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Yevgeni Malachite: City of Isolation


The green aura around Yev's body, which concentrated mostly around his torso, began to fade, the wound knitting itself closed as fresh flesh clothed it.  Just as this occurred Jynn approached him, sword drawn, to which Yevgeni offers him a wry smile.


"What do you suppose the difference will be, between my surrendering now or fighting to the death?  Either way you plan to kill me, yes?  At least this way I can fulfill my promise to both Veriti and your grandfather, whereas surrendering will do me nothing.  I do wonder, though"–he tilted his head considering the prince–"what is it that you would use the Source of All Life for?  Would you bring your mother back?"


Yevgeni got to his feet, swaying slightly.  While his wound may have healed, he was still weak from a lack of both blood and magical energy, the healing process having drained him much of his sources.  His gaze did not falter from that of his nephew's.  "I am truly sorry that things have come to this, Jynn.  I am sorry for the pain that I have brought upon you.  This was not a fate that you deserved, though I had been hoping to deliver a perfected kingdom to you, one of men and fey.  Perhaps, though, there is a grain of truth to what you all say: there will always be conflict and war, whether human or fey.  I had thought–no, hoped–that by purifying our worlds and uniting them we could ensure an era of peace, but there will always be new generations, and history will always repeat."


The elf lowered his head, seemingly deep in thought.  "I wonder," he voiced at long last, "if the Source of All Life could grant eternal peace to both worlds, restoring that of which the humans lost while maintaining a war-free world for us fey.  Perhaps it could divide our worlds fully, once and for all.  This . . . deviates from the path that King Alexander considered, though it is perhaps possible."

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Jynn, Dawson, and Bherna-Isopolis, City of Isolation


Jynn raises an arm towards the group, in an attempt to get everyone’s attention off of Yevgeni. He shuts his eyes as soon as Yevgeni claims that he will take his life. The prince sighs. “No, Yevgeni. Life is precious. It is a gift to be, to exist, to have a purpose. I cannot find it in myself to take your life.” He slightly turns his head to Nergal. “Your friend however, I cannot be so certain. He very nearly succeeded in killing me, and seemingly took pleasure from the fight.” The regent then proceeds to ask what Jynn’ll do with the Source of All Life, perhaps to bring his mother back. “As much as I would love to bring her back, it would not be right of me. I cannot sacrifice the hopes of thousands for the life of one.”


Yevgeni rises to his feet, swaying back and fourth slightly. He was clearly weak. At this point, he was barely a threat to the prince, but Jynn stays in his dark state should the regent try anything. He tries once again to apologize to Jynn, but the latter still does not believe his words are genuine. “I hope you understand why it is hard for me to believe you.”


Yevgeni suddenly starts to behave differently, wondering if the Source of All Life would bring eternal peace. To separate the two worlds once and for all. But Jynn shakes his head. “The last thing the worlds need is separation. That is how this whole mess started. We must all learn to cooperate with one another, to shake hands, to communicate, to help each other. Unfortunately, war is imminent, no matter how much you try to avoid it. No single person is the same, everyone has different minds and ideas.”

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{Mariel: Isopolis; Final Chamber}

Mariel partially blacked out after Sifrei picked her up. The next thing she really knew was something crawling over her. She drifted back into consciousness, seeing Sifrei and Typhon standing over her. Her mind was fuzzy, making focusing difficult. She could feel big, important things drifting through her mind, but she couldn’t fully comprehend them. She just got vague feelings of anger...and shame? Something had just happened that had been bad, but what?

“I was better at this before.” She thought. “Wasn’t I?”

Through her muzzy connection with the world around her, Mariel realized that there was still more going on beyond herself and her to attending healers. Sounded like...

Her mind cleared enough for the situation with Yevgani to reassert itself as a primary problem. Anger flowed through her once again, igniting buried magic along the way. Before Typhon’s bug could get to the last wound, fresh blood welled up and scabbed over to seal it. The angel’s burned and withered arms began to throb as ancient blood ran through them, bringing a form of healing with it.

“Enough of this.” Mariel said through clinched teeth as she struggled to get up. “We still have to get that stone.”

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- Rabiyu, Aura and Sifrei - Isopolis: The City of Isolation -

Aura was staring at the princess as she spoke. It looked like the poor girl really believed that her wish to return to normal was a mistake, which Aura didn't agreed, the princess had the right to use that wish to cure her from her curse.

"You shouldn't worry about that wish, Princess. You did nothing wrong with it," Aura said to Athena, "I do not think Rufus' magic could have helped any of us inside this strange place. It seems as if it had a mind of its own. Whoever build it, and hid the Source of All Life, really wanted to judge the worth of whoever dared to face its trials."

Sifrei watched as Mariel's few remaining injuries began to heal by themselves. Something inside the guardian angel allowed her to heal those wounds. Such a strange being the guardian was. Sif was unable to say that, of course. Instead, he offered stood up and offered his hand at Mariel.

Rabiyu saw as Yevgeni summoned beams of light from the sky, the beams falling all around the area where Nergal was standing, obviously directed at their enemies. But something was strange. The white haired elf noticed that none of the beams of light was falling anywhere near her. It was as if...no, she was not that close to the Queenslayer, that must have been the reason. She witnessed as Alicia's spell attack hit Yevgeni on his stomach, making him collapse to the ground and rolling several times. A strange, yet familiar light surrounded the elf, the sign of a healing spell. Rabiyu aimed an arrow towards Yevgeni as she slowly made her way towards him.

The Prince and his daughter were already getting closer to Yevgeni as he was healing himself. The Prince asking Yevgeni to surrender one final time. Yevgeni wondered of the Source could split both worlds so they could have peace, and the Prince said that was how the whole mess began. She did not spoke a single word while Yevgeni and the Prince talked, but her eyes never left Yevgeni. Was it because she was waiting for him to suddenly attack the Prince, or was it because she had hope that he could change his mind in the end.

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-Eclaire, Xion, and Rhea - In Combat-



Rhea winged up and up. As everyone engaged, she quickly dived and took up position. If Nergal were to avoid Henry or get up from the attack, Geirskogul was already in hand, charged with Light. Her twin swords hang at her hips, the Unaging Valkyrie ready to unleash the wrath of the Ithurians, and the Wrath of the Valkyries, upon Nergal should he managed to escape Henry. A throw of the spear and a dual blade charge at him would be her manner of attack.



Yevgeni's talk, his speeches. Eclaire's blood boiled in rage as she stood up, recovering from Nergal's attack. She was about to strike, when her mother once more grabbed her, arms wrapping around her body and holding her tightly. "I'm sorry...I'm sorry Eclaire. In that weak moment, I hurt you." She sobbed. "I can't remember your mother...I can't remember...but I know she was disappointed. And...and I never...never thought you were a mistake, Eclaire. You were my daughter. My sweet....kind...caring daughter...please...don't let the hate take you. Don't fall like I did. Don't become Consumption. You were the miracle i so needed." She whispered. "So please...don't...don't let the hate consume you...my dearest Eclaire."




She stood there, shaking. Tears streamed down her face, a torrent unending. And Yevgeni's sudden shift did not alter her...no...but her hate was eroded...it melted away...only to be replaced by such sorrow. "...I can't feel her anymore, Mom. I....I can't feel that pulse within my heart...I gave it up..."

