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[/b]Bherna and Dawson-Isopolis vs Ahriman[/b]

Bherna manages to find her way around the trap the previous Nergodin left for her. She leaps towards Rabiyu and Aura and joins the assault, with her glaive levitating in front of her. Four elemental runes take a triangular formation, and fire powerful blasts of elemental magic at Ahriman. 

Meanwhile, the resourceful Dawson manages to craft a small sword made of crystal while Ahriman was preoccupied. It wasn’t his explosive club, but it will definitely do. Before he does anything else, he flings a knife coated in poison at Ahriman with no warning. Whether or not it hits the “god”, in response to Rufus’s magic powering everyone’s attacks, Dawson plays a horn and ups everyone’s defenses. 

He looks to Ahriman. “A creature like yourself has no place in our worlds, ‘god’ or not. Your existence is insulting to our worlds, and it disgusts me.” He enters a sort of ‘“demon mode”, with streaks of red coming out of his eyes. He finally dashes towards Ahriman, and attempts to strike the entity with his sword. To Ahriman, if the attack connects, it would feel like he was slashed twice in a row. Dawson immediately buries underground to avoid any assault from the enemy. He remerges next to Bherna.

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- Ahriman, Paragon of an Unbalanced Mind -

Ahriman looked on at his foes, seeing them enriched by power and feeling as if they could win.  What imbecilic natures these lesser beings were, thinking that they could defeat someone with as much power as he had right now.  He cackled as he slipped to the side of Helios' beam attack and ran towards him, hand outstretched so that it grazed the outside of the beam and gathered residual energies in his hand.  What burns that lay within his hand was nothing to him, the pain a euphoric sensation as he skittered ever closer to the shapeshifter.

"Return to sender!" he shouted with glee as he thrust his outstretched hand toward Helios, his attack aimed for the exposed neck of the being.  The gathered pain of the energy will be reciprocated to Helios if he were struck, possibly injuring the poor Spriggan further with much raw strength behind the blow.

Whether this was successful or not, he aimed next toward Soren, intending with great passion to correct the evils of his stabbing Ahriman in the back in full with his death.  With a speedy rush of electricity and adrenaline, he surged toward the demonic cupcake lover and aimed a reckless assault with not one but two manifested blades of Void make, three strikes each weapon as he pirouetted overhead and rallied with another assault of two even quicker diagonal strikes aimed for his legs first and midsection next.  Enhancement or not, he would give Soren a run for his money with an onslaught of blows.

That's when the sonic blast made by Mariel and the rest of the heavenly hosts came into play, inspiring the newfound mad deity to look her way and sneer.  What would a breathless angel perform against his might? he would think to himself, but upon feeling the brunt of the sonic blow and witnessing the shattering of his weapons he could quickly understand the sheer strength of her controlled cone.  His eardrums burst under their cacophony, inspiring blood to well up from his ears, but eardrums to him were just another thing to grow, and he escaped the danger with more than a few ruptures in his skin, especially at his face and exposed upper torso.  Eventually he would regain his ability to hear as they would regenerate, though it would not be immediate.  For now he would have to bear with the annoyance of having to read lips and feel everything around him instead of hear it.

"Old magicks, come forth and meld with new!  Portato!  Undignama!  Feeblemind!" he shouted, firing off a stream of malevolence from the same hand as what he gathered Helios' beam with.  This malevolence, this pitch-black force, would launch towards Mariel very quickly and, if striking, would drain her of sense, intelligence, and personality, preventing spellcasting and rendering her limited in thought for a time.  This would be very dangerous for a debilitation, so Mariel had better find a way to either protect herself or dodge the attack outright.  While fast, it could be dodged effectively with enough speed and quickness of mind.

Yevgeni's stabbing maneuver came next, and Ahriman now turned towards him and aimed shattering strikes at Yevgeni's rapier, intending to cleave the blade of the rapier almost down to the hilt.  The jump overhead took him by surprise, as did the casting of fiery pebbles and cobbles from beyond the earth.  It did not cause significant damage, mostly creating a bludgeoning effect that bounced almost innocuously off of his radiant form.  The reason for this was the sheltering wings that enshrouded him with protective see-through feathers, defending him greatly from the bounding rocks from the sky.  Alderon charged in as well, aiming a cleaving strike towards the lesser god's legs, but that was thought of as less than threatening.  A feeble claymore, electrical or otherwise, and wielded by a blinded one without powers, was nothing in comparison to what was seen before, at least to his eyes.  He turned about and shimmied over the blow with enough of a leap to somersault sideways.  An arm reached out in an attempt to grab Alderon by the breastplate and toss him face-first to the ground, but nothing more could be performed before the next assailant stepped forward.

"Hello, beastie," he voiced, manically grinning as he slipped away from everyone nearby and gathered energy for the inevitable.  The leviathan's energy was potent and new to him.  Never before had he or perhaps anyone seen such a projected energy surrounding someone such as Arthynn, but that would not stop him from attempting to slice it up into a fine, fine energy pie.  A grand sword forged itself within his hands, manifesting into something of great cutting power, and when the great ethereal beast sprang towards him at Jynn's behest he dodged to the side, just barely getting grazed by the sweeping beast and yet being blown back by the creature.  This possibly would not be without damage to the beast, however.  He aimed a dangerous slice at Jynn's side as a riposte, though he wondered if it would be enough to pierce the creature's potentially thick layers of energy and protections from everybody that reinforced him.  And then there were the orbs to consider.

"Raven's Rebuttal:  Matador," he murmured as he ground to a halt, rushing towards each and every lightning orb with a black shield that seemed to absorb anything and everything in its wake.  Concluding that he obtained all of the orbs within his vicinity, he performed something incredibly odd:  he let loose the lightning orbs again, looking exactly the same as before, but with the opposite purpose.  They would still be lured to him due to a mistaken assumption on his part, and when he saw them draw close he skirted away from them as a result, but instead of harming him it would harm the others and not him.  If Arthynn continued to use them, they might be horribly mistaken if they thought the tactic was merely meant to gather all of the orbs to one location.  Draw too close and Ahriman would use the lightning orbs upon their owner and everyone else next to them, delivering unknown amounts of damage back at them.

The tri-pronged attack took him by great surprise, however.  No amount of detection or feeling the surroundings can prevent him from getting struck from a potent blind spot in a simultaneous attack of three angles, and he screamed an unearthly bellow as, just before he could raise his sword in front of him like what was done with Lysander many a time, the spear shot through his chest, just like Soren's blade did.  Hissing and fighting through the searing pain of the light-attributed spear, he fired off with a Flying General once more.  However, since the blade was new and untamed from long years, the maneuver was not as full of usefulness as it once was, nor was it as fast.  The mighty barrage of energies from the joint attack of the elementals above his head, as well as Aura's light attack, caused a mighty bout of powerful explosions and eruptions to happen about him, and he was tossed to the ground with a spear through his chest and an immense number of burns and lacerations covering what once could be considered a perfect body.

