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Kingdom Hearts 1 re:make

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Even though Kingdom Hearts 1 and Kingdom Hearts 2 would look great in Unreal 4, but personally I think they should remake Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days in either PS4 or Nintendo Switch. I remember in one of Nomura's interviews that he said he dreams of remaking 358/2 Days with a circle pad or something. Plus, I also think he said that he was planning on remaking 358/2 Days as a full playable game for KH 1.5, but  decided to scrap it because it would've taken a year or two to do that.

18 hours ago, CaptFancyPants said:

I'd rather them remake 358/2 Days in Unreal 4, there's a lot that they could expand upon and make a more full-fledged entry.


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Kingdom Hearts 1 still plays very well, and although first game teething is present it's still very playable in 2021 as it was back when it released and 2-13 when 1.5 was released with the quality of life changes like skipping cutscenes. It also holds up visually, particularly the HD remastered version released with 1.5. Days and re:coded are definitely more deserving. There's some of the Disney world story arcs like Phil mentoring Roxas, Jack's observations of Roxas and the steady exploration of the Cave of Wonders in Agrabah, which the movie with 1.5 doesn't even touch on but flesh out the worlds and characters. Maybe add more areas to the World That Never Was hub beyond the Grey Room, flesh out the hierarchy of the Organisation members and the Nobody types each member leads. In KH2's prologue Axel says he's not being turned into a Dusk over Roxas, perhaps hint at previous members who failed and were turned into Dusks for extra feels. 

In light of how Union X has used data worlds, that could be explored more in a re:coded remake as well as tease that the data Sora who challenges the Remind organisation data is based on the Data Sora from re:coded in some way. The gameplay of re:coded is very enjoyable and varied, both in the series as a whole and within the game itself and some of the features that were great for extending playtime haven't been used since. For example, being able to replay the story of a world you've cleared. Perhaps you want to try a late game technique on Pete, or the fight against Roxas is so good you want to revisit it.

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