"Shh...whatever you kept...life has an ending, Clary...life will end. What's important is you never forget how close they were...you etch their love upon your heart...so no matter what, even if you forget them, that love always lingers...so that one day, when you need it most, their face....their smile...it will bring you from the dark depths that you may have fallen." She loosened her hold. "Don't strike with your hate...it's...it's not you, Clary. You're not...you're the kindest soul...I'll ever know."


Eclaire slowly pulled away from her mother once more. She stumbled forward, brushing past Jynn and heading for Yevgeni. And she stood and raised her sword.

"To use the Source to force peace...is unforgivable. You would not create anything but hollowness. You would create existence. We would merely exist. To force everyone to peace is to remove their will, the will that causes many of us here to still persist. The will to remember what we have lost, to cling to what we have." She pointed it at his heart. "There is no room in your heart for such peace, Yevgeni. I may be every bit the bastard you are...but at the very least...I accepted I was no ruler. I accept I never will be fit to sit on the throne of my mothers! I was not fit to stand by Shiva's side! And that's why I will stand by her name to final breath, why I renamed this sword after her! Because she saw past my unholy birth, she saw past the turmoil I could create and offered me a future! She offered me hope, Yevgeni! She gave me a new life, a new chance! To use the Source for anything more than restoring humanity is ignoble, is arrogant, is wrong!" she shouted. She had dimly heard Jynn speak to the man as she stumbled over, but the tail end rang within her ears. "As the Prince said...we are all different. And to force us to think the same in the name of peace is a fate worse than death. At very least, if I die, I will die Eclaire Oathkeeper, Retainer of Queen Shiva, and the one who loved her knowing there was no chance. I will die knowing the last word Shiva said to me." Her wings once more phased in, blocking Jynn from view. "And I will protect Jynn from you and your attack dog...as I have an oath to keep with final breath. Give up the source, Yevgeni. Jynn may not be ready to kill you...but I am."

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Yevgeni Malachite -- City of Isolation


The elf nodded upon Jynn's words.  "It would seem that you have indeed grown since we have been apart.  It takes a strong man to curb his desire for revenge in exchange for mercy.  I am surprised that you would spare my life, considering I have taken that of your mother, along with countless others from the world below."


Rabiyu's arrow came whizzing overhead, arresting Yevgeni's attention.  He rose and jerked to the side to avoid its range of fire, before landing a mere few feet in front of Jynn, Eclaire and Rabiyu now at the future king's side.


Yevgeni smiled sadly.  "It would seem that we are at an impasse, then.  You are unwilling to change your mind, and I cannot meet you at your request.  Everything sacrificed would be in vain, something that I simply cannot allow.  King Alexander has given up too much, as have I, as has Shiva herself–"  He lifted his rapier, though did not point it at any of them.  "As I mentioned earlier, I do not wish to do either of you harm.  Goodness knows that I have taken enough lives to weigh on my mind, however"–he straightened, sword outstretched–"I will do what I must to serve, even to the last breath."


(Sorry for the short response; I'll try to make up for it next time)

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- Rabiyu - Isopolis: The City of Isolation -

"Everyone here has lost so much to reach this point. Memories, feelings, senses, people. A whole world ended because you choose to honor late king Alexander's will to the best of your abilities," Rabiyu said as she stepped away from Eclaire and the Prince, "But what gave Alexander the right to choose the fate of those not under his reign."

Rabiyu was still aiming at Yevgeni, although her eyes moved slightly towards Eclaire, in case she decided to attack him. At this point it wasn't possible to fully comprehend what was going on inside Yevgeni's head, but Rabiyu didn't wished for him to perish at the moment.

"Do not continue with this senseless cycle, Yevgeni. Surrender and hand over the source," Rabiyu said quietly, " Let the human world be restored. Let us work together with the humans so we can truly attain peace. This doesn't have to end with the death of any more people. You included."

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~Aqua: The City of Isolation and Aqua's Suffering

Aqua had been pulled away from the fighting by Yev. The action had left the elf shocked. The thought that Yev cared about her caused her to smiled ever so faintly. It was touching to see that, but at the moment, she was more worried about Yev. Before she could voice this, however, he had already gone back into the battle. Aqua still felt his lingering touch on her cheek. She sat her stunned, a light blush on her cheeks. “Yev…” She whispered so quietly even she wasn't sure if she had said it out loud or not. Aqua watched him fight with attentiveness, but then Yev had got hit by a rather deadly blow. The thought that Yev could die terrified her. Aqua was frozen in fear, even as she watched him heal himself. She saw as Yev got up in a very shaky manner. He was still injured.


Jynn and Bherna then did something unexpected.  They offered Yev a chance to make up for his mistakes, but others didn't share the same sentiments. She saw Eclarie point her weapon toward the male elf. Aqua ran toward Yev. “You idiot, work towards a true peace! Don’t die here! Isn’t there something worth living for or even someone?! If you die here you’ll really become the traitor they say you are! You would have killed others for nothing!” Tears had made there way down her cheeks by the time she had gotten close to Yev. “Please just give up this plan! I can’t watch you die…” Aqua’s voice quieted down to barely a whisper “I can’t lose you too…” She looked directly at Yev's eyes, the desperation was written all over her face and in her voice. 

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- Odin, Holder of a New Wish -



The noisome commotion was expanding further and further as everybody's strengths were tested.  Yevgeni and the assassin Nergal were putting all of their effort against the pooled strength of Mystras, Kilkes Seres, humankind, and the envoys of the North, and they were holding their own very well.  However, everyone exhausted their strength in this massive clash, all except a few who declined to step into the fray.


Odin stayed within the shadows of one of the surviving pillars near the entrance, pulling out Nihil's lamp from a shimmering tear in dimensions.  The shadow within its lampshade started to materialise and slip a head out, then an arm as it reached for something to support.  Odin could have sworn that Nihil looked afraid for a moment or two, an initial dread that soon was replaced entirely with a slipshod smile hastily made.  Whether this was real or not did not matter.  What mattered most was that he had to fully prepare for what was to come.


"Nihil," he voiced in a rumble, as if thunder crackled within him, "it is time.  I have my wish prepared and am ready to make use of it."


The umbral creature formed a beaming smile of unsettling light as it listened intently, withdrawing from the lamp and polluting the surrounding area with his darkness.


"What is the wish you bid, master?" the shade responded in question, utterly elated.


"I wish for the ability, the power, to vanquish my foes and gain control over the Source of All Life.  My search for the greatest of pursuits must continue, regardless of the cost I have suffered, regardless of the cost I will suffer.  Only I am suited for the task of wishing upon the Source.  That whining, inexperienced son of mine must not touch it.  None of my allies, no matter their skills, should lay claim to it either."


"A wish!  Another wish!  A fine wish, one I grant as your boon . . . and your newest vice!" Nihil returned, his grin only expanding within the growing ocean of utter blackness.  "You would have done well enough on your own, old one, but we will see what you are capable of after you obtain this new facet to you.  Your wish is now fulfilled!"