"If you think you've won already, you're sadly mistaken," he commented from the floor, lifting himself up from it with his sword in stiff, zombie-like movements and plucking the spear from his chest, attempting to snap it in half. Regeneration slightly came into play as his small wounds started knitting themselves slowly together.  His large one would take a considerable amount of time, however, as ichor dripped from the gaping hole.  "My heart is not so easily pierced, my will not easily broken.  If you truly wish to look upon a grave"--he cocked his head with an insane grin--"look upon your own six feet under!  Death's Haze!"

Three smokey clones of himself formed in front of him, intermingled with Void magic and malevolence.  Kicking off, they would launch towards Rabiyu, Aura, and Sifrei and if struck or getting too close the clones would explode into a cloud of radiation.  This was dangerous only if staying longer than two seconds in the cloud, and the cloud would quickly disperse within twenty to thirty seconds, being readily absorbed by the energy-rich air of the battlefield

Alastor was a chore to deal with, the lightning adept summoning up quite the bit of power.  However, as it was lightning-based, Ahriman had an idea, an awful idea.  An incredibly wonderful awful idea.

"Raven's Rebuttal:  Matador!" he voiced, leaving a black "shield" up just before leaping away from the explosive burst of lightning energy.  He attempted to absorb the entirety of the blow and rebound it back towards Alastor, using his own weapon against him.  Best yet, he could not reabsorb it.  Corruption wove inside of the attack, and would prove more harmful than helpful.  If that did not work due to the magic's defense-breaking nature (I will leave this up to you, Scrap), the shield would be obliterated and unusable for two years or maybe longer, plus the explosion would rocket outward in an fiendish and distracting explosion worthy of the glory that is Ahriman, yet singeing him with its mighty blast.  Those lightning orbs, however . . . he would have to deal with the old-fashioned way:  running away and dealing with them later, maybe sniping them with long-range magic.  He just did not have the time nor the patience nor the mindset to take them all out methodically like before.

Skidding to a halt, he came to realisation that something was off, and his eyes and grin went wide with intrigue when he recognised who was back for more punishment, dutifully behind him as always.  Henry unleashed a noteworthy attack once again, forcing him to dodge once more, no small feat considering the number of attacks he somehow managed to survive.  Feeling a lick of invincibility (even though this was far from the truth), he slipped to the side of the triple burst of energy, but had little preparation for air-jumps made by Henry.  The explosive chain of events surrounding the man encompassed Ahriman as well, bombarding him with obscene amounts of force and forcing him to close his eyes as he attempted to lash out at the man before being tossed to the ground.  If Henry could not see through the explosions about him, he would probably feel a wild slice from an errant sword slash across the outside of his upper leg, or if so should be able to dodge it.

Wounded, battered, wheezing air mixed with the bitter taste of his own blood, Ahri would finally end up with the annoyance of Bherna and Dawson firing even more projectiles at him and Dawson somehow making a sword out of crystal.  He did not ask.  He just grinned wildly and strafed the magic, caught the flying blade, and used Dawson's speech period to restore himself.  His breathing settled, his burns and bruises mellowed.  At Dawson's dash, he caught the weapon with the once-thrown knife and tried to swing his greatsword at him to no avail, as the fuzzy little critter burrowed underground through solid stone and resourcefully made his way to Jynn's adoptive daughter.  Interesting?  Very, but it was a clever tactic for someone who can do that in record time.

((All right, that should cover all attacks for now.  Kuni, all yours for the next round.  I feel like I have written a book that contests War and Peace in length for this post.))

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- Aura, Rabiyu and Sifrei - Isopolis: The City of Isolation -

Sifrei reached his hand out just as Ahriman plucked the spear from his chest and attempted to snap it in half. The spear, in a combination of light and darkness, faded from Ahriman's hand only to reappear on Sifrei's.

"And OUR will won't be shattered by the likes of you," Aura yelled, "We will win this fight and you will fall to us!"

As Aura spoke, Rabiyu noticed that Ahriman's wounds were knitting themselves together, slowly, but surely. The only exception was the large one, which, she supposed, would take even more time to heal. The Elemental Spirits hovered for a few seconds before retracting back into the glyphs just as they faded away. The white haired elf nocked an arrow and enfused it with fire magic, making it's tip glow with a red light. At that moment three clones of Ahriman darted towards the trio, ready to continue the fight.

As one of the clones was getting closer, Rabiyu back-flipped into a small cloud of black mist behind her and, somehow, disappeared into the ground just as the cloud faded away. As another one moved closer to the Archangel, he crouched before taking a huge leap into the sky, probably taking the clone by surprise, but just as the clone was about to look up, an arrow went flying towards its head, an arrow that came from a small point of black mist in front of him, an attack it managed to easily dodge by moving its head to the side, this was the perfect distraction as the clone would soon find a spear coming out of its chest, a spear held by the Archangel. Sifrei waited for it to fall to the ground, instead, he was greeted with an explosion to the face, one that he could barely escape thanks to his speed, but not without suffereing some damage from it just as he moved away from it.

Aura, while not completely fine, managed to notice the clone heading her way, and was ready to engage with the clone. Instead, Rabiyu suddenly appeared in front of her.

"Be careful, do not let it get close to you," Rabiyu said as she looked towards Sifrei after the explosion and the cloud left behind by the clone, "We do not know what that cloud that is left behind will do."

Two clones were now heading their way. Rabiyu ran towards one, dismissing the bow and taking out her daggers, jumping towards the clone and slashing down towards it, making it jump back a bit, only for it to be welcomed by a swing of Aura's sword in an attempt to take its head, making it crouch to avoid the attack. At this point Rabiyu was almost neart the clone, muttering arcane words under her breath to enfuse her daggers with lightning as she stabbed the clone on its back. This made the clone shake for a moment and, as if in slow motion, it began to grow and grow until it exploded.

"Mond!" Was the only thing Rabiyu managed to say.

The sight, and pain, of the imminent explosion made Aura close her eyes to brace for the coming pain, but that pain never came, instead, she was now at some distance away from the newly released cloud from the clone.

"What happen?" She asked, before noticing Sifrei behind her and Rabiyu, "Oh, right. You can do that."

At this point only a single clone remained, Rabiyu raised her hand as flames gathered in her palm, Sifrei did the same with his light magic, and Aura, looking at the other two, pointed her sword at the clone as it began to glow.

"BEGONE!" Aura and Rabiyu said at the same time.

