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  1. No problem, just correcting. Also there isn't any significant evidence the final battle is gonna be at Keyblade Graveyard either.
  2. Hate to break it to you bud, but Ni No Kuni 2 from my knowledge was delayed till February.
  3. It seems you two haven't read either of my earlier posts. I only made a list compiled of worlds that have been confirmed (Meaning we've seen a trailer or gameplay in them.) ones that have not been confirmed (he leaked monsters inc world) and ones in which I found files for in he server. So yes the list is incomplete, I've never stated anywhere that it is a full complete world list. I have stated I expect to see about 1 to 3 more disney worlds and a few more SE/KH worlds.
  4. This is like saying that all the people who wear the black coat are the same pers...oh wait they technically are. Personally however I don't see it as such, I don't believe Braig is Brain (Blaine) or Ephemera. But I see what your getting at.
  5. I made edits to my Reddit post they are as followed. Edit: Upon further investigation of the server and the IP Address the server was located on. It has come to light that there is a high chance XAC stands for [XPEC Art Center](http://www.xpecartcenter.com/contact.php). The reasons for this being one the IP Address is located in China and XPEC has a China office. And two the logo on XPEC's website is XAC the same as some of the file directories in the server. Credit for a bump in the right direction to finding XPEC goes to Reddit user [mvitkun](https://www.reddit.com/user/mvitkun) It should also be further noted that XPEC worked on Final Fantasy XV, which gives even more reason to believe that that's what XAC stands for. Edit: I did some further investigating of the IP Address in question the morning of December, 26th. What I did was I back tracked the Ip address even further fand found out it is in Minhang Shanghai, I then looked up where [XPEC Art Center](http://www.xpecartcenter.com/contact.php)r is located at and found out they were in Suzhou Industrial Park, Suzhou, sounds like a let down right? Not actually. I decide to take the Minhang portion of what I had found and type in directions from it to Suzhou Industrial Park, Suzhou, just to see how close exactly these places were, to my surprise it is only 1 hour and 30 minute drive from these two places. I'm around 98% sure now that the files I found were in fact real leaked files from XPEC Art Center. While this does not confirm they are in fact real files or validates them as files. It's a little uncanny that the place where the files were located is only 1 hour and 30 minutes away from [XPEC Art Center's](http://www.xpecartcenter.com/contact.php) China building. If I come across any more revealing or valid looking evidence for the files in question I will further update this post.) Also for anyone who would liek to discuss the leaks, how I found them or to be updated on any more news or information about further details of the leaks and where they came from I have made a discord server specifically for this reason https://discord.gg/DErE6k4
  6. So upon further investigation of the server the files and my list came from we have come to find out that XAC could in fact stand for XPEC Art Center, the main basis for this is due to the fact on XPEC's website their logo is XAC and the IP Address for the server was located in China and XPEC has a office in China. So everything so far points to it being an Art contractor and that Art Contractor being XPEC Art Center. Just wanted to keep everyone updated on the news about the leaks and where they have come from. If further details surface I will see fit to update everyone through my accounts.
  7. I love how you say my source, most everyone source is coming form me. But yea,I'd say the leak is probably credible, mainly due to the high file count.
  8. Hope you guys like my Christmas gift to you all. <3 - Rum3637 (To those that didn't want to be spoiled, I'm sorry if people have posted it without spoiler notices, my original post was posted with spoiler tags so I regret if you got spoiled due to someone not following proper behavior and placing spoiler tags.)

  9. Okay, so, I made an account to clarify a few things about my list. No I do not believe this to be a complete list fo the worlds I state this if I recall multiple times in my post. Also to the person claiming I'm just guessing, if you really wanna find out, dm me and I will tell you exactly how and where to find these files that I claim to have found. Also, no I don't reveal very many worlds that haven't already been revealed. that wa snot my intention. My intention was to compile a list based on worlds that have be confirmed either through videos or demos and a list of worlds that have no appeared through leaks that seem credible, or files I found in the server. Hence why the list seem incomplete, because, it is. If you go and look at my full post on reddit you will notice I go on to ask what worlds other people would want to see and even give a list of my own worlds I'd like to see, placing in it places such as Realm of Darkness, Castle Oblivion, and cable town. So to everyone ho is saying that this list is weird cause it looks incomplete, it is, and to those saying I'm guessing, I'm not I will lead you to where the files are. I also do not claim this to be an actual 100% confirmed world list, this is only what I have come across and I have no way myself of clarifying if the server this came from are truly a Square server but it does seem so. And the person who said these seem old, they very much probably are, if I recall the files are from 2015. Anyway, I just wanted to clarify the list is in fact incomplete at least to me it seems so and I am the person who made the list and that it's only a compilation of current confirmed worlds and current worlds that are leaked and not confirmed with files (other then Monster inc which seems credible due to it's detail which is why it's put in there.) I will leave Kh13 up if anyone would like to message me to show them how to find the files.
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