Odin accepted without compromise, even after feeling a torrent of new sensations and lurching forward.  His body rippled and rolled up into a ball as his insides shredded themselves as if pureed by a million knives.  After some time spent rearranging themselves, his aged muscles reformed, leaned, tightened, and strengthened.  His mind honed with portions of innovations and wisdom that were stripped from him by the final trial of Isopolis.  His spirit rallied arcane magics that he previously could not call upon.


In the end, he had the sensation of being reborn as a new individual, a phoenix superior in many ways to his former being.  However, something must have left.  He felt a cavity within himself, a missing something near and dear to him, but in the advent of new power that was a topic for another time, a time after the psychological or physical destruction of those that dared get in his way.



Odin stepped forth from the shadows, his eyes chiefly focused on the Source as he watched the explosive combat continue on in the foreground.  His mind was abuzz with various tactics and strategies that he assumed people were using, eyes glittering in interest as he observed it all, but within his eyes a change was made.  Instead of seeing his allies and his enemies, he saw weapons that can be used against each other, rival factions he no longer held commonality with.  His prize awaited him, and that was the only thing that mattered.


Thanks to Nihil's granted wish, his relations to his comrades meant nothing to him anymore, existing but not in any way prominent to his decision-making, much like what occurred with Sifrei.  However, unlike Sifrei, he felt no obligation to help either party, only hinder them and gain the Source of All Life for himself.


His first course of action was one almost unthinkable:  once Helios was done with his basilisk-empowered strike upon Nergal, Odin rushed forward with Flying General, a straightforward and fast-moving sprint he once used upon the dragon.  In order to prevent Henry from reaching Nergal and blasting him back to who-knows-where, he countered Henry's superpowered fist with a bent arm to deflect the powerful blow, and in the meantime his other hand reached out to his sword Lysander, aiming a sword-draw pommel strike at the human's stomach to knock the breath out of him.  If successful, he would aim a quick rotational slice in an attempt to behead Henry with a downwards strike from the side.  Why did he do this?  He did not fully know, and yet it came so naturally.  Part of the reason was likely that he wanted the Source and this was a stepping-stone to obtaining it, either through confusion or through gaining the trust of Nergal.  Another part was simpler:  he did not want to suffer the possibility that Henry could match toe-to-toe with him.  To kill him off would be better than to keep him alive, and thus Henry was on the priority list.


Next, Odin strove to rush towards Nergal himself, no matter the result to Henry.  With quick speed, he sheathed his blade and reached out toward Nergal's free arm, the one containing the Source.  With luck Nergal would have been rather stupefied by what he had witnessed and snagging the stone would be quick.  Without luck, he would probably have to obtain the Source like everybody else, only with an added apology to Henry later on.


((All right; here's my sleep-deprived post.  Hopefully it makes sense to folks, but Odin is making his long-awaited move.  P.S.:  Sorry, Henry.))

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- Helios & Arthur Something - /w everyone else - Isopolis: City of Isolation -



Helios' eyes would widen as he was pretty much tackled out of the way. It disrupted the roll, knocking him to the side. What was Odin doing?! "Henry!" Helios called loudly. Helios would be sent flying across the platform, rolling right off the edge. He tried to stop it as it happened, claws digging against the slates as he scratched to stop himself from falling. But he went over the edge anyways, not like it mattered. He let out a hiss, smoke covering him up as he would transform once more. He would exit the smoke in the shape of a white bird, flying right back up into the sky and above the scene. It was only at this point of view that he saw the gravity of it all. Nergal held the source of life. Henry had been stabbed. Odin was after the source. There was an inexpiable pain in his chest as he would allow himself to drop from the sky. He hurt Henry. He couldn't allow him to reach the source of life. His eyes would dilate as smoke covered him once more. There would be a growl from it as it would aim right at Nergal. Right from above, a large wolf like beast would roar was it exited of the smoke. It opened its jaws wide open, showing the rows of knife like teeth as it would proceed to reach for the Source of Life. If Nergal didn't dodge, he would be losing the source of life...and his hand. The energy would only seem to respond upon the actions of Odin. It would suddenly dart straight from where it stood, straight towards Odin. What could something without a body possibly do? He didn't know. But he would reach out for Odin regardless. Was...was it trying to absorb his energy?

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- Henry, Alicia, Typhon, Mikhail and Alastor - City of Isolation Chaos -


Henry barely had any time to react as Raiden, of all people, now with the persona of Odin appeared in front of him, protecting Nergal, deflecting his punch and delivering a hilt bash right to Henry's stomach, all in quick succession, surprising and shocking Henry to his core at the sudden attack, Stunned by the blow to his stomach, time seemed to slow down again as Odin went for the beheading slash, Henry was still stunned, he barely had time to reach for his sword and attempt to block Odin's, even with time slowed down, Odin's speed was insane. Henry did his best to block, or deflect the blow with his sword, avoiding beind beheaded, but Odin's sword still broke through Henry's sword and slashed him on his chest, slashing through Henry's energy barrier like butter as Henry lost focus for a second, and in turn made his body fail him considering his focus was what was keeping him standing. Henry fell backwards, his sword escaping from his grip as his glowing eyes and the energy keeping him alive subsided, leaving him practicaly dead as his body landed on the floor behind him. And he stood there for a good few minutes, lifeless. Whether anyone cared or not, he would lay on the floor until someone came to check on him and get him out, or not.


Albeit Henry seemed dead, anyone with a magical sense would feel that a faint trace of energy still remained on him, and that small trace of energy was multiplying itself...and within moments, Henry gasped for air, clearly struggling to breathe and recuperate his stamina. Coughing out blood at the same time. While trying to raise his head to look at Odin, with a look of determined anger as he struggled to even breathe.


Everyone would see that Henry was very much out of comission, at best temporarily, Alastor turned to look at his old friend, now a traitor. "Raiden?!" Alastor spoke in surprise, clearly shook by the scene. Alicia stared silent, but shocked. Mikhail even more so as he ran over to Henry to check on him. 


Typhon just looked at the scene, as everyone else was most likely, and understandably in shock. And he decided to say what was most fitting to the situation.


"Holy shit." 

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Jynn, Dawson, and Bherna-Isopolis, City of Isolation


It was clear that Yevgeni still held on to his loyalties with Alexander. He vows to stay loyal to Jynn’s grandfather until the very end, even if it meant killing those he wished not to. Jynn merely sighs. Nothing was getting through to this fey was it? “Being a leader should not be based on who you used to serve. It is creating your own path to follow. A leader must be strong, knowledgeable, selfless, honest.........” He pauses for a moment. Grabbing La Justiceré by the shaft, he starts to realize his own current flaws. “....... mindful and level headed. For the past week or so....... I have been driven by vengeance. I was consumed by it, and it got me this far. But....... all it did was bring more pain, more sadness, and more hate.” He looks back to Alicia, the one who makes him feel at ease. He then turns his attention back to his sword. “I am done being consumed by it.” He tosses La Justiceré aside. It lands on the ground with a hard thud.


Jynn looks back to Yevgeni, with his hands to his sides. He was ready for anything the regent was about to attempt. “Do what you must then. But know this; I shall fight as a servant to both worlds, no longer out of personal gain, because the worlds depend on it.” He quietly announces his plan to Rabiyu, Bherna, and Eclaire. “We need to subdue him. Don’t kill him.”