With that single word the three beams of magical energy were released towards the last clone that was running towards the trio, hitting it and engulfing it into beams of light and fire until it disappeared from the face of the world, leaving only a cloud of radiation behind as the proof of its short and meager excistance.


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- Helios - /w everyone else - Isopolis: City of Isolation -

Helios would see the false god throw the attack back. He was ready. He stretched his wings, taking flight just as Ahriman reached for him, dodging the possibly deadly attack. As he would fight off the rest of the attacks, Helios went straight after him, flying up into the air before diving back down and flying low, close to the ground. He searched for an opening, finding it when he caught his breath at Dawson's speech. Helios would fly from the side, opening his mouth to shoot another beam at Ahriman. However, that wasn't what he was aiming for. Whether the beam hit or not, just as he approached Ahriman, smoke would escape his lips, covering the area, and for a moment, probably blinding Ahriman's view from the world around him. Whether it actually worked or not, Helios wasn't done. As the smoke would surge and cover the area, Ahriman would feel as Helios had transformed mid-way, a pair of arms wrapping around him from the side, almost as if in a hug. For a mere second, it was as if he was trying to just rest and catch his breath. He was covered in blood, his throat ripped open and burned beyond recognition, the marks spread down to his chest and up to his jaw. He seemed to mouth something, but with so much smoke, what could it be? One couldn't see. But soon the arms and the body would shift and transform, and soon enough Ahriman would feel the large body of a large snake wrapping around around him. Helios transformed himself into an anaconda like snake, wrapping around his body, arms and neck, tightening down to pin him as hard as he possibly could. The extra strength given by the Djinn would have definitely help, snake fangs digging down against Ahriman's neck and biting down. He wouldn't be letting go any time soon. "Hurry, everyone!" Helios' voice echoed, screaming across the chaos. "Give it all that you've got!"

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Arthynn-Isopolis vs Ahriman

Unfortunately, the assault was unsuccessful. Ahriman stepped aside, and struck the beast’s side. Fortunately, the tough shell and size of the leviathan’s form protected Jynn and Arthur from sustaining damage, however, the force Ahriman fell upon Arthynn grounded the creature. To Arthur, Jynn expresses his thoughts. “Ugh. That hurt. Idiot’s got strength.” 

The leviathan stands on all fours. “But so do we.” Jynn turns the beast’s head to Ahriman. He notices that the orbs he previously sent out have turned hostile. With blasts of aura, he destroys each one to prevent any harm to his allies. Arthynn suddenly feels four elemental powers surging throughout the monster’s body. He looks to see that Alicia is providing him this power. “Alicia’s granting us additional elemental powers. We must use them.” 

The leviathan turns back to Ahriman and lets out another roar. Flames ignite on its back, a mirage swirls around it from wind aura, and sparks of electricity surge from its mouth, giving the jaws a blue luminous glow. 

As his first act, Jynn makes the beast spin rapidly, with bursts of flame. It’s wind aura creates three twisters, while its flames engulf them in fire. Simultaneously, the beast summons giant whirlpools around the area, limiting Ahriman’s movements. 

The flaming tornadoes would home in on Ahriman, then dissipate upon contact with him, or if he dodges. Finally, Arthynn opens the monster’s jaws and charges up a powerful attack. A blue orb gathers aura and energy from the surrounding area. Before the beast fires a deadly attack, it is interrupted by Helios coiling Ahriman into a pin.

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Yevgeni Malachite -- Casting Holy

Again the elf's attacks seemed meaningless to Ahriman, who treated them as though they were child's play before moving on to the others.  He was tired of being cast aside, he was tired of being useless.   With the buff received from Rufus' wish, Yevgeni was going to tap into magics that he hadn't used since the Great War, standing alongside his father during his hour of peril.

"Stand aside!" Yevgeni cried out, throwing his arms wide.  "Anyone surrounding Ahriman will be in the line of fire!"

He tried to warn his fellow comrades, but he wasn't going to wait on those whose ears were deaf from his warning.  Helios was the one that he feared for the most, as he was directly pinning Ahriman down, though the spriggan must've known the dangers that awaited him from such a stance.  Helios wanted them to give it their all–which was precisely what Yev was going to do.

Slamming his palms together, a green aura consumed him, expanding rapidly in diameter.  A roar sounded, causing Yevgeni's ears to throb as white light began to emerge before him.  It grew and grew, until it eventually was about ten times Ahriman's size.  Shoving his hands with great effort, the blond unleashed his spell, sending the holy energy in Ahriman's direction.  Its rays of light exuded the most potent of holy magic, purifying whatever it touched and scorching it to nothingness.  It roared toward Ahriman, and ultimately Helios, at a rapid pace.  Its size would make it massively hard to dodge, and its potency would also make it immensely difficult to block.

Alderon Niles -- KO

The king was brusquely grabbed by the breastplate and thrown face-first onto the marble stone.  His nose cracked, crimson staining the ruined marble below him.  His head throbbed, and sadly the human king lost consciousness.

Athena Niles -- Joining the fray

"Father!" the princess cried as she watched Ahriman toss Alderon like a rag doll.  Her father fell with a dull thud, and did not rise again.  She could see blood pooling underneath him.  She started to move toward him, when Elia, the one-winged fairy, threw an arm out in front of her and shook her head.

"I will go see to him," said the fairy.  "I cannot do much on the battlefield in my condition anyway.  Go do what you can!  I will help your father to the best of my ability."

Athena was reluctant to leave her father's life in the hands of the small, frail Elia, but she complied.

"Thank you," the auburn-haired princess murmured, before darting alongside Aura and Rabiyu to provide whatever support that she could.

She arrived moments after the clones' destruction, unsheathing her sword and bearing it in front of her.  She wanted to charge up toward Ahriman but thought better of it; Yevgeni's massive ball of light began hurtling toward the god, and there was no way that she wanted to be in the line of fire.

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-Eclaire, Rhea, and Xion Divolves to-

"Do not stay yourselves!"

-2 minutes ago-

Rhea and Xion were engulfed by Light and Dark, respectively, before both were revealed - Rhea, looking older, with four golden wings, and Xion - looking a bit taller. Both exuded power, with Rhea having ascended to a Valkyrie Councilor while Xion now held the power of a High Succubus. But that was nothing compared to Eclaire, who had been surrounded by both Light and Dark, and the egg of this duality broke apart as she appeared, her pink hair now streaked with blonde, her head now adorned with High Succubus Horns, and with six aetherial wings. Her power had mixed, and the divine power of a Fallen Seraph now glowed.


"The Spriggan is dying! He is giving himself up so we may strike! Do not insult him by holding back!" Her wings flared and she shot up. "Mother! Spell Transferance Runes, now!" She looked to Helios. "I will not let your sacrifice be in vain, nor ever forgotten!"

