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  1. Hey all! I was able to play the demo today in Disney Springs and I just wanted to share some of my opinions. I imagine most people may have already played the game some where else or tried it at DS as well. Anwyways I was able to either pick Olympus or Andy’s room and would only get 15 minutes to play. I decided to play Olympus and wanted to save Andy’s room for when the game is released. As soon as I got control of Sora the game felt so fluid and the movement was great. It’s about a minute or so in when you encounter the first bunch of hearltess and combat feels awesome. You can run past them and head towards the rock titan to start the actual boss battle, which I did after battling a few heartless. Once I got to the actual fight against the Rock Titan it was awesome, the combat felt great, using the reaction commands and attractions was great and the fight felt so satisfying. The graphics are of course amazing and everything looked fantastic. The one thing I will say is the demo was not challenging and it did feel fairly easy, now I do realize that it is the first level of the game and it will most likely be the tutorial so of course it is made to be easy, but I do hope it isn’t like this for most of the game. I hope that all of these new combat commands don’t make the game too easy. I know in most Kingdom Hearts game they tend to stsrt easy and get harder as the game goes so I am really not that worried. Overall I am so excited for this game and can not wait to play the full game. Has anyone else had the chance to play the game yet? What are some of your opinions?
  2. It makes sense, I guess with kh3 they took some aspects from each game except CoM and implemented them in there since sora has a shotlock now.
  3. I do think they get more hate than they deserve. However I will say that the one game I can not play again is Re:chain of memories. I played through it a lot on the gba and I just tried to play it for the first time on my ps4 and I just can’t do it. I’m not sure if it was just a combat system that worked on the gameboy or what, but I got to the first save point and don’t want to even continue. I crushed Birth by Sleep on psp and recently on ps4 and I agree with you that it is on kh1 and kh2 level. I haven’t tried Dream Drop Distance on ps4 yet but I hope it isn’t anything like Re:chain of memories and feels natural to some extent because I did love playing the game on the 3ds. I personally never understood why they just didn’t make every game like the traditional Kingdom Hearts combat system but perhaps they wanted to try new things.
  4. Wow OP I’d say that your rankings are exactly how I was going to rank mine
  5. KH1 is fantastic and I love the game and you have really great points. I will say that I agree that it does the Disney villains/Disney story way better. But imo it had to get away from that a little as the games progress so that KH turned into it’s own story rather than just retellings of Disney movies. I do feel like KH1 is more challenging due to the fact of no drives and movement is a lot more limited compared to KH2.
  6. Mine was the original KH! I remember seeing the ads on TV when I was in fourth grade and begged my mom to buy it for me. I came home from school one day and there it was on my bed. I fell in love with the series ever since
  7. My favorite character is Aqua for sure, I was so excited she got her own small gameplay chapter (besides BBS of course). I can only hope you can play as her in someways in KH3. For top 5: 1. Aqua 2. Xehanort 3. Sora 4. Riku 5. Terra/Axel
  8. I would say it is a spoiler for sure but we won’t know how big for sure until we of course play the game. I’m sure that was just one of many big twists that we’ll see in the game. If it gets any worse than that I think we may meed to bring extra tissue boxes out.
  9. If you think the wait is bad now, wait until more trailers come out and then you’ll be wishing it was out now! I’ve just been replaying the series right now, I’m doing it on normal then I’m going to go back and do them all on proud/critical, should help some time fly!
  10. Even though she is becoming a keyblade user I don’t think she’ll be at full strength/potential. It wouldn’t make sense in such a short time for her to gain so much power so quick but it has been done before. Maybe she’ll show some signs of being strong but then ultimately can’t keep up with everyone else.
  11. Hello everyone! I just created my account and this is my first post! I just wanted to introduce myself and get involved in the community. I have been a big fan of Kingdom Hearts ever since the first game. I still to this day remember seeing rhe commercial on TV and asking my mom to buy it for me, I was of course hit with the “we’ll see”. Then I cam home the next day from elementary school and there is Kingdom Hearts on my bed! I was blown away with the game and instantly knew it would be an all time favorite. I bought kh 1.5 and 2.5 on the ps3, then bought the whole on ps4 as well as 2.8. I’m going through all the games now with Kh 3 on the horizon (hopefully later this year). I’ve already beaten kh1 and 0.2, and am currenlty playing kh2. The only game I haven’t played is 358/2 but I suppose I can watch the movie that comes with the collection. In terms of favorite characters I really only have one favorite which is Aqua, I hope she has a good story line in Kh3! Well anyways that is a wall of text, tldr=I love kingdom hearts and my favorite character is Aqua
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