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Imagine Xemnas and Xigbar holding interviews for the 13 Xehanorts.

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Xemnas: So tell me a bit more about yourself

Vexen: Well, I'm a scientist

Xemnas: Uh-huh

Vexen: Would you like me to conduct an experiment on you?

Xemnas: I'm sorry, what?

Vexen: Experiment

Xemnas: No, thank you

Vexen: *gets up and grabs tools* Experiments

Xemnas: Please stop


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Xemnas:So, tell me about yourself

Demyx: I play guitar

Xemnas: okay, and?

Demyx: I can summon really bad mini games so that sora will get mad and get nightmares of me

Xemnas: Perfect!

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Xemnas: What makes you think you would be a valuable asset to the Organization?


Lexaeus: ...


Xemnas: I see. And how would you go about fulfilling your duties as a member?


Lexaeus: ...


Xigbar: Oh? Looks like we've got the silent warrior type here. He's got the intimidating look down though.


Lexaeus: ...


Xemnas: In the least, his heart was strong enough to give his empty body a human form. That will have to do for now. However, repeated failure to fulfill your duties will result in you fading from your non-existence. You'd do well to remember that.


Lexaeus: Understood, Superior.

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