Recently FFXV and FFType-0 were reported to have sold 80% of their copies on PS4 while a minimum of copies were sold on Xbox One worldwide. 3- The reason why the XOne will get a KH 3 port was considered before the new gen started, and due the success of the X360 last gen SE thought the XOne was going to be selling really well this gen, but it turns out that the PS4 became the best selling console (50 millions PS4 sold vs 20 millions XOne sold: VGChartz.com) and like I said the last FF releases on XOne didn't sold really well. If Square would've know this beforehand I doubt they would have green-lighted an XOne port.
  14. this game has gotten amazing reviews on nearly all sites, so it seems its going to be very good! people who says they aren't interested on it either don't have a PS4 (which is weird, considering they are on a KH site and 1.5, 2.5 and 2.8 are PS3/PS4 exclusives) and might be jealous or well they just aren't interested on this type of game which is fine. i don't read my notifications by the way*
  15. I was actually comparing their difficulty to KH's difficulty, I didn't explicitly said that FF games were hard although personally I find it hard to accomplish 100% on them based on all the extra stuff or at least very time consuming, but it might just be 'cause I'm a little impatient with that kind of stuff.
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