But suddenly, he hears the chaos Odin was creating nearby. Jynn turns to see Henry seemingly dead from Odin’s onslaught. “RAIDEN! WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!” But Jynn could sense something odd about Henry. His aura hasn’t vanished, and it seems to be getting stronger. While shocked, Jynn still remained aware of Yevgeni’s aura and movements.

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{Mariel: Isopolis; Final Chamber}

Mariel looked up and nodded to Sifrei. Despite not being physically up to it, her returning rage drove her to finish that blasted elf off. She reached up and took the Archangel's hand, then froze in fear and horror as she looked upon her hand. It still bore scars from the burns and not quite regenerated from the withering effects, but it also had fresh red veins running through them, knotting and crisscrossing all over her fore arm and hands. The rage froze within her as she stared at the sight.

"Sanguis vindicta..." she murmured, her mind racing to when she had seen this before.




"Pull back!" Mariel cried, waving the remnants of the 12th Legion to keep moving.

The humans and their fiendish weapons had proved too much for the Legion, forcing a withdraw. But they should have fallen back before this level of loss. What had Asmodel been thinking? Neither Mariel or Zauriel would give the young archon any quarter when demanding answers.

Mariel stopped an officer as he tried to fly past.

"Where is your archon?" She shouted to be heard above the sounds of battle.

"He was at the front." He answered. "He stopped issuing orders, and just kept fighting."

"He didn't call the retreat?" Mariel asked, shock in her voice.

"No, one of the archon's aids gave the order when she saw the 7th begin retreating, falling shortly after."

This was insane. What madness had taken Asmodel? Mariel jerked her thumb for the officer to keep moving as she herself headed for the front. It didn't take long to find the young Archon of the 12th Legion, though Mariel secretly wished she hadn't. He was in the middle of the fray, cutting down swaths of humans, his sonic screams echoing through the battle. His wings had gone from pure white to red, and not just from blood. Parts of his armor were ripped off, revealing angry red veins covering him. His eyes glowed red like the blood he spilled.

"Asmodel!" Mariel called out to him, legends of old coming to mind.

Surely the Sanguis Vindicta had been purged and long forgotten by all save its former people. He couldn't have forgotten his duty and training.

As Mariel watched, one of the 12th's healers ran out to pull Asmodel back. The Archon roared something, ripped his great sword out of a human and whirled it around to behead the healer! Mariel felt as if she had been struck by a mountain. The strike hadn't been a wild swing, or a rebounded attack! Asmodel had brutally killed one of his own.

Sick to her core, Mariel finished pulling back what was left of the 12th Legion, using Asmodel's blood lust as cover the retreat. She saw him fall to the Feyslayers, still trying to reap more blood. After regrouping with the 3rd Legion, Mariel confessed what she had seen to Archon Zauriel. He had been as grave as she. Despite the divine duties and sacred training of the Guardian Angels, the monsters they had once been still lurked...




Mariel blinked back tears as the horrid truth settled into her soul. She had given up her claim on the title of Guardian Angel, leaving the blood a way out. She had been lost in it's haze. If she had not been brought down by Yevgani, would she have stopped?

The name Raiden being called out snapped the former Guardian Angel out of her own shame and horror. She looked around, seeing that Odin and attacked Henry!

"No." She said weakly, Asmodel's actions ringing through her mind again.

Pulling herself up with Sifrei's hand, Mariel started to move unsteadily towards her former charge.

"Odin!" She called out. "Enough! Are you so far gone that you can not tell friend from foe?"

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- Nergal, the Queenslayer, Receiver of a Thousand Blows - Isopolis: City of Isolation, Unexpected Aid -


The hatred those present in Isopolis held for Nergal seemed unending, for many more attacks were thrown his way, while the so-called King attempted to make nice with Yevgeni, trying to end their battle peacefully. It brought great relief to Nergal to see him refuse the petulant Prince, who held fast to his hope of subduing Yevgeni and bringing him to justice...no such mercy seemed possible for Nergal, but it didn't matter to the Queenslayer: He had no intention of dying, or losing this day. Thus, he would evade Rabiyu's lightning barrage with a deft dodge to the side, spinning a little as he manages to block Rhea's hurled weapon with the follow-up smack with his Glaive from the twirling dodge's momentum, having had enough experience with thrown blades already today, it had become too predictable.


More attacks were ready to impact, but Yevgeni had shielded Nergal from the unholy combination of Light and Hellfire and Alastor's kick was met with the Elf's retribution, as Nergal had come to expect, but his gratitude did not wane. Soon, however, aid came from someone truly unexpected, a man Nergal hadn't paid much heed to up until he had acted:


Odin threw the shapeshifted Helios off course and damn near killed Henry Hansees with a swift attack, saving Nergal from their onslaught, much to the great surprise of all of his allies.


"My my...interested, are we?"


Nergal began, but was met with Odin now further showing his true colours and attempting to claim the Source from Nergal, attempting to grab his hand. The now Source-free hand, which caught Odin's easily.


"It's not in my hand anymore...Odin One-Eye."


With a deft motion, Nergal cut away Odin's eye patch with his Glaive in such a way that wouldn't cut Odin at all, while twisting Odin around by his arm to change his position in a swift motion, almost like a dance, to avoid the angered Helios's counterattack, sending a pulse of nothingness from his Glaive that would knock back Helios if he didn't react soon enough.


"Did losing your old flame really hurt you so, Odin? If so, I am sorry, but you cannot have the Source to bring her back. It must serve our purposes, not yours..."


Nergal explained softly, still calm despite this development, unlike Soren, who had seen Henry lifeless upon the ground, Helios repulsed and Odin betraying them for his own ends, who was absolutely furious.



- Soren Monroe, The Sentinel Renewed, Human Form - Isopolis: City of Isolation -


"Raiden?! What the hell are you doing!?" Soren bellowed, his demonic voice taking over at the trailing end, his throat glowing yellow-orange as the hellfire rose to the surface, his eyes glowing the same colour as his anger and surprise mounted. It seemed that Odin had joined forces with Nergal, but then he had attempted to claim the Source from him, meaning he had no side anymore, only himself. It was then as well, that Nergal revealed that Lord Raiden was now Odin One-Eye, through and through...


"O..O-Odin?! The Odin?!" He shouted in both an enraged and...scared tone of voice, knowing only what he's heard from history about the One-Eyed Thunder Lord as a mighty warrior who once held Shiva's heart in their youth, now he was attempting to claim the Source of All Life for himself against all who once followed him.





- Meksis, the United, Armour of Twilight - FLASHBACK: Battle Within the Mind -


The finesse and power of Hektor couldn't be denied, as Meksis beheld his deft evasive motions against the Maddened Maxis's barrage of strikes, even when it seemed his slam infused with Madness had destroyed him utterly...he was atop Maxis's very blade, mocking him casually, yet so properly. Then he struck again; locking Maxis's counterattack into a blade-lock, giving Meksis a clear shot at his back and so he took it: Charging with a faster than the eye could see Stinger, while summoning several blades to lock into Maxis as to cause him problems while he impaled his blood brother in the spinal cord, hoping this would end their terrible conflict sooner.


"Even if this brings him down a peg, he'll still want to fight...and he'll die, Meksis."


"I won't allow it...I owe it to him to save his life."




"He. Will. Not. Die."



