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How the wait is going In australia

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A new KH 2.8 trailer is said to be released in 1 hour and 20 mins or so!



What are we waiting for



12am here in New Zealand.



FFor once, I don't have to wait some shitty hour of the day for the trailer drop. I think around 12pm? At lunchtime anyway xD



Actually, a lot of the site also lives in Australia, so they can share the same pain as you.

Honestly, the only reason I'm still up is because these are my prime hours.



Oh, the joys of living in Australia. Even in reports, they never provide us with our release date. Only 5.5 hours to go :/



Gotta wait till 10pm and I have no idea how to pass the time 

Posted Image


at least you guys can sleep 


I'd play a game but I have to clean up this atrocity ...again



Posted Image

terrible pokemon reference




and i'm a lazy shit


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