"I'm on it!" She drew a rune before her, then another. "Duplication Rune!" She slashed the air. "Shadowstele!" She then slammed the ground, and tendrils of darkness flew across the floor and to everyone who had a weapon, placing upon them the Spell Transferance Rune. Rhea, who now had the lamp, shot over and shoved it into Henry's hands. "MAKE YOUR THREE WISHES COUNT." she shouted, now inscribed with the runes. Her twin swords now had formed a Holy Spear - Bradamante, the Spear of the Councilor's Paladin. In her other hand she held Geirskogul, which now was tossed to Eclaire. "USE IT WELL!"


What's in a name?

As Eclaire shot into the air, within her mind did flash that day.

A name, Eclaire, is power. To invoke a name, is to invoke that very thing. To name a sword is to invoke that sword's very being, to invoke a person is to call upon their very existence. To men and fey, names are given for whatever reason. With little ritual, or sometimes little care. Nay, for us of the Divine Light and the Deep Dark, we see names as a power, a force all themselves. So when you name something, you create an existence. When I named my blade Long and Dark December, it's existence was made on that idea - that winter is long and dark, but it is in this long and dark time that we find out joyous times. When Zion named her great sword Forward Unto Dawn, she named it's existence just that - the drive to always move forward. Always....to a new day. To a new dawn. So if you forget anything, I beg you, Clary. Do not forget this: Names are power. Even, if the power is to just bring a smile.


"Full Bloom Amaryllis." Eclaire threw her arms out, and all around her did she summon her entire armory. "In Paradisum, Fifth Configuration!" She roared, spears surrounding her. The blades formed a circle, all pointing to Ahriman. And she began to chant.

"I stand not alone, but together! Their joy is my armor. Their  happiness is my shield. Their kindness is my blade. By the will of those who fight for life, who brought forth Light from where there was none, by the souls of all who fell, fall, and will fall, we are the Light of Promised Victory!" . "Nobless Oblige - World-Saving Light! Let us play a song - an Arpeggio of Endless Starlight!"

All around her, light began to rise from the ground, and from the high up ceiling, began to fall. "By our conviction we save worlds! By our courage we uplift the lost, and the downtrodden! By our sacrifce, we give way to the future! Together I summon forth the embodiment of the noble obligation to help the weak, and lay low the strong who misuse such strength! Together I call for....Avalon Salvation!"

Xion lifted her sword. "Invoke the name of your weapons! Use the spell or use it's power, it matters not! Eclaire has channeled it, now it is up to all of us!" She had seen Rhea run off to give the lamp to the human...now...all he had to do, was make the right wishes.

"Long and Dark December!" Xion roared, unleashing a blast of dark light at Helios and Ahriman.

"Bradamante!" Rhea shouted, a beam of pure light fired at the mad god.


And above, all of Eclaire's weapons glowed, as the - at least temporarily - Fallen Seraph unleashed the full force of her power, her weapons, and her heart.

"Caladbolg! Geirskogul! Overture! Kusanagi! Spear of the Eidolith! In Paradisum! Lightbringer!" Her cry echoed as she unleashed Avalon Salvation upon Ahriman and Helios tenfold, crying out the names of her magic weapons, the contents of her armory - the weapons that had carried her to this day.

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{Mariel: Isopolis}

The Blood Angel anticipated Ahriman’s counter attack, so launched herself into the air to avoid the combined spell sent her way. She was prepared for a few more aerial dodges, but the assault from the other heroes kept the false god occupied. Swooping around overhead, she studied the situation, a bemused smile on her face. She began to build up Light energy again for an attack, though had to alter her plan when Yevgeni shouted out a warning. Part of her still wanted to grind the elf to paste, but there was something more interesting to fight now. The part that was Mariel thought “more important”, though under the influence of her dead comrades, the strongest of those voices preferred the fun. 

With the onslaught of magic heading Ahriman’s way from multiple sources, it was time for something long range. The Blood Angel smiled darkly as she came to a stop, waving her good hand in a complicated pattern. Ghostly images of the Lost Legions appeared behind her, flickering between their living, angelic forms and that of winged wraiths.

“Want to be a god?” She asked. “Then let those who died for your kingdom honor you!” 

As she pointed, the ghostly angels dived towards the false god in ones and twos. Being hit by them would cause pain, terror, and deep remorse to grip the heart. Dozens made it ahead of Yevgani’s Holy bomb, but the flow was cut off by the radiant Holy power.

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- Ahriman Umbra, Corrupted Aspect of Devastation, Paragon of an Unbalanced Mind - Isopolis, City of Isolation -

Even through the eyes of madness, the newly christened Ahriman Umbra could see that this would become too much for him in no time at all. Helios had transformed into a great snake, entrapping the Fused Deity in a coil as to enable further damage from the greater, dazzling attacks headed his way. But it would not end like this...

"Not...like...this!!" Ahriman screeched as he immediately gripped Helios by his neck, screaming as he pulled with all his might at the reptilian, either relinquishing his bite or he would lose his fangs and be found face to face with a frenzied Ahriman, who bared his teeth at the Spriggan and spat the following:

"You've been a thorn in my side too long, shapeshifter!" Ahriman declared with venom as he would go on to wring Helios's neck, which would force him to let go with high probability of snapping his vertebrae. Even if that didn't kill him, Ahriman felt sure tossing him into Yevgeni's Holy would do the job and so he did, letting the reptilian loose without so much as a second glance, instead looking to Soren, who had survived the barrage from earlier, only suffering minor wounds and knockback onto the ground, picking himself up as Ahriman eyed all others before addressing them swiftly.

"As have you all...! But no longer!!" With this, the desecrated God let loose a tirade of energy bolts from his body, which would seek everyone present as to hurt them and stun them, even Yevgeni, for Nergal no longer held any sway over Ahriman Umbra, not even a slight proclivity, neither did Odin. Then he would take off into flight above the warriors, the singularity behind him began to glow as he gathered power to his hands lowered to his sides, speaking an incantation.

"May this blanket halt your tricks, then I'll kill you just for kicks! Hahahahaha!" It was actually totally needless for him to say this, if only to taunt his foes, but what came next was far from deranged rambling or a trick: Ahriman extended his right arm toward the singularity and his left to the group, channeling power to the rift and preparing to focus it upon them all.

"Aspect's Decree: Greater Suppression Field! Your special attacks are now forfeit!!" Releasing the energy through the singularity and his hand, Ahriman cast this spell, polluting the air with Magic Suppressant that would be sustained by said rift for as long as the battle lasted, preventing even the most empowered Fey from casting greater spells like Holy or calling the wrath of the Gods. The field immediately got to work, erasing Yevgeni's persistent Holy Spell regardless of what happened to Helios, banishing the elemental Gods and bringing an end to Eclaire's melodramatic flair. They would still be able to attack Ahriman and deal significant damage, but anything above a combination or mid-tier spell would be quashed by the persistent Suppression Field.

