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Rabiyu - Mountains near Mystras
"Compatriots?" Rabiyu asked, "We are from two very different continents so I would assume compatriots would be rather inappropriate."
The High Elf said to the Djinni. True, everyone was part of the Overworld, but she was from the Northern Continent.
"In any case. Next to me is Lord Yevgeni."
Rabiyu said as she then began to point at the others while saying their names.
"There we have Erica, Aqua, Alicia, Baxter, Elia and Jynn."
Once she finished the High Elf nodded.
"And that's everyone in this little group."
Rabiyu did notice that Yevgeni had something else to say, but the chance never came. Maybe later would be a better time.

Aeternum Siblings - Dungeon Cell
To say that both siblings were speechless was an understatement. They watched as the prisioner slowly change into a beast of legend.
"What the" Aurion said, "That's...something, alright."
Aurion then ran away into one of the rooms. Aura on the other hand was quiet.
"I would say this was a dream, but I doubt I will wake up in my bed."
With a sigh Aura shrugged and looked at the room her brother went into. A couple of seconds later Aurion came back with all their stuff.
"Piece of cake." He said. "These guard are quite the bunch."
It was at that moment when a new voice was heard.
"I agree," Aura said, "I hope you can handle this Henry. We will wait for you back at Avarice."
Aurion and Aura climber on Helios's back without takin their eyes away from the new threat.
"Ready whenever you want." Aurion said to Helios.

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-Helios, getting the heck out of the dungeon-

Helios felt his feathers ruffle up at the woman appearing. Something wasn't right about her. Her revelations about Henry only seemed to ache Helios' heart more than what he expected. Experiment. Henry was the result of the fatal experiment that not only took the lives of most of those involved, but also the life of the one and only friend he had left. "...you were the one that was left." Helios whispered, his eyes not leaving Henry for a few moments. He had so many questions. He wasn't there for the experiment, but he had heard so much. Of those who had died, how some of their bodies had reacted so badly they weren't recognizable. How they suffered a slow, painful death. How only one of them managed to survive the grueling process...and how his friend never returned. They used to talk. Give each other comfort words or overall complain about how much of an @$$ the king was. They would share stories until they ran out and then tell them again. Then she never returned, and everything got quiet, and like that, he was alone. Helios huffed, looking back as the siblings as they got on his back. Helios glanced over at Henry and pecked at his head gently. "You better come back alive...I have many, many questions to ask you." Helios said. Oh way too many. Was she there? Did you see her? Did she suffer? And so on. But now wasn't the time. He shook his body. "Hold on and do not let go." Helios ordered, and like that, he took off into a sprint, jumping over Everyth and dashing past her, seeing the light of the exit ahead. With the impulse of the stairs, he dashed straight out into the light. A few guards were startled out of their minds, seeing a giant creature just emerging from the dungeons. "The hell is that?!" "What the-?!" Helios huffed, running off as he suddenly spread his wings. With one, two, three flaps of his wings, and they were off. The air grazed past his feathers, only helping him to fly higher. He gave a runabout, flying around the general area to take a better look around. The castle stood as amazing as he had first seen it, and down below to the front, the crowds waited for the departure. Helios growled. "...give me a second...I'm going to scare him." Helios couldn't resist. He had to. At least once, even if the king didn't know what happened. "Don't let go." Helios suggested, suddenly taking a nosedive straight downward. Just a few feet before he could hit the ground, he flew foward, the force of the wind itself knocking a few guards off their feet. He didn't hesitate, flying right in between the King and Effie with enough force to hopefully knock them down. He slammed his fours against the ship, causing it to shake, his claws digging down and scratching the perfect paint off the wood, even leaving a hole or two in there. Using the ship as impulse, he pushed himself against it and back into the air, pushing the ship backwards and Helios forward and away. Helios hadn't felt this excited in a long while. "I'm sorry, Auron, Aura. I had to do that." Helios spoke, sounding almost like a child. "Avarice, correct? It's a long way but if the winds help us out, we should get there pretty fast." Helios said as he hid himself and the siblings among the clouds. "...If you're going to touch the clouds at least keep one hand on my back, wouldn't want you falling off." Even in this form, the scars of his torture took shape respectively, showing on his paws and beneath his feathers...


-Arthur, at the ship-

Arthur, which was on the desk, did not see what hit the ship, but he almost fell off over the edge had he not held on tight enough. "What the frick frack?!"

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 - Maxis - Secret home in ambrosia forest -


"Alright then!" Maxis spoke with a cheerful tone as Eclaire said she'd not bother him. If he had a face, he'd smile. However that smile would have soon faded when Morana walked in, thank god he had no sense of smell...what with a missing body and all. 


"Huh, I didn't feel any smell..." Maxis joked. But then what she said struck a non-existent nerve on him. THe moment she spoke about the old armor still kicking Maxis's tone got a little dark... "Old...Armor...huh?...Still kicking?" Maxis spoke as the lights in the room began to flicker until they shut off entirely, leaving the room in complete darkness, but they quickly lit back up suddenly again.


At that moment Maxis was right in front of Morana, with a shadowly armblade covering his entire arm the tip of the blade at her neck, the darkness could be felt seeping from the blade. "How about I show you what this 'old' armor can do?!"  Maxis spoke with a murderous tone and aura...but the moment and aura was entirely cut off as Maxis's head...literally fell on the ground, his helmet falling and his headless armor standing there. The loud thud of the helmet hitting the floor added both hilarity and awkwardness to the situation.


"Ahhh dammit." Maxis spoke, as he de-summoned the blade as he picked it up, at this point it was no secret that he was a posessed armor. "Sorry for that...kinda lost my temper there...hahah" He laughed and joked for a second as he put the helmet back on.


"Alright now...what the heck is a Wendigo and a Succubus doing in her- Oh wait the Wendigo brought friends..." Maxis spoke as a shadowy clone of him litteraly walked out of his body. As he motioned it to talk to the Wendigos.

"Alright...Now answer me."


Meanwhile the clone walked outside with a shadowy aura. "Get...the firetruck off...MY LAWN! If any of you aside from that girl steps close I will rip your firetrucking intestines out...and BEAT Y'ALL TO DEATH WITH IT!" The clone actually meant that, don't doubt a sociopathic suit of armor with years of pent up aggression to spare...

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Eclaire - Not So Abandoned House


Confused thoroughly by the quite eccentric armor.

