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Hey, Guys! So, since me and AngelMage live like...Really close. Like. Just a lot of hours drive. He invited me to spend a week in Biloxi, Mississippi for Christmas. Which is just a bunch of casinos and BEACHESSSSSS really. But, yeah! I made it!  I found him at work. He let me wear his hat. xD His boss said not to put the logo in the picture though. -.- (He sucks)


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Never ask a mod for page numbers. They're different to us xD but it must be around 360. Was in June


Here's one of me, haven't shaved in a while xP

(Also wearing my sea salt ice shirt ;))


damn felixx you cute

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Praise the sun!




Master Dave, YOU ARE THE KNIGHT SOLAIRE!? PRAISE THE SUN INDEED! *Praises incessantly.* :')


Got my dress in~ 



























Oh my God, that smile!!!!!! X_X You have a really sunny and radiant smile, you know that, Neko? Also, loving the dress! :O


guess i'll join






I actually thought you were a lot older! xD

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