But the stakes were about to get higher once again, for Ahriman would take this opportunity to dash at high speeds toward the group and in one smooth motion, he would snatch the Lamp of Rufus Contralto and retreat a safe distance, clutching it close, yet gloatingly as he laughed to himself, looking to the Djinni with a maddened grin.

"Great and mighty Djinni, heed my wish! I only have the one for myself..." In a strange moment of sincerity, Ahriman's crazed smile faded into a contemplative glare. "I wish that no matter what happens on this day...that my divine spirit will endure, even should I perish or be lost to time for a moment. This world needs the Aspect...this world needs Ahriman...one way, or another. Make it so!" He declared, then he came over all devilish and delighted again.

"My second wish...!" He shouted, seeming poised for a revelation of a minor deception...but simply lowered his arms and sighed deeply. "Ahh, I've lost interest in this. Rufus, I wish for your freedom from this lamp and your existence as a Djinni! Make! It! SO!" This was no mere loss of interest, but an affirmation that there would be no further wishmaking, for Ahriman's two wishes were what would be necessary to ensure the Djinni's freedom, so he let go of the lamp, to either let it do its thing required to free him or just to clatter to the ground, followed by more laughter from Ahriman, as he snapped his fingers, causing several parts of the City of Isolation in the distance to explode into a torrent of darkness and fire, only for intimidation, as Ahriman's actual next attack was a little more devious.

"Now...time for another death, I think~" Ahriman uttered, pointing a finger at Eclaire, concentrating pure energy into the tip of the finger and letting it loose; Firing off a precise, homing beam that would pierce through Eclaire's heart should it make its mark and should she do nothing about it. As she was avoiding this, or dying, Ahriman tilted his head at the others present. "Aww, let's make it a few more, shall we?! I'll send you ALL to Shiva!!" With this scream, he released a barrage of these beams, but they were not homing, but just as deadly and to top it off: Explosive upon impact with the ground, at Mariel, Yevgeni, the unconscious Alderon, Rhea, Xion and Arthynn, as to put an end to their tripe.


- Soren Monroe, the Despairing Sentinel, Demonic Form -

Throughout all of this, Soren could only watch as Helios was tossed aside, seemingly left for dead as the Holy Spell closed in on him, too fast for Soren to do anything about it, who could only unconsciously extend a hand as the shapeshifter was left to his fate...one Soren simply couldn't bear to look at any further, actually turning away at the last second, his breaths a mixture of sobs and enraged heaving, as he looked up to Ahriman when addressed, only to suffer the Magic Suppressant in the air, meaning he couldn't do anything grand or even his Self-Explosion attack.

"...Ahriman...I...I...I WILL KILL YOU!" Soren bellowed, flames rising all around his body and the Blade of Cinder as he slammed the blade to the ground beside him, dragging it behind him as he charged toward the Fused Deity, who had just lowered himself to a a ground level hover when his barrage was released.

(Phew. Long one, I know. lol But to be specific: No one can use attacks like Holy, Long and Dark December's beam attack, the Lost Legions, Avalon Salvation or anything else exceedingly powerful. And those mentioned among others have been nullified by the casting of the Field, which will actively halt any further super attacks. You can still physically attack, use magic, some powerful attacks and spells, but anything on a grand scale can no longer be performed. But your power is still as great as before, so you will still pack a punch and be durable to boot. Give him hell, guys.)

Edited by Nero Kunivas

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{Mariel: Isopolis} 

The Blood Angel growled as Ahriman used his suppression field.

”Little coward!” She hissed. “Your might not good enough to face our full wraith?”

She still had her charged up Light, so she used part of it to increase her speed, nearly teleporting next to Ahriman. She punched at him with her augmented might  while also scything at his legs with a wing  to trip him up and give Soren a clearer shot.

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Arthynn-Isopolis vs Ahriman

Noticing Helios being tossed into Yevgeni’s attack by Ahriman, Arthynn quickly slides in between the attack and the mad god, catching Helios with the leviathan’s jaws. He manages to escape the incoming light, however, Yevgeni’s assault scrapes a few scales off of the beast’s tail. “That’s going to leave a mark.”

The Levithian held Helios within it's jaws, the Fey only concious by pure willpower alone. "We are not done yet." Arthynn would see Ahriman send out another attack, beams falling from the sky with devastating power. "Damn!" Arthynn hissed, the Levithian hissing as they began to manuver across the field, away from the beams to avoid them. Arthynn would search for Aura, hurrying to her side before the Levithian opened it's jaws, slowly placing the broken Shapeshifter down on the ground. Once their passenger was safe, they were no longer carrying anything to hold them back.

Knowing that their powerful magic is useless with Ahriman’s suppression field, Jynn thinks of a strategy. “Our powers are limited........... But our strength is not. In this form, we can take some more beatings from him than any of our other allies. I think I know what we can do. I must ask, are you prepared to feel some slight burns?”

Arthur would let out a sigh, a bit if the electricity cracking around. "I'm ready for everything we can give. Let's do it."

Upon those words, Jynn makes the creature use a drill like formation on its lips to drill its way underground. Using the power of flame Alicia provided, it melts the rock into elastic magma with flame aura. Seconds later, it would somersault into the air from the hole it dug, covered in splashes of lava, with a sword like formation on its tail. It lands on all fours and uses spits of cold water to cool down the magma on its body, and turns it to rock, hardening on the beast’s skin, and acting as a hard rocky shield on certain body parts. The sword like tail was still scorching hot, but was cooled enough to keep a solid form. 

After a beam sent by Ahriman strikes the beast’s new rocky shell, Arthynn leaps high in the air and slams his tail down on Ahriman, hoping to crush the false god.




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--Yevgeni Malachite – Isopolis

His attacks were getting him nowhere with the self-proclaimed god.  Like everything else that Yevgeni launched at Ahriman, his magic was negated, only this time it was more costly–no one else could cast powerful magic either.  And it didn't seem like it would be returning anytime soon.

The elf let out a ragged sigh, the energy expended from his usage of Holy taking its toll on him.  From his battle alongside Nergal, followed by the battle against Nergal, and now this, his magic stores were nearly depleted, his energy spent.  Stealing a glance at his fellow comrades indicated that everyone else was feeling similar.  Would they truly fail at stopping Ahriman?

Not long was Yevgeni able to consider this, as Ahriman sent out his beams, one of which was headed in his direction.  He quickly threw out a deflective shield made from holy light.  The beam bounded against it, and projected back in Ahriman's direction, albeit weaker than when he had been the recipient.  There was no time that he could spare to intercept with the others, however.  Not even King Alderon, who could not defend himself.

