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Yes they are.

Most of the party chat is 95% about me

Most of them are on level 400 and up while im 303

Why they got to be jealous when they are up more than me?

Also, in the japanese khux im more higher in level and strength than the global. I have the same exact avatar on the japanese yet my japanese party is all about a girl band. where most of the members are all girls alongside me. Yet we pretend we are a girls band which is cute.

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I love my japanese friends

They are the cutest and we had some vid chats before. Despite me im not japanese like them they still accept me which is SUPER CUTE 😭😭😭❤️❤️❤️

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This is a huge relief that there are reprints b/c I can totally skip this and have more time to save.

It' more new user-friendly for those that don't have the buffers as well.

In another server I'm in, people are speculating that Kairi and Xion are going to be upgradable soon rather than outclassed by a new buffer.

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Hopefully if that is the case, it's just using Dual Meows to upgrade them like KH III Sora and not using other copies of the same medal like KH II Sora and Riku EX for a bigger buffer.

What I've seen often is that SN KH III Kairi/SN Xion have been in the pool for other deals, free daily draws, and ticket draws, so they've been a bit easier to come by.

I got three of Kairi before I finally got Xion's.

It looks like the five-pull mercy aspect isn't exclusive to VIP/locked behind a paywall this time, so they're also F2P-friendly and probably great for players like tofu.

Another nice guarantee is the fact that at least two KH III medals are guaranteed in each pull along w/ VIP coins.

I'm still planning on opting to skip the medal banners myself.

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