"I...I am Eclaire. I merely am looking for a place....a quiet place to live." She said. "I have no-" She was cut off as Maxis yelled at the other Wendigo, then let out a small sigh. "I have no place to go, and so I was searching. As this was here I looked. I do apologize for intruding."

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--Everyth -- Battle in the prisons--


A mirthless laugh escaped Everyth's ruby lips as she shook her head, disappointment clearly written on her face.  "Now, now, Henry, you're missing the entire point of this expedition.  We are not looking to invade, but rather recruits that can help us win this war against Helvadoria once and for all.  Your power is clearly something not to be reckoned with, and imagine what would happen if we had people like you--and the boy--at our side."  She slowly approached Henry, seeming entirely disinterested as Helios made his escape with the twins.  "I was once a little bit like you: naive, determined, and wanting to save the world.  Little did I realize that I was going about things all in the wrong ways, and it's only through power that we can be victories and survive in peace.  There is much sacrifice in war; I thought you would have known this by now."


Everyth's eyes narrowed as she rose her sword to her chest, before charging directly into Henry and aiming at his stomach.  The battle had begun.--


-- Queen Shiva -- Home in Ambrosia Forest--


They emerged from the flight of stairs to encounter a young woman, which caused irritation to flood the queen.  Had people been living in her home, or coming to visit it as though it were a historical site?  That wasn't what she had in mind at all, and it bothered her something terrible to think about.  Her expression softened slightly as she watched the woman's sympathetic response, seeming entirely unaware of her intrusion upon private property.


"You would be correct; this home has not seen life within for hundreds--if not thousands--of years, or at least as far as I am aware.  It belongs to me, however, but I understand that you have no way of knowing this."  The queen shifted, her long pale-blue locks radiating as much cold as her own form.  "I feel that I know you from somewhere.  What is your name, child?"


That all was soon to be revealed, however, as someone with the most putrid of scents invaded the home.  Immediately Shiva brought a hand to her nose, seeming entirely insulted that Morana could even so much as bring her presence before the queen.  "Ah, Morana, it must be.  I've permitted your tribe to live among my land because of their promise of peace.  We need not harm them.  Maxis, it's fine; please don't get all worked up over this, but thank you anyway."


It was probably too late to call him off entirely, as the possessed armor indeed has a mind of his own and displayed it casually, but an effort would not hurt.  Finally Shiva shook her head, turning her gaze once more to Eclaire.  "It would seem that you are not among the first or the last of intruders here.  Apparently my old home has become the meeting place for many.  I believe I have heard of you, Eclaire, though if the stories that are affiliated with your name are true I am not fully certain on what to say to you.  A home is all that you seek, and you would be willing to live so far from society such as here?"


(I'll post for the others once everyone else gets a chance to post)

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~Aqua:Somehow even more worried than before-Same Place as Before~

Aqua shook her head. "Not me,I didn't scare anything. The leader being killed scared them. The best I could say as far as what I did is I'm not dead." She moved Elia's hands off her.


She'd have to train hard not to be killed. Harder than she first thought. She wasn't okay with herself. Her heart was beating faster than it had ever beat in her short life. It wasn't helping that once again she was being noticed for her short comings and her age. However her face was a blank mask. She had learned to withstand being blamed and judged. It wasn't as if her being weak was a surprise to her or anyone. She couldn't let herself look scared or weak. Aqua looked at Yevgeni.


She knew that if he came here then he must being worried about them making it to the destination. Once again she she feel the out of place feeling of something horrible was going to happen. No,this time it was stronger. She turned her gaze back to Elia and gave a weak smile."Thanks for trying to praise me anyway." She added to lighten up the mood some.

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Eclaire - Before the Queen


Eclaire fell to a knee. She actually was scared, but as the woman was sincere and understanding, she slowly stood again. "If the stories have reached you, then you will understand why I must stay away. I am a contradiction existing, one that harms yet wants to protect. I wish for a place of solitude, because I do not believe I can ever live among others." She said. "I am not...I am unable to control myself. My hunger is powerful, and while I can live without feeding as a Succubus must, I cannot...I cannot find redemption. I can only atone by staying away and not harming another life, or dying. But I am afraid of death...I am afraid of life..." She slumped.

"So a place where I cannot harm anyone...is all I wish for. Peace and solitude. As long as I can see the sky, I think I shall be able to live until my body finally gives." 

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- Henry - The Dreadnought - The Battle at the prison -


"Bullshit." Henry snarked back at Everyth trying to justify Alderon sailing to another world. "You certainly 'recruited' the boy and his friend...yeah right, so much that nine people's lives had to be wasted in order to achieve...this." Henry beat his chest with an open palm with his free hand, the other on his longsword. As he stared right back at her...she was...pretty...but that was no time to think about things like that.


"Now you're talking as if you were my grandmother." Henry joked with her for a second before sighing. "Oh yeah right, as if I Joined I would be welcome with open arms, no. I would become a lab rat, to further the research that would ruin the lives of milions of innocents to further it." Henry explained his  view of things.


Everyth then spoke about power, something Henry knew all too well, as she charged at him, with her sword in hand, in a thrust to his stomach, Henry quickly caught on to this and swung his sword at her's in order to deflect it to the side, sidestepping her and kicking her right leg, possibly making her trip as she passed by him. "The ends don't justify the means girl..." Henry spoke.

"Stand down, you have no chance against me, I don't want to have to kill you." Henry explained, in his battle stance, ready for her next move. 



- Maxis - The Enchanted armor - With the Queen.


Maxis looked at the queen, his arms crossed. "Eeh, don't worry, my clone wouldn't hurt a fly~" Maxis spoke in his carefree tone, he almost giggled, almost. "Let me look at him real quick." Maxis spoke as he walked to the door, and saw his Clone with a summoned greataxe in his hands, screaming. 

"IM GOING TO KILL YOU ALL SHOULD YOU STEP IN HERE!" The clone screamed, clearly in a rage. "Oh my, this is embarassing...i'l fix this." Maxis said, stepping outside.


"HEY ASSHOLE, Stop threatening the Wendigos! they're friendly!" Maxis spoke


"No I didn't! why would you think that?"


"Stop arguing with yourself then!"


"You do it first!"


"I don't know!"


Maxis and his clone went on to have a quick, childish argument with each other,  this looked rather ridiculous to anyone around, specially the Wendigos, Before the original Maxis sighed and clapped his fingers, as his clone's shadow armor began collapsing and disappearding. "Oh you motherfu-" IT couldn't complete the sentence before it was already gone.