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Yevgeni Malachite -- Isopolis: City of Isolation


Despite stating his stance, it seemed that some were hesitant to kill him, and some even pleading for him to change his mind.  This did give the elf pause.  Were there some people that, despite all the lives he stole, still had a fondness for him and didn't wish for his demise?  Did people actually care?  For so many centuries he had been alone, with no friends and no one to confide in, and yet Jynn had confessed looking up to him, and Aqua and Rabiyu seemed greatly disinclined to harm him.  Eclaire seemed interested, though it was understandable; he had, after all, ordered the death of her beloved.  If that didn't attract some hate, what else would?


Yevgeni sensed Rabiyu's reservations; while her bow was aimed at him, her eyes kept darting toward Eclaire.  Was she considering aiding him?  Would she turn on her fellow comrade?  As much as he would've appreciated the sentiment, he didn't wish for her to make such an action.  If she turned on her allies it would cost her her life, and enough lives were already being paid.


It surprised Yevgeni when Aqua returned to his side, his expression looking as though he'd been slapped before his emerald eyes narrowed.  "I thought that I told you to take cover and get away," he said crossly to her.  "No good will come being near me.  I am their target, and thus you are in danger."  He listened as Aqua asked if there was anything or anyone that he cared about, to which he took a moment's pause before answering.  "Those who care about me, and who I cared about, have long since perished in the Great War.  I have been without anything, anyone, for too long that I do not even remember what it was like to have someone to call a friend or loved one." He rubbed his chin.  "Perhaps . . . there are a few individuals who would fall into this category of mine, but none who would deter me from my vow to King Alexander.  To live and die as his will has been my purpose for over a thousand years.  That is a very long time to be devoted to a cause; it is hard to dissuade from."


He then tilted his head, considering Rabiyu's words.  "I suppose we all have made many sacrifices, and yet it seems that we all will not get what we want in the end.  But tell me: should I decide to relent to your cause, what would that even mean?  I certainly don't suppose your human friends would welcome me with open arms, and–"


The words died in his throat, his sword arm falling to his side, as he watched the spectacle that Odin had created.  Astoundingly, the Mystran lord had seemingly slain Henry while brusquely harming Helios, all to rush Nergal.  "Well, that is certainly quite the scene.  I thought that most of you were serving Raiden, and yet he seems not to care about his fellow comrades.  It seems that you all have been played."


Yevgeni turned toward Rabiyu once more.  "I do not have the Source, even if I desired to give it to you.  Though presently it seems we have another matter to deal with.  I wonder: what did the lord give up in the final trial?  Did it spawn such . . . madness?"


Amidst the confusion of Odin's betrayal would've presented Yevgeni with the perfect opportunity to strike, and yet he chose not to.  Perhaps he viewed fighting these individuals as pointless, or perhaps he didn't wish any of them harm.  Even he wasn't certain which it was.


Elia Cabret -- Isopolis: City of Isolation


"NOOOOOO!!!!!  HENRY!!!"  The fairy dropped what she was doing and flew over to Henry's side, shaking her head and murmuring "no" repeatedly as she clumsily landed.  She scuffed her knee and her leggings tore, but she didn't care.  Her small pallid hands fled over his chest, eyeing his injuries and feeling the tears begin to well and blur her vision.


"No, I'm so sorry!" she sobbed.  She wished to heal him, and normally she could, but . . . her white magic was the price that she paid to come there, and thus she could only watch, helpless, as a dear friend died before her.  She placed her head against his chest, listening for a heartbeat but could hear none.  "I'm sorry, Henry," she murmured through tears.  "This is all my fault.  I'm the one that suggested that you come to this accursed place.  I'm the one that enlisted your help."


Her gaze met Mikhail's solemnly, which she averted quickly as she murmured an apology to him, as though she somehow held the burden alone of his death.  His coughing caught the raven-haired fairy by surprise, causing her to blink several times before tackling the wounded man in a big bear hug (which should be dubbed Elia hugs, as she gives them often).  "Oh, Henry, you're alright!  I thought that we lost you!"


Athena and Alderon Niles -- Isopolis: City of Isolation


"Perhaps you are right about the djinni's powers," Athena agreed with Aura.  "You would probably know more about the way this world works than myself.  I have not been here for very long and am still learning."


They had barely reached the human king's side when Raiden had portrayed his true colors, striking Henry and moving on for Nergal.  At the sudden outburst of Raiden's name throughout the chamber, Alderon began to grow curious as to what occurred.  "Daughter?  Aura?" he inquired, hoping to arrest the attention of one of the young women.  "What has happened?  Why is everyone disgruntled toward Raiden?"


It seemed that Raiden had betrayed them, though Alderon could not believe it.  He had spoken in length with the Mystran lord, confided in him, befriended him!  Surely he was not merely using him, as Alderon had little the offer and only to gain.  Raiden seemed like a man desirous of true peace, so what could have happened?  And then it occurred to him.


"No," he murmured darkly, shaking his head.  "He couldn't have . . . .  The chamber back there . . . .  Did he give up his desire for peace and unity?!"


And, if this were so, it would mean that they would have something very terrible to reckon with.

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- Rabiyu, Aura and Sifrei - Isopolis: The City of Isolation -

The moment Aura heard Helios calling for Henry she turned her head around to look in his direction. She squinted her eyes to try and focus what little eyesight she had left. Henry was down and people were gathering around him.

"That can't be happening," Aura said, "Henry can't be gone"

It took a moment but Aura did managed to hear the voice, and hint of relief, of Elia as Henry came back to the world of the living. What a surprising turn of events they were living at the moment. Raiden, for some reason, had decided to attack Henry. Was that his plan from the very beginning? To use them to find, and claim, the Source for himself?

Sifrei helped the Guradian Angel to get up, he also noticed how her eyes were focused on her hands and the red veins running through them. He knew of the source of such strange condition, as he had seen it many times millennia ago. The strange condition simply dubbed "Sanguis vindicta". A condition that, more often that not, drove angels into a frenzy madness, making them more agressive, more pysically powerful, but at the cost of sanity. Watching Raiden, or Odin as Mariel called him, made Sifrei stare at his form. Even from this distance he could feel his powerful aura. He was not an opponent to take lightly, unless you wanted to met a swift death. The Archangel followed Mariel from behind.

Rabiyu was surprised that Aqua dared to put herself between Yevgeni and those who he was fighting. Aqua was trying to change Yevgeni's mind, Rabiyu only hoped that could work. At some point Yevgeni looked like he was considering chanching his mind, as he asked Rabiyu what would it mean if he decided to relent to their cause. Rabiyu was about to answer him when the voice of Helios made her turn around only to see Henry laying on the ground and Raiden going towards Nergal. Yevgeni's voice made ehr turn to look at him.

"That is a question that we won't be able to answer. Whatever he gave up to enter this chamber must be the reason for his current behavior. That is what I hope, at least," Rabiyu said to Yevgeni, "Unless this was his plan all along. Nevertheless, it seems that the situation has change."