It seemed like they were fighting a losing battle, and the elf couldn't help but feel defeated.  He noticed the broken spriggan only several feet from himself, whom he skirted over toward and placed a hand on his neck.  A green aura encircled his hand and poured forth from his palm, penetrating Helios' wound and slowly spiraling around him.  He would not be able to erase the damage that had been done, but he at least hoped to save Helios' life.

An attempt to atone for the many that he had already taken.

--Elia Cabret, Athena, and Alderon Niles -- Releasing Arrow of Fate--

Elia was alongside Alderon, treating his broken nose when the blast came hurtling down on them.  It was fast, and powerful.  Elia leapt up and thrust both hands in front of her, amber flames assuming the shape of a clock pouring forth from her palms.  The beam stopped, hovering a mere foot from her open hands, responding to her time magic placed upon it.  While time was stopped, she grasped Alderon's arm and pulled with all of her might, hoping to get him out of the line of fire while her magic was holding the beam in place.

A set of stronger arms aided her, and together they had Alderon several yards away before the blast struck the ground, sending carved marble sky-high to land in a heap around them.  Elia glanced over to see the human princess panting hard, auburn locks falling untidily over her shoulder.

"Thanks," Elia said.  "Without you, I would've been a goner."

"No, thank you," Athena insisted.  "Without your aid, my father would've been killed.  I am truly grateful."

The two looked over at the deranged god, wreaking havoc everywhere he trod.  He seemed careless now.  Reckless.  It seemed to matter not what happened to them, so long as they all perished.  A tear rolled down Athena's cheek as her gaze turned to the purple mad god.  "It's useless; we're done for.  There is no way that we can stand up to something of that ferocity."

Elia's expression matched Athena's, sans the tear.  She took a heavy step forward, single wing drooped at her side.  Her raven locks framed her face as she turned her face up to Ahriman.  "It's not over yet," she said, all joy and playfulness gone from her voice.  Her gaze was hard, as though something within the kind, bubbly fairy snapped.  "He has taken too much from us, and we won't let him get away with this.  He will pay!"  With that, Elia sprung forward, running since her flight had been snatched from her.  She ran up a broken pillar, kicked off of a frail wall, and hovered in midair using Stopga.  Timing an arrow and taking careful aim toward Ahriman's armpit, she let an arrow fly.  This arrow was unlike the others, however.  Imbued in it was time magic, haste of sorts, but not of the kind to be smiled upon.  If this arrow met its mark, it would induce rapid speed, or in this specific case: rapid decay.  It might take minutes, or hours, or even a day, but in time Ahriman would decay inside, and, eventually, disintegrate.

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~Aqua: Too Lazy to be creative (again): The Wrapped City of Isolation~
Aqua had moved away from the fight to the back of the group. She had decided not to attack as she thought of a way to make her magic more useful to the fight, each idea she had was dismissed as too risky, unmanageable, or too magically taxing. She was, however, pulled out of her thoughts by Ahriman's sudden outburst into true and sudden madness. She couldn't say she wasn't a little surprised by it. She wanted to do more but had didn't have the time to think about it anymore. Aqua could see that some of the other's had already reacted to the situation.  She used all the magic she had to create barriers around all present (but not the God wannabe.) She found herself suddenly exhausted and couldn't help but give in to her body's need to rest. She fell into a dreamless sleep as her body fell to the ground with a dull thud.
(Sorry, it's so short >.< )

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- Helios - /w everyone else - Isopolis: City of Isolation -



Helios coiled around Ahriman's body tightly, refusing to let go as he put all of his strength into it all. All that he had left. Yet he would let go of Ahriman, leaving behind a bloody bite mark as he was pulled off the wannabe god. As he was pulled off, smoke would cover him once more, reverting back to his normal form as blood dripped down his throat like a fountain. He gritted at Ahriman, spitting a bit of blood at his face. He stared at Ahriman in the eyes, and he could see; Raiden was long gone. There was nothing left within. Merely rage and madness. He would be thrown straight into the incoming attack, closing his eyes as he prepared for his end. But he would be spared. The Lightning Leviathan would spare his life, catching him in time to carry him away from the chaos of the attacks as the suppression field took hold. He can't see straight. All he feels is the warmth of the Leviathan leaving him as he is placed on the ground beneath. His skin is bruised and cut, his hair bloodied as his throat had been ripped wide open. There was a single clawed opening as the skin around his neck, up his jaw and down to his collarbones had burned inside out into a grey color. Broken skin, broken bones, and too exhausted to fight, even as he tried to sit up and continue. He felt Yevegni attempt to heal him, feeling the blood flow lessening as his skin was trying to be tied back together. He tried to speak, only to choke on his own blood. That is another thing that Yevegni gifted him, feeling the blood clear his airway as he took a deep breath, starved of it for too long. The stubborn spriggan would force himself to try and sit up, turning his head to see Ahriman wish his final wishes. The final battle seemed to be ending, and they were losing. They couldn't give up just yet, could they? He tried to speak again, but only a wheeze escaped. His vision was drifting in between clear, doubled and blurry as he watched the fight go on. The world around him spun as the ground shook at every powerful attack landed and deflected alike by this point numbed by the pain, closing his eyes to rest the ache in them. Was this place always this cold?

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- Aura, Rabiyu and Sifrei - Isopolis: The City of Isolation -

The attack against the last clone of Ahriman was a success as it was erased from the world. But the fight was not over yet. Eclaire had given them another boost for a final attack against the so called god.

"This will be our strongest shot," Rabiyu said as she pointed her bow towards Ahriman, "focus on the bow, allow yourself to give it you power,"
Sifrei put his hand on the elf's shoulder, Aura did the same. An arrow made of light appeared in the bow, getting brighter and brighter as the white haired elf waited for the perfect moment to attack. And there it was! The moment she was waiting for when the God gave a small window of opportunity to get shot.

"Begone, False God!" Rabiyu yelled, "You do not belong in this world!"

The arrow was released, like a streak made of light flying towards Ahriman. Powerful, capable of piercing his heart if Lady Luck permitted it, but alas it was not to be. Ahriman had managed to steal Rufus's lamp and make a wish, only to discard the lamp moments later, and cast a suppression field around the battlefield. The trio's arrow of light quickly diminished until it faded away before reaching Ahriman. The suppression field was not the only reason for that, though.

"The Spriggan is dying! He is giving himself up so we may strike!"

Those words made Aura's confidence and resolve shatter, for it was her spriggan, her love, her Helios, that was offering his life to hold Ahriman down so the others could attack, and so, in the last second, her concentration faltered. Sifrei was looking at the god in the distance while Rabiyu was looking at her.

"Why did you hesitated, Aurora?" She asked, "This is not the time for-"

"You were going to hurt Helios!" Aura answered, "I was not going to let you do that."