Wiping his hands, Maxis bowed towards the wendigos in the forest as he walked back inside. 

Coming back right in time to see Eclaire speaking with Shiva, needless to say...this made him be...almost jealous, in a way, of course Maxis didn't show it, he didn't have any expression anyway. 


"Now thats a pretty doom and gloom way of seeing things isn't it?" Maxis commented, skidding over to Eclaire, "One that harms yet wants to protect...hmm" Maxis pondered for a second before walking awfully close to Eclaire, checking her body out, not looking at her breasts, not that anybody could tell. He was getting a read on her magic energy and aura.


"Oh my...do I feel the rare, one of a kind breed between a Succubus and an Angel? interesting..." Maxis spoke, stopping his stare and walking back to Shiva's side. "Would you be willing to help others if it were to help you achieve this so called redemption you seek?" Maxis asked her.

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-Morana, in the forest house-

Though impressed by the armor's seemingly unpredictable mood swings, Morana's expressions remained collected and unwavering from their neutral state. From the outside the Wendigos found themselves amused by the armor. They had never seen anything like it before! They simply remained their distance, eying at the armor as they chuckled under their breaths. Morana was going to ask the beautiful being for information, but just as suddenly the Queen had appeared, explaining herself for her presence. Morana softly lowered her head, bowing for the Queen. "Your majesty. Forgive our repugnant presence. Had we known this was your personal abode, we would have moved on." Morana explained as she stood up. She glanced out the window, signaling her clan that all was alright, and that they should move on. And so they did, the eyes disappearing within the shadows and like that, their presence vanished, leaving Morana behind. "I...am surprised to find you this far from the capital, your majesty." Morana admitted, eying at the succubus before returning her gaze to the Queen. "...has something occurred?"

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Manel Fienna, Sondon

(I hijacked an npc to speed things up. Let me know if that's not ok.)


Manel nodded as she listened to the knight speak, storing the information away in her head. Stepping up to replace a father, that was something she could understand. And the knight did seem slightly more at ease than earlier, which was good. Just as she opened her mouth to reply, a huge eagle with the back legs of a lion whooshed past them, almost knocking her over as it attacked the ship and ascended into the sky. The lady loaded her crossbow, rapidly sending three heavy bolts after the beast and it's two riders, but they were out of range. They only had one magic creature here beside the witch, and that one had come from the dungeon. Its coloration and scars matched... So their prisoner had shapeshifting abilities? Her train of though was interrupted again as a muffled clanging noise came from the same direction the gryphon had. Even at a distance, Manel recognized the sound of swords immediately.


"There's trouble in the dungeon!" She shouted to a nearby guard. "Alert the king!" Having warned the guard, Manel took off at a sprint towards the cells. If she hurried, she might be able to help capture a prisoner for interrogation.


The guard blinked in confusion for a moment before snapping out of his stupor and running to the king. "Your Majesty," He bowed, "there are intruders in the dungeon." Stepping back, the guard awaited orders.

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Jynn Venas - Flying towards his home in the Mountains near Mystras


Jynn faces back at Erica. "At least nobody is seriously injured." Jynn is then suprised that Rabiyu's lava lamp spawned a "genie", Rufus. Once Rabiyu introduced everyone in the group, Jynn welcomes the new ally to the group. Jynn then continued to the destination.

Silently, Jynn keeps "listening" to Yevgeni's words. Although disgusted by the elf's lack of faith in the group, he does understand that the group does need more work. But Yevgeni's sudden appearance still bothers the prince. What are the elf's intentions? Was he going to cause trouble for both Jynn and King Raiden? Or is he simply here to be an ally? Whatever the reason, Jynn plans to keep a close eye on him.

It appears that everyone is following him, and his home is within sight. There are two guards in front of a large door. He turns back to the group. "There it is! We have reached our destination." Melstrome lands on a flat surface in front of the guards. One of them approaches Jynn. "Welcome back, Your Highness. Bherna will be happy to see you again." Jynn dismounts Mel. "I'm sure she will, it's been a couple of days."

He turns his head to the group, and then back to the guard. "Allow entrance to these guests." The guard nods. Jynn then turns back to the group. Some of them were in the air, and some traveled by ground. "Everyone, make yourselves at home. There are ten bedrooms and five bathrooms......" He then jokingly looks at Elia. "......with showers. I understand that some of you may be exhausted, so you all are welcome to head inside and take a rest for the day. If you wish to stay awake, you must wait until I have recieved orders from the Queen."

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Rabiyu - Jynn's abode
Rabiyu stared at Jynn's humble abode with little to no reaction. He was an important figure so it came to reason that he had stuff like this.
"How appropriate," she said flatly, "Such an imponente building."
Sure, it was nice, but nothing she hadn't seen before. Pretty common back at the Imperial City back in the Northern continent. It took a moment to choose what to do, but in the end Rabiyu went inside, if only for a moment. The place was just as fancy as it was outside.
"Interesting," She said, as she looked around the place, "I will wait for our next course of actions. In the mean time I will be working on some of my job requests if you don't mind."
The High Elf went outside once again, fancy things really didn't made her feel comfortable, instead she looked for a nice spot under a tree. The weather was pleasant, cool, and a little windy. She put her bow against the tree and sat on her knees. From inside her cloak Rabiyu took out a small stone anvil, which was covered in different runes and charms, and put it in front of her before taking a small box that contained a few silver/gold rings and a few jewels. Before her misty cloak vanished Rabiyu took out her trustworthy mithril hammer and chisel. This was a nice way to pass the time, at least for the Elf.
"I beseech thee to bestow renewed vigor upon this damage one. Risuren."
A simple passive healing spell for the wounds she suffered before. It didn't took much energy to cast it and the spell would allow her to work while she was healing.
"Perhaps I will take the offer of a bath," Rabiyu thought to herself, "Maybe later."

Aeternum Siblings - Currently flying away
To say that the past few minutes were a blur would be to put it lightly. That and the actual experience of flying was rather different for both siblings.
"This is awesome!" Aurion said excitedly, "Look Aura! The world looks so small underneath us."
The younger sibling was holding against her brother for dear life, her eyes unable to be opened. Maybe it was the change of altitude, or the sudden chain of events that happened.
"That was quite reckless from you, kid," Aura said to Helios, "I'm sure most of them were surprised by it, but I saw some who were trying to take you, and us, down."
Aura slowly opened her eyes and stared at the endless sky, such a nice view from all the way up there.
"Don't scold him, Aura," The brother said, "I'm sure there is enough reasons for him to do that."
Aura huffed and held tighter against her brother, she could see the scars.
"I suppose you are right, Brother."