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Odin frowned as Nergal cut his makeshift eye patch cleanly off, the hidden, pitch-black orbit glaring out at him angrily, yet his remaining eye seemed unfazed.  This fey was fast enough to catch his hand throughout all of the mayhem, and he seemed to mock his attempt to grab the Source.  He activated search magic and scanned over Nergal as he was lobbed sideward, and yet Odin did not let go.  He went along for the ride, and while he did so he came upon a discovery.  It was true, there was nothing in Nergal's hand.  If so, it must have been there in that pouch, if judging from the weight and size of the whatever was lying within.


Catching the lightning beast's mad lunge towards him as he landed squarely on his feet, Odin held his free hand in front of him with a unique handsign, one which absorbed lightning strikes in order to fuel his own power.  If Arthur was after his energy, he would likely be disappointed to know that he lost more energy than he took in after Flying General's Lightning Channel took effect.


Using the recently gained energy, Odin riposted against Nergal with another interesting use of magic:  Flying General's Lightning Arrow.  With such a short distance between the two, the arrow would fire out of Odin's index finger past Nergal and towards Nergal's pursestrings, allowing the pouch to drop and the Source of All Life with it.  If successful, claiming the power source would be easy.


Unfortunately, the cat was out of the bag with the rest of the group.  They learned of his actual identity and muttered, talked, and even shouted among themselves about his sudden changes, but he stayed silent and wondered what they would do.  Would they try to reason with him?  Rush him?  Try to kill him?  Unfortunately he was beyond all of them, above needing any of them.  Connections with others was a meaningless pursuit, he realised this now.  He did well to discard this . . . or was it removed of him through the wish?  He mused quickly over this before shaking his head free of uncertainty.  Odin needed only Odin, and while his previous selves, especially Raiden, strove for connections he did not need it.


One last thought crossed his mind before he refocused on the task at hand:  Henry survived.  Quite sadly the walking corpse still harboured enough strength to recuperate, but now was not the time to attempt to finish the job.  Once the Source was claimed, he would be more than happy to deliver the coup de grâce and finish the abominable merger of man and fey blood.

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- Helios & Arthur Something - /w everyone else - Isopolis: City of Isolation -



Helios was tossed across, rolling on the floor before standing up on his feet. He roared, the wolf like beast he took form of slowly fading into his original form among smoke. He would look up, his eyes wide as he looked over. "Henry!" He screamed, panic rising across his chest. Was he dead? Was Henry dead? "Henry!" He screamed, rushing from where he stood straight to his friend. "Henry!" He yelled, dropping down next to him and Elia...he was still alive. He was coughing up blood, but holy crap, he was still alive. How?! He wasn't going to be the one to question the ancients on a given miracle. "Henry, you're fine, you're fine!" Helios whispered, looking down at his friend. He pressed his hands against the floor beneath. His mind was spinning, there was so much going on...and they still had yet to gain a hold of the source. He was surprised...why hadn't Nergal used it yet? He could have ended this long ago, yet he has continued to play with them as it was. He reached into his bag; one potion left. He looked down at Henry. He was half-fey due to the blood transfusion, this could work. This could help him speed up the recovery. He looked up at Elia. "Help me." He spoke, looking back down and carefully lifting Henry up. With Elia's help, he had him sit up and opened his mouth. "You're going to hate the taste, but this is for your own good." He hissed, opening the potion and pouring it down his mouth. The more he looked at Elia, the more familiar she seemed...it must have been his imagination. "Please work." Helios whispered. What was once Arthur would disappear into static, only to reappear further away, blinking in between reality and myth. There would be some sort of a growl. A static voice, sparking as it spoke with a distorted echo. "RaidEn?" It hissed, sounding confused, concerned...hurt?

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--Athena, Everyth, and Alderon – Isopolis: City of Isolation


The princess seemed confused when Aura voiced her concerns about Henry, not being particularly familiar with the dreadnaught.  While he had been imprisoned by her father at one point in time, she was seldom privy to the activities that went down in the labs and prisons.  She glanced over in that direction, though there was so much chaos that she had difficulty pinpointing which one was Henry.


"It seems that Raiden has betrayed us," Athena explained to her father in short.  "He has attacked one of our own, Henry, and proceeds to move toward our opponent."


The king chortled at the mention of Henry.  "It is odd to think of Henry as being 'one of our own,' though trust me: if anyone can survive a death blow, it would be him.  I have been . . . surprised by how resilient he is."  Feeling his way around, the king rose to his feet, using his claymore as a cane for guidance.  "I would like to speak to Raiden myself.  If one of you young women would help me over . . . ?"


"No, Father," Athena insisted.  "I will not get you that close to the fighting.  It is too dangerous with your eyesight being robbed of you."


"It is what I must do," he explained to her grimly.  "I have an obligation to my people to serve, Athena, regardless of my current state.  Surely you must understand to some extent?"


"I do not," Athena replied stubbornly, folding her arms over her chest.  "You cannot see.  I do not know what you can possibly do that would–"


"Raiden was a companion, ally, but also friend," Alderon said, his tone imploring.  "I must speak with him.  Surely there must be some explanation to his actions other than treason.  He would not double-cross us so, or at least I should think not."


"I beg your pardon, milord, but you did not assume that Lady Midnea would double-cross you, and there she is."  The aged Everyth appeared from seemingly out of nowhere, causing Athena to give a start.  Alderon did not seem bothered, though was uncertain of who she was.  When he inquired the aged woman merely gave a hollow laugh, before gripping the king's upper arm.


"Oh, what we've become.  I being a ragged hag, while you a blind king.  We both have been made rather useless, but we might as well put ourselves to the best of use that we can.  Come, my lord, allow me to be your eyes and lead you to Lord Raiden."


"Lady Everyth," Athena muttered sadly, watching as the shadow of her former guardian led her blinded father away in the direction of the action, before Nergal and the altar.


Alderon could not see, yet this did not weaken his determination.  He stood proudly, head and shoulders held high, his claymore rooted firmly between his feet.  He turned his head in the direction of Odin's voice, though his gray eyes did not leave the ground as he spoke.


"Lord Raiden," he said, voice strained.  "What is the meaning of your actions?  Why have you forsaken one of our own?  Have you gone back on your word, your promise to me?  What about our dream of unity and peace–has it been all but forgotten to you now?"


--Yevgeni Malachite -- Isopolis: City of Isolation


"I seldom knew Raiden," Yevgeni admitted.  "But I somewhat doubt that this was his plan all along.  Very few even knew of the existence of the Source of All Life.  For him to predict this turn of events and play us all from the beginning would've been highly unlikely, considering he has been preaching unity and peace for over a millennia.  Something must have changed for him, whether it have been at the Gate or otherwise."


The blond paused, recalling the Infiltrator that he had met, negotiating a war and recalling the individual's disdain for Raiden.  Was the infiltrator somehow involved?  Yevgeni had no way to determine it, and the present was no time for him to reflect upon this longer.


This was the moment, the perfect moment to get the upper hand while there was confusion among their ranks, and yet . . . why could he not bring himself to attack?  Instead he moved past their group, pausing at Rabiyu's side as he spoke.  "Things have indeed changed.  For now I must protect the Source of All Life, because, while my motives are far from pure, at least they are not involving further destruction.  If Raiden has forsaken his life's ambition, who knows what his goal is with the Source of All Life?  If you will permit me, Lady Eliltari, I would like to aid you in stopping the Mystran Lord.  I will not set aside my goal, but for the time being I would like to lend you my blade, if you will accept.  There is no telling what harm he will do if the Source is in his hands, which I cannot permit.  We have a common goal."

