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  1. I'm honestly a little surprised there hasn't been a Sword in the Stone world considering how prominent Merlin has been in the games. It'd make sense at a KHUX world, too. I'd personally love to see it!
  2. I haven't seen The Breadwinner or Loving Vincet, but I saw Coco 3 three times and cried eachtime. So I gotta vote for that amazing movie
  3. HayleysComet

    What did you think of Star Wars: The Last Jedi?

    Haven't seen it, but we've got like 12 different sized Porgs at work. So I want to go with Porgs.
  4. Hands down the orchestra trailer because I got to see it live with the orchestra, and nothing can beat that feeling
  5. HayleysComet

    KH 0.2 Terra Medal not restoring gauges

    I think SP 0? But I actually don't remember. I'll have to double check. So thanks!! But if it was a No Cost, wouldn't it still cost 6 gauges when it goes off instead of 3? Nevermind. That's exactly what it would do. Don't know what I was thinking haha. Will check when I'm not in class.
  6. So I've noticed this issue with my KH 0.2 Terra medal. It's supposed to attack and then restore 3 gauges, but if my gauges are maxed, then it will actually use 3 gauges. It'll keep doing that for a few battles after. I gave it a no cost Scrooge (because it normally uses 6), so it really shouldn't use up any. It restores gauges if I'm below max gauges though, and it doesn't mess up if I'm fighting a raid boss or doing the target battle. Has anyone else had this issue? I message Square today, so hopefully they'll fix it. I just didn't know if it was just my game messing up.
  7. HayleysComet

    Noctis in Tekken 7

    Oh yea! I forgot about that. Kinda nice to see them branching out to other fighting games
  8. HayleysComet

    Noctis in Tekken 7

    I've never played a Tekken game and know absolutely nothing about them. But this is so cool!! Has this kind of a crossover been done before? Like Final Fantasy in Tekken?
  9. HayleysComet

    What's your favorite Horror film of 2017 so far?

    I've literally only seen It and Get Out so now instead of voting, I think I'm gonna go watch some scary movies
  10. HayleysComet

    What did/will you carve into your pumpkin?

    This year was Ariel but it uh, it didn't turn out too great
  11. HayleysComet

    What is Your All Time Favorite Disney Song?

    There are so so many I love but Go the Distance, Almost There, Part of Your World, Zero to Hero, and Proud of Your Boy (I'm counting it even though it was technically a deleted song) are some of my favorites. And I'm probably forgetting a bunch, too
  12. Nightmare Before Christmas with my family, but Coraline with my best friend because it's his favorite
  13. The Sora mugs would be a nice addition to my mug collection
  14. HayleysComet

    What October game(s) are you excited for?

    Layton's Mystery Journey! I know it came out on mobile months ago, but I'm still really excited for the 3DS launch this week. The Professor Layton games are some of my favorites
  15. I really want to see Bullseye. But not on this list, I'd also like to Weezy!