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- An Infiltrator, deep within a cavern beneath the Isle of Isopolis, Part 2 -


The masked man slipped through even more difficult terrain and security, the cave having natural barriers and a few unnatural ones, massive tooths of earth jutting from an angle rather than vertical blocking some paths.  Earth magic, he thought, but it was no matter.  He had seen this kind of stockade time and again, and he always found a way around it or through it.  The one thing he worried about, however, was the possibility of men behind the stockade.  Chameleonising would not work, and utility magic would attract the wrong kind of attention.  The only thing left in his arsenal meant foregoing his tools, but he had little choice.


Carefully slipping off a satchel on his hip, the man left his equipment tucked away underneath an easily recognisable spire.  He searched the crevices and listened intently for a solid minute.  Only the sounds of dripping could be heard on the other side, regardless of how much he strained his ears, and the man crackled his knuckles in preparation.  With sharp, angled movements, electricity popped off of him in short, quick bursts, connecting itself to puddles and the tips of stalagmites around him, and in a few seconds he was gone with a small electric shriek.


He reappeared on the other side, his cape mostly ripped off and the upper extremities of his mask shorn off.  The spell only affected him and everything in a short radius around him, and metal was a no-go.  Thankfully, however, he had infinity to work out the bugs.


The masked man glanced about curiously, seeing quite a different spectacle in front of him than the previous tunnel network.  Fragile caps of bioluminescent mushrooms, probably imported, lit the grounds of a wide cavern, and a path strayed ahead with a brilliant light revealing a turn.  The infiltrator smiled and stepped onward, his feet hovering over the ground in case there were any pressure plates.  It was almost time to release the Aegis, and he hoped that his affiliate below was prepared to take this window of opportunity.

Soran Monroe, Isle of Isopolis: Cavern -


The dimly lit caverns of the Isle of the Forbidden Shrine normally stirred silently, it's bright end never seeing a traveller pass on through, the glow of the fungus never witnessed by an outsider and it's wonder never beheld.


Today that has changed, a masked trespasser had made his way inside through the tight tunnels, battered yet determined...but he was being watched. A heavy sigh escaped the lips of a man, nay, someone more, who stood in the shadows up above on a rock formation, observing this man who clearly did not belong here with prying eyes. His interest grew when he saw the infiltrator floating over the ground, possibly as a precautionary measure, or simply his preferred method of travel, he did not know...yet.


Intervention was necessary, so this observer braced himself before diving off the rock formation and performing a three-point landing some distance ahead of the masked man, exhaling as he impacted the ground, the pain in his knees more than mild, but he could live with it. As this Sentinel for the Shrine began to speak, he slowly rose himself to his feet, any Darkness that he had used to hide in the shadows fading off his body to reveal his face as he spoke in a deep, gravelly voice.


"You are bold to come to the Isle of Isopolis; the Forbidden Shrine of my people. You also do not belong here. Explain yourself..." The words of Soran Monroe were clear in their meaning: He was not here to mess around, he is the guard here and is not to be trifled with.


If this masked man was what he thought he was though, this may become interesting for him. But for now, he stood with a cold stare, observing this trespasser and awaiting his move.

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Soran Monroe, Isle of Isopolis: Cavern -


The dimly lit caverns of the Isle of the Forbidden Shrine normally stirred silently, it's bright end never seeing a traveller pass on through, the glow of the fungus never witnessed by an outsider and it's wonder never beheld.


Today that has changed, a masked trespasser had made his way inside through the tight tunnels, battered yet determined...but he was being watched. A heavy sigh escaped the lips of a man, nay, someone more, who stood in the shadows up above on a rock formation, observing this man who clearly did not belong here with prying eyes. His interest grew when he saw the infiltrator floating over the ground, possibly as a precautionary measure, or simply his preferred method of travel, he did not know...yet.


Intervention was necessary, so this observer braced himself before diving off the rock formation and performing a three-point landing some distance ahead of the masked man, exhaling as he impacted the ground, the pain in his knees more than mild, but he could live with it. As this Sentinel for the Shrine began to speak, he slowly rose himself to his feet, any Darkness that he had used to hide in the shadows fading off his body to reveal his face as he spoke in a deep, gravelly voice.


"You are bold to come to the Isle of Isopolis; the Forbidden Shrine of my people. You also do not belong here. Explain yourself..." The words of Soran Monroe were clear in their meaning: He was not here to mess around, he is the guard here and is not to be trifled with.


If this masked man was what he thought he was though, this may become interesting for him. But for now, he stood with a cold stare, observing this trespasser and awaiting his move.


- The Infiltrator, currently within a cavern underneath the isle of Isopolis -


The infiltrator stopped short of his rushing pace a good distance from the tumbling, shadowy guard, grey eyes shining with amusement and interest if one could see through the eyelets of his mask.  This was no normal individual, and his previously perfect attempt of subterfuge had come to an end.  He looked at the man for a few seconds of analysis, watching the haze of darkness slip off Soran's presence, listening to Soran's deep intonations, before he too spoke.


"I must say it is not common or customary for an interloper to admit himself, but for you I will make an exception.  I am here today to open the Aegis and instill a new era of coexistence with those that dwell beneath us, and I intend to complete it along with my associates in total."  The masked man hovered slowly down to the ground, conserving energy should things get a little less friendly, and looked up at the ceiling.  "A little truth deserves another.  Are there any other acrobats up there merging with the shadows, or is it just you?"



((I'll post for Rufus sometime later; I'm having a bit of a brain fart regarding him at the present.))

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--Alderon Niles and Curvis Sourati--Outside airship preparing for departure--

The force from the griffin knocked Alderon off his feet, causing the king to fall backward several feet away.  Concerned voices shouted around him, specifically his daughter as she came rushing to his aid.  The king grunted as he pulled himself back to his feet, his gaze blaring into the sky where the griffin had disappeared.  He listened as Effie went on about invaders from Helvadoria, to which Alderon couldn't help but snap in response.  "No, Effie, don't be a fool!  No being like that exists in our world!  That thing was from the Overworld, that is our very prisoner!  Go down to the prisons at once and arrest the man posing as one of our own!  He will pay dearly for his act of rebellion!"