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- Rabiyu and Aura - Isopolis: The City of Isolation -

Aura listened to the king and princess bicker about if the king should go near the battle that was happening at the moment, with the princess telling him that it would be dangerous in his current state. Aura agreed with the princess, it was certainly dangerous for the king to get closer, and without his eyesight it could prove fatal

She also could hear Helios's voice calliong Henry's name, which made her worry about both her partner and her friend, until Helios said he was fine. This made Aura let out a sigh of relief. Aura heard an unknown, yet familiar voice, and as she turned to look around she saw the figure of a woman, an old woman, judging by the voice. Apparently this was Everyth, if what the princess said was to be believed. Apparently she had also lost something, her youth.

"I may not be of much use at the moment princess," Aura said, "but I will try to protect you, even if my sight is limited."

Rabiyu's bow sloly went down as Yevgeni stopped next to her. She listened to what he had to say while also watching Raiden's movements. What had changed inside the once fair lord of Mystras that made him attack one of his own allies without any sign of hesitation.

"Whatever his goal is now, he attacked his own ally. I am sure Henry will see that as a treason, and I do not blame him," She said to Yevgeni, "I will accept your help Yevgeni, but know that I haven't lost the hope that you can change your path. I do not want to see more bloodshed. My mind has already seen enough of it."

The last part was barely a whisper, something that was only for her. With the loss of her happier memories Rabiyu only had the bad times to remember, times where others would insults her, children that would throw pebbles, or worse. It was for those reasons that she left her life in the city. To escape the pain of not remembering what she had done to deserve such hate. But she had to focus at what was going on at the moment. Raiden and the Source had to be her priority.

"We will fight together for the time being, as I fear Raiden will be a tough opponent. It would be unwise to fight him alone," She said, "Let us stop him before something that we won't be able to change happens."

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{Mariel: Isopolis; Final Chamber}

Mariel gritted her teeth at Odin's silence. Was this due to his sacrifice to get here, or had this been brewing from before? That change in him before they came to Isopolis. The angel cursed herself for not paying closer attention. For not following the signs that were right in front of her. This self recrimination became an avenue for the rage to trickle back into her mind. Fueled again, the Sanguis Vindicta helped her push past her wounds.

With her steps more assured, Mariel marched on Odin.

"It looks like you sacrificed more than you could afford." She challenged Odin, a small part of her trying not to think that she had done the same. "I should have seen this coming. One more mess I let happen. Well, I'll make sure to clean this one up!"

The last sentence was more of a growl. With eyes beginning to glow again, the angel paused a moment to set her feet before launching herself into a charge at her former charge.

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- Nergal, the Queenslayer - Isopolis, City of Isolation, Odin's Gambit -


The betrayal of Odin was not well-received by anyone present, as to be expected, though it seemed to exceed Soren's as Odin was unsympathetic, uncaring and uninterested in the complaints, outbursts and threats hurled his way, even with a lightning entity attacking him. All he focused on was Nergal...a little too much, it would seem. Soon enough, Odin acted once more, focusing his power from earlier toward the string that held Nergal's Purse in place, astonishing him but the Queenslayer was able to catch the pouch mid-fall, but Nergal's grasp was too fast and as such, flawed, for he gripped it in such a way that forced the Source of All Life out of its cloth sheath, requiring a second grab from Nergal, meaning even with his absurd speed; Odin could still be within a shot of taking the Crystal, even with it in Nergal's hand.


"The Source is not yours to bear, Thunder Lord!"



- Soren Monroe, The Sentinel Renewed, Human Form - Isopolis, City of Isolation, Betrayal of Odin -


Nothing was deterring Odin One-Eye...not their words, not their attacks, not even Nergal's speed. It was like the Thunder Lord of Legend just didn't give a damn, not a care in the world would be spared for any of them and that would be just fine for Odin, even if it killed them all. For a while even, it seemed that Henry was dead to rights, though he managed to survive that shattering blow he took. One swipe of his sword and the Dreadnought almost fell for good...it terrified Soren to no end, but if he were to show it, it would be both weakness and a disservice to his comrades, those he swore to himself to protect with his life. So Soren simply gritted his teeth, breathing deeply, before raising his arms down and outward, transforming into his Demonic Form with an enraged roar and a pillar of hell's flames.


In his three fingers, he gripped his blade aflame harder and looked to Yevgeni, advancing toward him.


"That's not Raiden." Soren began in a low voice, his other hand totally clenched as he held back his anger. "The man I knew would never, ever, do such a thing as this...even your treachery pales." He went on, his gaze piercing as he stopped before the elf, who seemed to want to ally with them as to stop Odin, seemingly forsaking Nergal, unless he too was pragmatic. "I should kill you...but, you're right. If we do not stop Odin, I...I don't even want to think about it." Soren admitted, relaxing, albeit just a little bit, looking to the Queenslayer engaged with the Thunder Lord.


"Even he shouldn't be left alone with Odin, so if you want to stop him, then consider calling your lackey to attention!" His words developed into a bellow, eyes back to Yevgeni as he leaned in just a little as to add another sentiment.


"He's been loyal to you, after all. The least you could do for him is repay that which you never gave us." Soren's words were seething with venom, yet it was a quiet utterance rather than a hateful spitting, as if to put things into perspective for Alexander's Retainer.

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- Odin, within Isopolis -


If Odin had time to marvel at Nergal's speed, or answer Alderon, he would likely have done so, though he only had enough time to fixate his attention on his goal and strike while the iron was hot.  In the fortuitous moment of opportunity, he seized upon Nergal's hand, this time truly having the Source of All Life within his grasp, and held true.


"The Source shall be mine for some time!" he spat back to Nergal, smiling wickedly in triumph before his eye led towards the charging angel, Mariel arresting his immediate attention.  While she was fast, he was faster and held out a palm above him.  "Thunderbird's Egg," he muttered, creating a protective barrier of intense electricity that spiraled around him in a spherical manner.


This field about him was able to defend him from all but small projectiles (and underground assaults) with its incredibly high voltage.  The magic would not last long, but anybody stepping close to the cage of spiraling electricity would be horrifically shocked.  Both unfortunately and fortunately, Nergal was currently not at risk of the electric barrier, being within the sphere of influence, though in the case that he tried anything funny that could shock them both he gripped the stone tight and voiced a prayer.


"Source, yield me a portion of your power and become the fuel for my ambitions," he intoned, his remaining eye lit up in eagerness.


After so many sacrifices and painstaking labours, he finally reached a reward worthy of all the hard work and toil he put into his many years.  It was too early to make a wish, and Nergal seemed to be keeping the wish for Yevgeni if that time came.  It is too bad Odin was about to ensure that such a time will never come.


((Coming up is a planned event with Mystics' and Kuni's blessings, and will the next evolution of events.))

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- Henry and Mikhail - The wounded man - Near Death Delirium - 



As everyone did their actions, some of which went over to help Henry: Helios, Elia and Mikhail all went to him, sat him up and Helios even administered a potion to Henry, who drank it without any motion or reaction, while Henry's breathing was pained and low, it was enough for him to remain alive through it, but he was basicaly in a state of semi unconciousness, where he couldn't really make out what was happening as his brain was failing due to the little ammount of air coming to it. He could hear everyone else's voices, and the potion did its work on some parts of his body, though his body would unconcioussly recoil and twitch due to his human side of his physiology rejecting the fey potion. Causing his wounds to heal at an accelerated pace, but his organs to fail due to the complications.