"He did what he had to do to give us-"

"I don't care! I have lost a person close to me already, I wasn't going to lose another one."

Rabiyu didn't answered, she didn't have anything to say, she was trying to get rid of Ahriman, even if it meant hurting Helios in the process. At that moment the Levithian approached, leaving a wounded Helios before going back into the fight. While Aura couldn't really see that well, she did recognized Helios' scent, so she quickly ran to his side, only for Yevgeni to arrive and apply healing magic on him. She could see the Spriggan covered in blood, she could smell it all around him, and it hurt her heart.

"You have to heal him!" Aura said to Yevgeni as she kneeled next to Helios, "Do not let him die, please"

Sifrei and Rabiyu followed Aura. Rabiyu noticed the many wounds on the Spriggan's body, he was such a brave soul, and she had been ready, and willing, to extinguish that life in order to save the world below. Rabiyu motioned to Sifrei to follow her and help Yevgeni with the healing process, so both she and the Archangel walked next to blond elf and the spriggan and began to focus on helping Helios with his wounds with some healing magic. When Aura noticed that Helios was trying to sit up she helped him, trying to avoid causing him pain.

"I thought that I was going to lose you too," Aura said as she hugged Helios, no matter if she ended up covered in blood, "I don't want to lose another person dear to me. Not again."

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- Rufus, Free!~ -

Rufus rose to his feet, unsure of what to do with himself among the hyperpowered assaults on everyone.  He tried his best on Ahriman and found that he could not quash the magical strength of the man by much, just a small portion due to the immense strength of the Source.  However, things ended abruptly under the draining attribute of the magic suppression field, powers fading into nonexistence at times and others into paltry forms of what they once were.  As if things weren't bad enough, Ahriman snatched his much-hated lava lamp home and had the epiphany of making wishes upon it as well.  He swallowed hard as he felt the eyes of the mad deity lay hard on him, wishing two wishes he did not quite expect, one after the other as an act of defiance to everyone around him.

His hands moved against his volition, but his lips were fully his own.

"Had I a way to control exactly where your aspect will go after your death, I will send you to the greatest pit of hate out there where you will buddy-buddy with Mr. Flame!  Being as I can't, thou wicked proclaimer of wishes, your request is reluctantly given!"

With the smell of strawberry-flavoured donuts and sprinkles mixed with waxy vanilla candles, an audible "YEA, VERILY" could be heard before Ahriman would feel the tingling sensation of forever-ness, a quiet, quaint thing of assured survival.  The second wish, however, took him entirely by surprise, and his hands moved again in wild motions that drained him physically and mentally.

"No!  Not now!  I must . . . fight . . . by providing wishes for everyone against you!"

His pleas were for naught, however, as even though his will was strongly against it the driven forces of magicks beyond human ken were superior.  Great forces strained his body as he contorted and twisted.  In the end of five seconds, his shackles were broken, the tie from his hair ethereally connecting him with the lamp severed.  Now the lamp was just like any other, fragile, pathetic, and no longer glowing with life as the wax lava cooled and floated downwards.

Exhausted and pallid, lying on the ground panting, he raised his hate-filled eyes to meet Ahriman.  A hand outstretched, he aimed to quell his magical forces anew, and to his and perhaps Ahriman's surprise, he did very decently.  With his shackles off, he was able to channel the flow of magic more effectively, this time in the form of a siphon.

"Everyone, I can keep him just as restricted as we are for a time!" he piped to all who would listen, lifting himself sluggishly to his feet and moving backwards in an attempt to keep away from Ahriman.  He did not want to test exactly how mortal he was.  "Finish him before he finishes us!  Master of my prison for five seconds, your smug stupid dummy smugness will end soon!"

((Rufus now is free and can temporarily restrict Ahriman of 25-50% of his magical control, weakening his magical attacks and defenses.  Like Kuni said before, let 'im have it so we can grace a world free from a grinning false god.  The more physical and the trickier, the better, I daresay.  This restriction will begin at the start of everyone's attack on him, for added benefit for all.))

- Ahriman, One against Many -

Ahriman honestly could have cared less about the commentary tossed his way from Rufus (his eardrums were slowly healing from the damage from before, allowing him to hear muffled versions of everything said and , but he was not pleased by his slight restriction on his magic, feeling the sluggishness of energy as he attempted to force it to his whim.  No, not pleased at all.  What was the opposite of pleased?  Right.  Displeasure.  He had much of it.

Such displeasure was augmented when the forces of Soren, Mariel, and the beam attack intended for Yevgeni rushed towards him with driven resolve, Mariel first with a forceful punch which he parried with a sweep of his clenched arm, the attack sent high and its destructive forces spent mostly in the air but also on the impact area of his arm.  Said blow would end up as a wide and deep bruise, but the deflected beam came in and barrelled into him simultaneously as the scything motion of her angelic wing, tripping him up and burdening him with a great amount of damage on his lower torso, rattling his ribcage and readying him for an assault by the lover of cupcakes, Soren.

Falling awkwardly to the ground, he caught himself successfully shortly thereafter and put great effort into tripping up Mariel as well.  A hooking arm from his uninjured side swung intently towards Mariel's nearby leg to cause her to tumble, and he rushed to his feet in order to shield himself from Soren's wild strikes of his flaming sword with manifested Void and electric energies.  The knitted shield was fragile at best, and the heavy blows of the greatsword battered the shield deeply as well as his arm.

Both arms injured by this two-pronged strike, Ahriman backed off with a look of frustration, his eyes darting towards everyone around him as he prepared his open hands for anything and everything inbound toward him (he lost his greatsword in his mad dash for Rufus' lava lamp).  The lava beast known as Arthynn burst out of a nice pool of melted rock and cooled itself enough to keep it as rock armour, then rallied a tail swipe after a leap into the air.  Ahriman did what any right- or wrong-minded fleshy being would do, rushing away from the scaly behemoth with a mighty backwards leap that now loomed overhead with lava dribbling down it and hardening.  He snarled as much as the beast, eyes filled with irritation.

"Die, beastie-boy!" he bellowed, raising his hands into the air and aiming a manifesting body of Void magic and malevolence to form over Arthynn's head, the intent to smash him from above with a crushing force that will explode soon afterwards under great pressure and eat into the combined form's armour enough to attack their real bodies.  Blocking would be difficult but possible, as it was solid, but avoidance was probably the better option.