The king's nostrils flared as he spun on heel, a vein bulging along his temple noticeably.  How dare someone interfere with his plans, and release the only fey that they'd managed to acquire!  This was infuriating, especially since he was relying upon Helios up there in the Overworld once they arrived.  He didn't know much about the fey or what they had in store for him and his men once he arrived, but he was relying upon the fact that he'd have one of their own to negotiate.  True, they had their own might, but that could be easily diminished without magic on their side.


Midnea's words broke through his thoughts, to which he listened intently before nodding.  "Yes, yes, you are right, Midnea.  We must leave now.  We have wasted enough time as it is."


With that, several guards began ushering the participants onto the deck, and a loud humming sound could be heard from within The Phoenix itself.  It seemed to have sprung to life, and would soon rise to the world above.  Mixed feelings coursed through Curvis.  He didn't want to miss his chance of arriving upon the Overworld, but he didn't want Lady Manel to miss this chance, either.  She had already disappeared toward the prisons with her crossbow in hand, and it would take much to persuade her otherwise.  He was just a knight of the king, after all; did he even have the right to address her so?


As Alderon passed the knight as he began to walk up the ramp of the Phoenix, Curvis spotted his chance.  "Your Highness," Curvis murmured, bowing lowly to the king.  "I understand the urgency of our departure, but Lady Manel has gone missing to take care of the prisoner.  With your permission I would like to fetch her so that we may all ascend to the new world together."


"I'm not waiting for anymore trivialities, boy.  Go, get Manel if you so wish, but if you're not here by the time we're ready to leave I'm leaving you behind as well."


A slight frown made its way to Curvis' brow, surprised by the king's brashness, but of course Curvis instead bowed once more and said, "Of course, Your Highness" to a deaf king already gone.  Now it was a matter of choosing between his desires or doing the right thing.  Manel probably didn't know that they were ready to leave, but at the same time if he retrieved her he might miss his chance as well.  Taking a breath Curvis sprinted toward the palace gates as well, hoping to stumble upon the young woman and persuade her to return before it was too late.


--Everyth -- the prisons--

A slight smile tugged at her ruby-red lips.  "There are always sacrifices in war, Henry.  Surely your time among our ranks taught you that much."


Henry had managed to sidestep her as though her charge were nothing, and then attempted to trip her.  Her ankle did indeed brush against his, but she managed to catch herself before falling. The raven-haired soldier straightened, smoothing down her short combat skirt before turning to the traitor.  "It is such a waste of potential and resources, our fighting.  We both could be striving for the betterment of humanity and our dying world, and yet you decide to side with those who prosper while we suffer.  Tell me, Henry: when was the last time that it rained?  Do you know how many of our crops have perished due to a drought?  Hundreds died because the prices in food have skyrocketed, and that is unacceptable to me.  Have you also noticed how harsh our winters are, and each year the plants don't bounce back as fruitful as they once were?   Our soil doesn't fertilize as it once did a decade ago, and you have to begin to wonder why.  It is them, Henry"--she pointed at the ceiling, which likely indicated something above it--"they are killing our world so that they may receive all the glory.  I don't know how, and I don't know precisely why, but our world is degenerating and we have to do something about it.  If it means a few lives lost, well, so be it.  I may not even see eye-to-eye with the king at times, and sometimes I'll admit that I worry he has more in mind than saving our country, but I have to embrace the hope of a better future, even if it means being marked a villain."


Slowly Everyth brought her sword before her, running two forefingers along the blade.  A deep purple aura began to surround the steel blade as she concentrated, before finally striking it into the ground.  A fog, rich in color, began to spread along the dungeon floor in even lines from the blade, its effect seizing the muscles and causing slowness and fatigue.  "It may be true that you were the only one who survived the experiments for a time, Henry, but they continued after you left, and much was learned after your success.  I too am a survivor, now gifted with the magic that will flourish our world."  Hoping that the fog had indeed slowed Henry, Everyth lunged forward again, this time her sword glowing as it drew closer to the traitor and pulsating with a violet aura.


--Yevgeni and Elia--Jynn's mountain home--

The elf pursed his lips as they arrived upon Jynn's mountain home.  It was picturesque, to be certain, though such luxuries seemed lavish in the elf's eyes.  "My lord, with all due respect, don't you think we should be pursuing Mystras at a slightly quicker pace?  Your group has already rested, and I think it is time that we gather some more intel for the Queen."


His words would likely fall upon deaf ears, however, as Jynn's companions already started separating inside the home and making themselves at ease. Yevgeni folded his arms across his chest, watching them through emerald eyes.  Perhaps it was foolish that he accompanied them, after all, particularly since he was not invited, and probably for good reason.


Meanwhile Elia shook her head in response to Aqua's question.  "Oh, don't be silly, Aqua!  You did great out there, and you did better than just survive, in my opinion.  Maybe you're not as confident as you would like to be in your magic just yet, but you'll get there in no time.  Prince Jynn believes in you; he wouldn't have invited you otherwise."  The raven-haired fairy then began to bounce forward, flying up a flight of stairs instead of climb up them like any normal person would.  "Now if you'll excuse me, I am going to go shower and hopefully find some clean clothes to change into.  See ya later!"


--Queen Shiva -- Cottage in Ambrosia Forest--

The queen pursed her lips as she watched Maxis shout at his clone from the doorway.  The years certainly hadn't mellowed the possessed armor, that was for certain.  The violence . . . was something that she would have to get used to again.  It had been far too long, especially with so many years devoid of war and conflict.


The aqua-haired queen shifted her gaze to Morana, contemplating her momentarily whilst trying to hold her breath.  "Very well, Morana.  I understand your race and their need for sustenance.  It is perfectly logical that you would search an abandoned home, which is very much what it is.  I simply had"--she hesitated, glancing over at Maxis momentarily before steadily turning back to Morana--"an errand to run, not one of significant importance.  I must be cautious, as I sense the potential for things to change here in the Overworld.  I would advise your band to be wary in like."


Finally the Succubus held Shiva's attention, whom Maxis had finished declaring to be an interesting blend of angel and succubus.  A slight frown furrowed the queen's brows, her thoughts straying to a story that sounded all too familiar to the one Eclaire was reiterating.  "And has it ever occurred to you that your explanation there is the very reason for your downfall?  You believe that you will only hurt when you want to protect, and so you are permitting yourself failure because you think that you can never do right."  At this the queen extended a hand to the rose-haired woman, a soft smile stretching her pallid lips.  "I think it is noble of you to want to protect others by staying away, but surely you must know in your heart that hiding isn't the answer.  You must confront this fear of yours, and conquer the beast within yourself.  Your intentions alone show me that you are a courageous young woman with much potential."