"Damn, the part of his human body is rejecting the potions, its causing organ failure!" Mikhail exclaimed much to Helios and Elia's horror, "It is healing him alright, but I have to give him something so his organs don't fail...but..." Mikhail said as he slowly pulled out a yellow-ish orange potion phial, and administed the yellow liquid to Henry, letting hit go down his throat and onto his body, the potion's name was Gadwall, a well known and used Witcher potion which accelerated the body's nautral healing by over 10 times the normal ammount, but it was extremely toxic and could kill a fully grown fey in minutes, let alone a human. But there was a small chance of success. It was their only shot at saving Henry's life. Henry's body stopped twitching and spasming, but he remained motionsless, His eyes seemingly that of someone who was dead inside. But his breathing was steady, and the energy within him kept building up...


Typhon Junior also flew into the scene, quickly beginning to patch up and close the wound on Henry's chest.




"Am I dead?"

"No...it doesn'tseem that way...but where am I? I can't see anything..."

"Yet I feel so peaceful here..."

"I don't remember anything..."

"Am I going to die here?"

"No...I can't..."

"But I don't know what to do..."

"I can't protect anyone."

"I can't even protect myself..."

"Then what is this feeling of...sorrow?"

"Who was I with? and why?"
"Just to lead to my own death?"
"I don't know..."

"I don't know..."

"I don't know..."
"I don't know..."






- Typhon, Alastor and Alicia - The Isolated Fight -


"Well aren't you two astoundingly apathetic..." Typhon snarked at Athena and Alderon's comments about Henry's fate. "Guess thats royalty for you. Everyone's expendable but your own..." Typhon remarked and walked off before giving them a chance to even retort, as he simply walked foward to face off whatever it is that was their enemy now. Following along with Soren and Yevgeni. "Well knowing how hopeless you feys are, I wouldn't be surprised if he harbored different personalities within himself." Typhon commented, adding his own brand of snark as well. as he stood silent to see what Odin would do. 


Alicia stood silent, powering up meanwhile, focusing on assisting anyone that attacked to get Odin's attention. 


Alastor however, followed straight up with Mariel who charged headfirst at Odin, Alastor did as well, arriving beside him much earlier than Mariel with lightning step, a shock from Odin's electric barrier shot towards him, it was hopelessly absorbed by the Lightning Master's power, adding it to his own, now draconic infused power. 


He extended his hand "Al Spaan Magicka". He chanted a draconic spell of incredible power, capable of piercing and destroying any barrier by tearing it apart, whether it would had immediate effect or not remained to be seen, but Odin's spell would barrier would be rendered vastly weaker, if completely nulled. 


Following up with his chant, he summoned his sword, and with a draconic infused slash, shot a massive draconic energy shockwave at the barrier, if it hadn't been broken by his dragon spell, it would be utterly destroyed by his attack. Allowing Mariel to do her charge almost danger free.




- Maxis - Terminal corruption - 



Maxis reacted too late for Meksis's attack, as he was distracted by Hektor, Meksis ran him through from behind with his stinger-like attack, Recoiling and flailing wildly Maxis attempted to knock him off, but was merely met with Hektor dashing at him, delivering a knee strike to his face and proceeding to shove his entire arm into his chest again, This time with much more force and ferocity. Maxis screamed loudly, seemingly in pain. Trying to shake them both off. 


"Meksis...now!" Hektor shouted at Meksis, to do his domination attack




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Upon Odin's prayer the blue crystal began to glow, its eerie light casting a blue aura upon the faces nearby.  A loud hum filled the chamber, though only the words spoken could be heard by Odin and, ironically, Nergal.  It seemed as though several voices were speaking, though their words were perfectly synchronized, its voice being neither masculine nor feminine.


"Odin One-Eye," it said, its words falling to Odin and Nergal alone.  "We have awaited your arrival for many a millennia and knew this day would come.  Inside your heart may be a desire for power, yet your desires for that power are darker still.  We have awakened from our slumber and descended upon the Overworld due to a great loss, in order to revive that which has been devoid of all life.  Your use of us is not in our design, and yet we will not prohibit you from your wish.  The results, however, may not be as you would envision them."


With that, a wind began to blow through the changeless city, slow at first before picking up into a violent gust.  It began to swirl around Odin, ensnaring him in a mini typhoon, though Nergal, too, was barely caught within its radius.  What should happen if Nergal were to do anything to prevent Odin from obtaining the Source's power?


Yevgeni Malachite


The blond said nothing to Rabiyu's words of optimism, the fellow elf believing in his ability to change.  His loyalty to his late father was unwavering, though his ambition had indeed wavered.  Several times, in fact.  In his heart he secretly doubted his actions, though he did not voice his concerns to the others.  Odin was a nice distraction from his inner reflection, albeit an unwelcome one.  The Mystran Lord seemingly embraced the Source of All Life as his own, having snatched it up from his friend and fellow comrade.


Yevgeni shot a glare at Soren, whose words cut through him nearly as sharp as any blade.  "To what are you insinuating, traitorous demon?" he snapped.  "That I will not aid him, or switch sides so flippantly that I might as well be trying on hats?  That was you, dear friend, and not me.  At least I have been consistent in my dealings, even if they were abhorrent."  He flicked his blond locks over his shoulder, emerald eyes flashing over toward the position where Nergal and Odin stood.  "However, you would be correct.  Nergal has not known me for long, but never have I seen such a loyal soul, willing to do the bidding that even I myself couldn't be entrusted with.  He has followed me through it all, and I cannot abandon him.  Even if we haven't seen eye-to-eye always, I must at least do my part and aid him."


With that, he turned toward his new temporary allies, eyes falling upon his nephew, Jynn.  "Your Highness, I would advise you to not get too close to Odin just yet.  The humans and fey of Kilkis Seres need you alive.  Without you, who else could possibly lead them to prosperity?  Allow me and Lady Eliltari to take up the front."  Yev nodded toward Rabiyu respectfully, entirely ignoring Soren–deliberately–and gliding along the battlefield swiftly.  Not swiftly enough, however, for before he could make a motion toward Odin he found himself and Nergal to be ensnared by the winds of the Source of All Life.


"No," he murmured, eyes darting between them frantically.  "There's no way that this could be happening.  Not like this."


Elia Cabret and Everyth Castanova


"Please don't let him die," implored the fairy, glancing at the Witcher with a tear-stained face.  "Do what you must.  We have come so far."


Even still, Elia was blaming herself for Henry's current affliction.  Never would she have guessed that the Mystran Lord would betray even his own, but had Elia not insisted she wasn't so sure that Henry would've been within the line of fire that he had.


A handkerchief was visible from the corner of Elia's eye, which she turned to accept.  It was being extended by an elderly woman, her violet gaze vibrant and fixated on Henry.  "He will be alright," she assured Elia.  "I've seen him go through worse, or nearly.  Henry is strong, and he knows that we need him.  He'll pull through, child, just watch."

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