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  1. have you guys seen all the final fantasy game coming to switch?

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    2. Isaix


      Yeah it's pretty amazing,I'll probably get World of Final Fantasy and FFCC remaster,I hear they are pretty good and I'm on the fence about FFXII,I'm still not sure if it looks good or not,but people seem to like it so I might get it.It's really amazing that FF7,9 and 10 collection are on Switch for those who never got the chance to play them but I played 7 and 9 to death and I still have my copy of 10 on PS3 so meh and where is FF8,8 is amazing too.And I really don't c...

    3. Isaix


      ...care about the pocket edition of FFXV,why not downscale the original game instead of releasing this weird looking phone remake,I guess it just wasn't possible

    4. ocean's rage

      ocean's rage

      not a bad line up

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