A moment's silence lapsed, Shiva seemingly contemplative, her ice-blue hair shifting over her shoulder in sheets.  "You wish to serve and protect, you say?  How would you like a second chance?  I feel that I could use someone like you, Eclaire."

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Eclaire, Cottage in the Ambrosia Forest


For a long time she had wandered, but no one had ever said they saw potential. She had traveled and learned, but even her masters of blade and magic never once said she had potential. Being told such a thing made her looked at Shiva with new eyes - ones that saw a way. Maybe not the best, or easiest...but it was the only way anyone had ever offered her. But how could she be of use? Yes, she could fly, fight...but she was certainly nothing compared to such warriors the queen could field...was she?


"...H...how can I be of use, my Queen?" Eclaire finally said. "...If you see a path I can walk, a second chance, then I accept it. I accept it without question."

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-Helios, flying above the clouds with the twins-
Avarice. The place was practically on the other side of the damn continent. But it was the best chance they had. It was for one, in another kingdom. So Alderon nor his people had jurisdiction on it. They wouldn't be able to get them so easily. He couldn't help but to purr at the feeling of the wind between his feathers, the sunlight against his skin. It had been so long since he had been able to do something this freely, it seemed like a dream. But the weight on his back reminded him that it was all to real. He had been flying for a while. He honestly had no idea how far they had gotten, or where they were flying over exactly. Darn it, he should have stolen a map or something when he had the chance. Or at least studied one before he got locked up in that dammed cell. "I have no idea where we are...I'll lower us down. We need to find out how far we've gotten." Helios asked, flapping his wings as he began to slowly descend from the clouds. He flew through the clouds, blind for a few moments from the puffiness of them all before going below them. They could see the forests mixed with civilization underneath. From small farms, to simply cities in the horizon, it was always a sight that took Helios' breath away. It gave him an aching yearning of home. But he couldn't go. Not now. He had a debt to pay to the twins. To Henry, if he lived through. He watched as the birds flew by as he descended, finding a clearing to land. He landed as gently as he could, ruffling his feathers as he felt the earth and grass underneath his claws. Oh man. That was a feeling his truly missed. "Let's find out. Where we are. There should be a city or a town nearby. I know I saw one." Helios murmured, looking down at the grass. He couldn't help it, taking the chance to lay down on the grass and rub his body against it, purring as his feathers ruffled out and his wings stretched. "Ah...It's been so long...I almost forgot how grass felt!" Helios hummed.

-Morana, in the cottage with the queen and Eclaire-
Morana watched as the queen explained. Something would change their world. Good or bad, Morana did not know, but she could sense bad was the most likely answer. She glanced down at Eclaire. Though admitidly stunned by her beauty alone, she seemed to be repenting on sins that she wished to make up for. The queen was more than willing to offer it, such as the queen was kind as she was beautiful. Morana simply nodded, bowing her head. "My group and I will be wary." Morana said, playing with her claws slightly. She took a step back. Her own stench was starting to becoming overwhelming inside the small cottage. "If there is anything that I could do too, my Queen, I wouldn't hesistate, even such small favors." Morana added. She made note to keep watch over the borders as she traveled, just in case. Something was off.




I just keep thinking Helios looking like this...







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Rabiyu - Outside of Jynn's abode
The only noise besides the wind was that of metal against metal. Said noise was coming from Rabiyu as she was working on carving magical runes in her rings.
"I do wonder if I should have stayed inside," she thought, "maybe I should"
In a sudden movement Rabiyu stood up while her tools and items vanished into a plume of black smoke.
"Greetings, Your Grace," Rabiyu said while bowing, "I was unable to report back. Certain circumstances prevented me from doing it."
In that same moment a fuzzy black shadow materialized in front of the High Elf.
"No need to bow, dear," A female voice said, "We were just wondering the reason for your delay."
Rabiyu looked at Jynn's house then back at the shadow.
"I offered my help to the Lady of Ice and her son, " she said and waited for a response, said response never came, "I hope you, and his Highness, do not mind. It seems that troubles are brewing near the Forbidden Shrine and I thought it was appropriate to investigate."
The woman remained silent for a few seconds before gracing Rabiyu with an appropriate answer.
"So it seems," the woman said, "But please remember that we of the Northern continent must not meddle with the affairs of other rulers and their countries."
Rabiyu looked down and bowed, a small hint of regret was in her face.
"Although we do need to investigate the shrine. Continue with your mission, Eliltari, and report back once new information is available," the woman said, "In the mean time I will discuss this with His Highness. A last request, do not disclose your assignment with anyone, nor your relationship with us. Shiva doesn't need to know about your affiliation with us, nor anyone else for that matter. A simple merchant you are while outside of our continent. Take care, Eliltari."
With those last words the shadow dissipated leaving Rabiyu alone once again.
"As you wish Lady Leviathan," Rabiyu said, "I should go back for now."
The High Elf turned around and walked into the house once again. Once inside the High Elf noticed that everyone already started separating.
"Quite the group they are," Rabiyu said next to Yevgeni. "Getting comfortable while something, or someone, is plotting around the Forbidden Shrine."
Mostly everyone was relaxing inside the house, there was also the fact about the Bherna girl, but it really didn't mattered to Rabiyu.
"Perhaps it would be more prudent for the two of us to take the lead and investigate this?" Rabiyu suggested to Yev, "The Prince is waiting for orders from the Lady of Ice, but I'm afraid that the longer we wait, the more dangerous the situation may become.

Aeternum Siblings - After landing
Aurion was really enjoying the trip and was somewhat sad when they landed.
"That was great," he said while he dismounted Helios, "We should do it again. And yeah, we should go to the nearest town."
Aura soon followed her brother before covering her mouth with her hand.
"Not so sudden next time, I hope," Aura said flatly, "and without people chasing us."
Aurion slowly nodded and looked around.
"Yeah. That was quite the show, wasn't it? I'm sure the guards will have a...bad..."
And then it came the moment of realization. The excitement was gone and was replaced with that of dread, a dread that was slowly spreading over his whole body.
The younger sibling sighed and looked at her brother with a raised brow.
"Henry will be in big troubles isn't he?"
Aura stared at Aurion for a couple of seconds before nodding.
"He sure will," she answered, "ugh! I knew we were reckless back there, but we really had to escape. Perhaps one of us should have stayed with Henry. Darn it! but that is not an option anymore, we need to reach Avarice and pray that Henry can escape from the castle.

