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  1. Hello KH13 Community, I really wonder if we will have an official OST at least for "KHux" (Union [Cross]... or not I know that most of the music ingame is recycled from KH saga and that only a few have been composed by Yoko for this one.. But have you heard the entire soundtrack some tracks have really cool variations. It's so sad to only have youtube lossy compression rips.. I've put a link, if you are interested Apprehension is my favourite one.. with Case of Foretellers. I really hope it would do it.. -KHReconnect-
  2. The menu to select the game you want to play is really beautiful each game has its own illustration.
  3. Is it available to REMOTE PLAY? Thank you so much for your answer, My dream to play Kingdom Hearts in remote play in now true!
  4. Hello, I am not so confident... Can't you see all the Nintendo titles of KH have been put a remasters in different shapes for Playstation 4 and ( I don't know if it's an offer limited in time) but KH1.5+2.5+2.8 are showing the tag "Only on Playstation". But if they do it, I'll buy it in a heartbeat! but I think it's unlikely. I WOULD LOVE THIS ANYWAY!
  5. Thanks ! I know what you feel, I have the same thought knowing SE it won't happen. Thanks ! I would love that SE gives birth to that idea but.. Yes in each compilation there is always a KH game that appeared on Nintendo console and they've ended up to become main storyline games (KH1.5) (Re:Com) KH2.8 (KH3D) KH1.5 (Re:Com/Days) (Fully playable/cinematics) KH2.5 (Re:Coded) (cinematics) KH 2.8 (3DDD) (Fully playable and revamped) There's a Nintendo fanbase and SE knows it but I think it's maybe a possibility in the future the demand must be bigger for that to happen. I have a PS4 but I'd prefer to play KH on the go. I don't really care about downgraded graphics or whatever until I can play my favourite game "feet in the grass warmed by the sun" :joke: Anyway, thank you
  6. I imagine the backgrounds will change when we'll scroll down to choose the game we want to play?
  7. I've spent a lot of time doing this.. So I made them to be as realistic as the real ones. We can only hope I have a PS4 (bought 2.8) but I'd prefer to buy the compilations on Switch. Play KH on the go would be amazing. I'm also hoping that KH III will hit the Switch if sales are good. But SQUARE ENIX does not care of Nintendo fans.. Hello thank you ! It was made for fun only :] I have any doubt that it won't never happen anytime soon because Kingdom Hearts belongs more to PS4 than Nintendo, even is these episodes sold quite well in case of spinofffs. Anyway I'm glad you liked my fanmade covers. I've still have a doubt about 2.8 one I think it's too messy but I've done what I could. Yes it's been several years I wanted to be a part of this community, so thanks -KHReconnect-
  8. Hello, here it is, some fanmade covers from the Kingdom Hearts Series I've made. Edit : New background image of the 3 NS covers my nickname is PrinceSnake on reddit in reference of the Zero Escape Series.
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