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  1. Randall and Davy Jones are already confirmed to be boss fights, and Jack sparrow was already shown as a party member. My main personal fear is that it runs so and so on the OG PS4, though 0.2 ran fine to me and seeing the kh3 is smoother eases that thought. Another fear is that neither Lilo and stitch or Wall-E are in the game.
  2. Gargoyles was considered for the First Kingdom Hearts game actually, so TV Disney content isn’t tooo out of the question.
  3. I kind of want Deep Jungle to come back considering it was the first level in the series that includes sliding mechanics( now known as flow motion/athletic flow) and how good it’ll look in KH3. But my main bet on remaining worlds are Wall-E, Atlantis/ Lilo and Stitch and princess and the frog. Hawaii would be a very vibrant location to visit with stitch being the main party member, it along with Frozen,Wreck it Ralph and Tangled were planned for Fragmanted keys and the 3 of them got in in some shape or form. This could be Where Aqua is found, considering her, Sora and Ventus know stitch. Atlantis would be great too considering it’s whole plot involves the heart of it’s world. Wall-E would be the space level and the third Pixar world(I really doubt MI and TS are the only ones considering how early on they were revealed), it could be the location of a secret Star Wars/Marvel boss fight if that happens. Princess and the frog makes a lot of sense due to there being new princesses of heart. Demyx could easily be here considering his personality.
  4. Sora would probably address it and TRON is most likely not going to recall anything, since what happened in The Grid was a dream the world was having, the same way he was confused when jiminy didn’t recognize him.
  5. Gotta remember that The grid in dream drop distance is a completely different world to space paranoids, the TRON we Interacted with was the one in Ansem’s computer, not the one where wherever Kevin Flynn’s Grid is. But it looks like Ansem!TRON and Rinzler share the same memories since they technically share the same heart. But yeah I REALLY want TRON to appear in this, I get the feeling he’s going to be a link tbh, either from Radiant Garden or a space themed world.
  6. Marshmallow from Frozen is a boss fight in the newest trailer.
  7. I’m glad they’re taking their time to perfect the game, the premier event was probably to check what they could fix and it seems that they had a couple of things to tweak out, take your time square, We can wait !!
  8. I’m sure people said the same about Tron and Pirates of the Caribbean, I didn’t even know who tron was until KH2 and it became my favorite world. I think people mostly don’t want Marvel or Star Wars because “It isn’t truly Disney”, as in people see them as their own independent properties. Square and Disney would find a away to make Marvel and Star Wars fit, I don’t think they’ll be getting world’s but I’m positive they will have some type of inclusion in the game as summons, cameo characters or optional bosses., with the way Disney promotes them (Wreck it Ralph 2, Disney Infinity, New Disney Park attractions) they’re seen as Disney IPs by them.
  9. Think of it akin to Disney making adaptations of the Brothers Grimm’s stories, except that Disney owns the company it’s adapting the story from(Btw I’m not saying BH6 is a marvel movie, it’s Disney’s own thing). I’m just saying that Marvel has a good chance of appearing in the game one way or another than most other properties, I don’t believe this leak at all, It just kinda caught my eye at how some folk automatically dismiss it just because Marvel is mentioned.
  10. Y’all do realize that Big Hero 6 is an adaptation based off a Marvel comic of the same name right? While it’s unlikely that it has it’s own world it’s possible for it to get the Final Fantasy treatment and have a few characters pop up here and there, considering some characters can actually fit into some areas, ie Thor in Olympus or Dr. Strange in Mysterious Tower. So for the people saying that’s it’s automatically fake, don’t immediately dismiss it’s possibility due to the fact that it’s marvel. Seeing as Disney was open to including Marvel in its Disney infinity lineup and other Disney related media. Also don’t forget that Square is making an avengers game and has a line of play arts figures based on Marvel. I don’t Believe the leak either and I get why people don’t want marvel, but if it DOES get included someday I bet people would like it.
  11. I think there’s at least 3-4 more Disney worlds left to reveal, Here’s my take on What worlds will appear and what sections they will be in. Im speculating that each world section is most likely going to consist of an original world,a 2D Disney world,a Pixar world and a Disney renaissance world (ex: Twilight town,Hercules,Toy story, Tangled). The game has 3 parts in terms of worlds, back then in Tokyo:D23 it was said that the first part of the game was 90% complete, the second part was 60% complete and that the last part was a secret. Going from this I’m assuming that the first batch of Disney worlds are going to be Hercules, Tangled and Toy story. Big hero 6 is most likely one of the last worlds due to it being one of the last ones selected for the game and Monsters Inc is probably in the second batch of worlds due to how recently announced it was. Now going with my speculation there should be at least 4 Disney worlds left to reveal. 1 renaissance world, two 2D worlds and 1 Pixar world. My own personal guesses are Frozen(as much as I don’t want it in the game),Jungle Book, Treasure Planet and Brave or Wall-E. I have a feeling 100 acre wood will make an appearance as a mini game world per tradition in order to wrap up it’s storyline and to have one other familiar world from the past games. What do y’all think?
  12. Woah It's been a while since I was last here I hope the world that's gonna be revealed is Toy Story, It's been cut too many times loll.
  13. that feel When you don't have enough space on your PS4 for 2.8 :))))))))))

  14. Rip America. Though tbh I don't really care for the election, I just let whatever happens happen and just hope the best for our country.
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