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- Draksis - Black guard commander - Phoenix ship -


The ship tumbled and shaked as Helios smashed against it, as Draksis was caught by surprise, falling over on his back for a few minutes, a loud thud could be heard from his room. "ah, god dammit." He commented as he got up, and headed up top of the ship, only to see the damage done by Griffin to the ship.

"Oh great...ALL BLACK GUARDS, TO THE DUNGEONS!" Draksis ordered, and all the members of the black guards began heading to the dungeons to attempt to stop whatever was happening.



- Henry - The Dreadnaught - Battle in the prisons -


"You're blaming wheater problems on people from above. Thats not something you should do." Henry joked about Everyth's comment about the Overworlders. "And instead of Alderon using the experiments for something good, something that would be able to bring life back to the crops and the planet, like... I don't know, Water magic and wind magic?" Henry spoke, shrugging. "Nope, gotta make weapons and magical beings to invade the overworld. Makes total sense." Henry kept on the snark, like a true arsehole, and he enjoyed every second.


"You're no villain, none of us but Alderon is...and I know what sacrifice is, but something you need to learn Eve...is that the ends don't justify the means...they never do." Henry commented as he tightened the grip on his sword as Everyth...used magic. 'I god damn called it.' Henry thought to himself sighing. Alderon, the bastard kept with the experiments...could Everyth be one of many with the same powers? 


He didn't have time to think the fog...the moment Henry came in contact with it, his skin began hardening itself almost instinctively, it was hard to breathe...it was poisonous, he didn't feel slowed, but he felt his vision blurry inside the fog. though the pulsating purple blade was easy to track inside the Fog. He was going to deflect and parry...but he heard Effie speaking.


Henry immediately did a split second decision, smirking behind the helmet as he let Everyth strike him, his armor blocking most of the blow, and his hardened skin barely being affected, but the impact was genuined, and he acted a flinch and stagger backwards out of the fog.


"Gah...she got me good...Effie!, Everyth's the impostor!" Henry shouted at her, pointing at Everyth as he knelt down to pretend to check on his wound before standing up again, picking his sword. "I must Retreat Effie..." Henry spoke, putting up a facade of being hurt. Before turning around and running off, shifting the blame to Everyth, it would be the best option he'd get at a time like this.


'Perfect timing Effie...i'l have to take you on a date sometime...under better situations." Henry spoke, as he began heading out of the castle, as Everyth would serve as a distraction.



(Henry's a clever bastard, and he went full troll on Everyth now :D)


- Alicia - The grimoire wielder - 


"Im not getting comfortable..." Alicia spoke as she walked over to Rabiyu and Yevgeni, overhearing what they spoke about. With her grimoire in her hand as she looked over at Rabyiu and Yevgeni.


"I agree, standing here, while something happens in the shrine is the worst idea I thought we could have had...but Jyn insisted on it it seems." Alicia commented with a sigh and a shrug. 


"In a situation like this, there is no time to waste...if you wish to lead the investigation..." Alicia looked at Rabyiu then at Yevgeni, then at Rabyiu again.

"I can teleport closer to the shrine...without anyone noticing." Alicia told them, rather silently, only for the two of them to hear. "What do you say yev?" she asked him.

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--Shiva -- Home in Ambrosia Forest--

The queen nodded swiftly, now subconsciously holding her breath so that Morana's stench did not infiltrate her nostrils.  She'd always been rather sensitive to strong smells, particularly distasteful ones.  "Very good, Morana.  I wish you and your companions safe travels, and I appreciate you reporting any suspicious behavior in my direction."  Her tone, she hoped, didn't come off as dismissive, as that was precisely what she was trying to do.  The Wendigo was kind and obedient, which made her feel terrible for never wanting to be in the woman's company.  What a terrible fate, she mused to herself, having such distaste follow you that no one among the living desire to be in your company.


The left Maxis and Eclaire in front of her.  The queen began to slip off and into the fresh air, her heels strangely silent along the wooden floorboards, waving a hand in gesture for the two to follow her.  "Maxis, I will be bringing you back to the castle with me now.  Not only to protect me, but Kilkis Seres as well.  If something were to breach our security, well, I have seen you do your job before, and very well, might I add.  I would like for you to remain by my side through this, please, or at least for now."  Shiva then shifted her gaze over to Eclaire, her amber eyes meeting the woman softly.  "I have a place in mind for you.  The people of Kilkis Seres are my life, Eclaire, and I couldn't bear losing them to a massacre.  While I have heard many controversial stories about you, I have also heard of your heroic deeds, and I trust that you are a very skilled individual that can aid in protecting my beloved people.  Are you skilled in weaponry, or pure magic?  I would like to name you one of my knights, and I think I may have a very specific mission for you, should you accept my proposal."


The ice queen extended her arms in front of her, stretching as she gazed out at the thick forest surrounding them.  "First, let us return to the castle.  You look pale and famished, Eclaire, and I think Maxis deserves some polishing after his long slumber in my basement."


--Everyth -- Prisons--

This Henry was certainly a mysterious one, that much Everyth was certain of.  She almost had his respect, until Effie entered the dungeon and changed everything.  The raven-haired woman whipped around, a gentle smile on her lips.  Reinforcements, good.  This is exactly what she would probably need, as she was still a novice when it came to her magic and Henry was an experienced magician, no doubt.  She heard he was deadly as much as he was handsome, and she wasn't quite prepared to end her pretty little life tragically short, or at least not yet.


A high-pitched laugh escaped the woman as she threw her head back, turning to Effie with a raised eyebrow.  "You'd seriously go out on a date with a loser like this?  I must help you find real men worthy of your attention.  This man that snuck in here is the wanted experiment, Henry.  He's dangerous, and he's apparently rebelling against the king.  I saw him with the prisoner and two others, a boy and a girl.  They fled, though my failing hearing did not catch their whereabouts."


Everyth sheathed her sword, walking over to Henry, clicking her tongue disapprovingly as she approached him.  "Now, now, Henry, I thought we were going to be friends and at least civil with each other, and yet you try to throw me to the wolves, when I have done nothing of the sort?  That was a low move, and I must say that I now can understand why you choose to side with fantasy over logic.  King Alderon has reasons for what he does, which don't involve releasing mayhem whenever the hell one feels like it.  I'm disappointed in you, I'll say that much."


