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The Life of (KH13's) Rüby --- Happy Birthday Ruby!

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Posted Image

I knew you said you were working on this for a while but dang

Wasn't expecting anything this amazing

Thank you, Sora :)

But I'll save the mushy speech and stuff for after we defeat the hash-slinging-slasher back at the OrganizationPosted Image

Welp, I spoke too soon about my quota but now I can't like the original post x_x

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Happy Birthday, Ruby! We've had a lot of fun together in the past, and although we don't talk much anymore, I hope we can find time to rectify that and continue being good friends.


Now then, DJ, play the Happy Birthday song!





Wrong track, dumbass!






... Much better.

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This is the most dedicated tribute to a member I have seen. I want one for this on my birthday. Well done, Sora!


...But more importantly, Happy Birthday Ruby!


Posted Image


I googled--er, I mean made it, all by myself! ^^

well obviously you're on my list of people to make threads for later this year huehue


Damn Winner! That cake is impressive!

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