The raven-haired woman straightened.  The violet fog had faded into nothing, and movement was no longer hindered.  "So, what shall we do with him, Effie?  Shall we throw him in Helios' prison cell and feed him griffin gruel, or should we bring him out before the King and humiliate him in front of all?"


--Curvis Sourati -- Currently chasing Manel and heading to the prisons--

It took quite some time for the knight to come upon the young woman, having to fight his way through heavy crowds and a herd of soldiers making their way to search the prisons.  When he did come upon her he clasped her wrist, hoping to slow her down in her pursuit of the invader.  "Lady Manel, please, wait!  We must leave this for the other men," he said, breathless and speaking nearly a million miles per minute.  "The King--he's ready to depart to the Overworld now, and if we stay we'll get left behind.  Please, I have waited all of my life to do something worthy of remembering.  Let us return quickly!"


Eventually Curvis realized that he was still holding Manel's wrist, which he let go of immediately as his cheeks turned red.  He had meant nothing by it, with the exception of slowing her down.  He really hoped that she wouldn't take it the wrong way, or that she would be angered.


(I'll wait on posting for the others, as there isn't much that can be done about them presently).

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- Henry - the Dreadnaught - Battle in the prisons -


Henry simply shrugged. And took off his helmet. "She likes me because im beautiful" He spoke with a smirk before turning it into a frown. "I wouldn't say dangerous...I didn't hurt anyone...yet, and I won't until im forced to." Henry clarified. He chuckled as Everyth criticized him. "Can't blame me for being smart, you attacked first, your fog, spreading over to the whole cell block, might hurt prisoners, and you are going to chastise me for trying to put the blame on who put the fog there in the first place?" Henry smirked. "And your poor swordsmanship was nicely translated into that swing...I barely scratched me." Henry now taunted Everyth.


"I chose a side, you chose yours, wheter that makes us enemies. its up to you." he spoke as he glanced at Effie "You as well."

"Listen Everyth...do you want to know why they call me the 'dreadnaught'? Why I am so feared?" He spoke as a darkness-like armor began forming around him, with earth particles floating up and forming a second layer of armor, the armor was forming from Henry's legs to chest in a few seconds. "Because I was a true success, I am no longer 'human'. Ariana's blood as much more pure and powerful than Helios's..." As Henry spoke his aura began to flare as his voice began to spike down in pitch.

The whole cellblock could now feel the oppressive, powerful aura of Henry.


"Show me what you got Everyth. Try to put some more skills in your swings this time because you'l have no hope of hurting me if you don't." Henry spoke as the darkness rock armor continued to form. He also looked at Effie. "I was hoping we could be friends, but I don't think thats a possibility now..." He spoke to her regretfuly, but Henry was now ready for any attacks either of them could throw at him.



- Maxis - The beholder - With Shiva.


Maxis stopped being the happy-go-lucky self for a moment as Shiva spoke to him, his master spoke to him. The one he devoted his entire existence protecting, he bowed his head as she spoke to him. "As you wish my dear, I will be by your side, as always." Maxis spoke politely, for once. He had his moments of grace, it impressed even him sometimes.


Maxis stood quiet until he heard about a possible polishing. "Polishing?! YES!" Maxis raised his hands to the sky in happiness. "Finally!" He spoke, clearly happy. He waited for Eclaire's response before going along with Shiva.

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Eclaire - Azura's Shiva's Home in Ambrosia Forest


Eclaire was quiet as she listened. As the Queen looked upon her and questioned her skills, Eclaire was ready to answer...then was silenced. Then very notion that the Queen herself wished to make her a knight...that this woman would give her such a chance to atone, to make up for all her past failures...her eyes teared up once more, and she wiped them away.

"I have trained in the art of sword and spear, as well as trained my magic over the years I traveled." She paused. "All stories of my controversial existence are true, or rooted in truth. None of what I did I am proud of...but my deeds were not heroic. I did them because someone had to. I did them...because I needed to atone. I chose to help people, because of all I hurt. So please, your highness. I've done nothing worthy of the title "heroic." I have only done what I saw was a path to atonement. I did what I felt would atone." She looked away. "I did it for selfish reasons. Even if I helped people, my heart only looked to atone for the lives I destroyed."


Rhaedyn Thane, He of Many Names but claims One - Lord of Iron: Gladeus


The inn was quiet. The moment the iron man strode in, boots clanking. The guard at the door had demanded his weapons, which he relieved...all too easily. But it was quite another thing to say, as the massive wall of iron walked through the tables. People scrambled out of his way, fur-lined cloak emblazoned with the emblem of a wolf. He stopped at the bar, where the innkeeper warily eyed the quite larger figure.

"What can I do for you?"

"Room and food." His voice was almost like an echo, but the power and force behind it made the man step back. 

"Alright. That'll be twenty coins." He said. Soon a bag was dropped on the wooden surface.

"Thirty. I will take my food in the room."

Not one to say no to more money, the man took it. "I will send someone with the food at once. Any preference?"

"No alcohol. I will keep my senses, unlike your patronage. And knock, lest you need to hire anew."


He turned after being handed a key, but faced about five men just inside the hall. Each had pulled a knife, and the location was just out of sight - a blind spot. Each knife had a sickly glow. Poison magic.

"Alright metal man. We know you got coin. Hand it over."

"Five against one. You're two hundred short."

They scoffed, now one drawing a heavy club. Clearly the guard was corrupt. The man let out a metal laugh. "You have not heard of me."

"Should we have? Buckethead? Showoff? Metal King?"
"Iron lord." 


The closest man was thrown back by the pure force of the punch, his face broken and bleeding. The others froze. One punch had taken out one of them, but the man with the club swung.

It was caught, and the simple heavy wood started to smolder. He crushed it, the cinders raining down. The man didn't get a chance to scream as another fist sent him into the wall.

"I am Rhaedyn Thane, Last King of Ithuriel. And you have chosen the path of the dark."


Turning the broken and battered thieves in was the easiest thing he had done. After seeing him burn and crush a club before knocking out their biggest guy, the other three thieves gave up, begging for mercy. He had tied and dragged them all to the guards, leaving them and pocketing some coin. He returned, before slugging the guard. 

"I'd find new security. This one missed enough knives to kill a King."


Rhaedyn Thane walked past the barkeep, who could only look at his bloodied guard, wondering if this was a good profession to be in, if giant armored men would walk in and cause fights. He looked down in defeat, only to see another bag of twenty gold.

"...at least the bastard pays well."

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