That's when Elia, with her haste-bound arrow, proved extremely, extremely valuable.  The kicked-off shot, further enforced by extreme precision from Stopga, launched the strike true to Ahriman's underarm, stabbing with full force into the fragile area and penetrating between ribs.  That was not even half of the danger, however, as the bound spell unleashed within him, hasting his cellular regeneration and deterioration and expending massive amounts of energy within him as a result.  He howled in pain and rage as the fought with the arrow, wresting it from the wounded area, but it was too late.  The surging power within him would not leave, not without waiting the allotted period of time until it ends or it was nullified entirely.  But how would he do so?  He did not have a single idea, not within Odin's vast amount of procured knowledge, nor within the many, many years of experience from Nergal.  Ahriman was left to his own devices here, but could he manage such an act while fending off against all these individuals.

Breathing laboured, he glanced angrily at the wounded fairy, snarling in rage.

"I will kill you in the worst way, diminutive fey, and all your kind, and all here!  Forget the plan!  None shall be spared now!" he shrieked venomously, manifesting five beams of light pronging from all five fingertips of his extended hand.  While low in power thanks to Rufus and the consumed energy within him by Elia's magic, they rocketed off at Elia.  She could dodge, but they would not be enough to break through Aqua's barrier magic even if they did reach her.  If such happens, Ahriman would look dumbfounded at the results, leaving him open for further attacks.

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–Yevgeni Malachite–

The elf's gaze flickered up toward Aura's somber face, expression softening.  "I am doing everything in my power to save him," Yevgeni responded, focusing his attention back on the fey once more.  While the bleeding had stopped, he was certain that Helios would still be weakened due to what already was lost, something that he could not replenish with his low-tier healing spells alone.  The spriggan was quick to rise, which Yevgeni halted by moving his hands from Helios' neck and, gripping him by the shoulders, attempting to force him back down.  "No, you have received enough damage for one day," he smarted off.  "There may still be some internal bleeding that I am not detecting.  As much as you want Ahriman gone like the next person, you will have to wait it out on the sidelines, lest you receive anymore harm and"–he jerked his head toward Aura, who helped him sit as Yev released him–"break this poor girl's heart."

Not that he would know anything about requited love and heartbreaks, though it seemed in poor taste to do to Aura.  The elf rose, glancing toward Rabs and Sifrei.  Color was drawn from his face, though he seemed otherwise well.  "What is your take on this?" he asked Rabiyu.  "Forgive me for being blunt, but we are fighting a losing battle.  We are getting weaker, while he only rises in power."  

Yevgeni glanced down at his gloved hands, clenching them tightly into fists before him.  "It saddens me to say that this is all because of me.  brought us all here, and made Nergal feel obliged to aid me.  Now he's gone, became . . . this"–he gestured toward the false god and shook his head–"why is it when I only try to make things better, things only magnify for the worse?  Am I cursed?"

--Elia Cabret--

A wide smile radiated upon the raven-haired fairy's face, and she couldn't help but do a fist pump in excitement.  "All right, score!" she cried out, just before Ahriman really started to get angry.  Her eyes widened as he unleashed his fury upon her, faster than she could possibly defend herself from.  Her dear friend Aqua really saved her life, for if it weren't for the protective barrier that she cast, she would have perished on the spot.  She threw her arms up in front of her face to defend herself, only to be surprised that she was still alive.

The barrier shattered upon all beams falling upon it, sending a flurry of golden shards to float around her like dandelion fluff.  Slowly the fairy lowered her arms, looking around for the person who cast the shield.  A wave of fear washed over her when she saw Aqua on the ground, seemingly unconscious.  "NOOO!  AQUA!" Elia screamed, darting over toward her unless Ahriman had another say on the matter.  She reached her and dragged the elf onto her lap, placing a dirt-stained hand on Aqua's pallid cheek.

"You have to be okay!  Stay with us!" She gently rocked her back and forth, stifling back a sob that threatened to well in her chest.  So much defeat.  So much death.  She couldn't take it anymore.  Life was just too cruel of a mistress.

--Athena Niles--To be Queen


The king of Sondon was still down.  It was plausible that he had received more than simply a broken nose from the granite faceplant that he'd endured from Ahriman tossing him.  Athena bit her lip.  It did no good for her to sit alongside her father to watch and wait, not when everyone was getting hurt all around her.  She brushed his hair back and kissed his forehead.  "Goodbye, Father."

With that the princess rose, a look of determination contorting her facial features into something menacing.  She broke out into a sprint, leaping onto ruined marble structures that had once been buildings until she found a rooftop.  Landing on it catlike, she regained her posture and charged forth toward the god, unsheathing her sword and leaping toward Ahriman's back.  She attempted to land on him, wrapping her legs around his massive neck as she tried to jab her steel sword at the base of his spine.  She may not be fey nor have any magic, but a severed head should still kill a god just as successfully without it. 

(she will liiiiikely get tossed on her head, too, like her father before her, but it was worth a shot!)

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- Helios - /w everyone else - Isopolis: City of Isolation -

Helios would sit up, feeling warmth against Aura's. He furrowed his brow, leaning against her. He was getting blood all over her, but for the moment, neither of them could care enough for it to be a worry. He felt the bleeding come to a halt, his burned throat slowly soothing as the hole was beginning to be sowed back together. Pieces of skin and muscle would slowly grow back. Though the damage had already been done. His skin had been bruised and burned to an ashen color, and it would leave a permanent scar for him to remember for the rest of his life. He tried to speak up again, but he couldn't speak up. Not in his normal state. He pursed his lips, before looking down. He dipped his finger into the blood, before using it to write down on the stone below. 'I am sorry. I love you.' He wrote, though the writing was shaky. He felt the ground shake once more, looking up as the fight went on. He gritted his teeth, digging his nails onto the ground. He was out of energy, and yet he needed to continue. He forced himself to speak as he looked up at his healers, the taste of blood on his tongue. But he couldn't get a single word out, damn it. He closed his eyes, forcing himself to focus. Telepathy usually worked for him when in his animal forms, but he would have to force himself to use it here. He tried, gritting his teeth as his ears would sharpen, a pair of stag horns growing on his head. He panted for breath, once again forcing his body to change beyond the laws that a shapeshifter should use. He was breaking each and every law possible. Laws that the gods would punish him for eventually. He looked up, the stag horns small, curving upwards as he looked up at his healers, speaking without moving his mouth. "Heal what you can of me, but the battle is not over." He spoke. "Once the bleeding stop, we have to start again. Let us not stall." He turned to Aura. "We still have a war to win." He turned to Yevegni, bearing his teeth. "It does not matter what brought us here. It only matters of how it will end. Get out there and make up for your mistakes, and stop this false god from destroying all you tried to protect! If we are to die in this losing battle, then we shall die fighting!"

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Arthynn-Isopolis vs Ahriman

"...beasty boy? Is that really the best he could come up with?"

Arthynn would disregard it anyways, watching as the damned god would dodge the shattering attack. The whole ground would shake at the landing of their attack. The grand beast would pull its tail back up, hissing as they looked over at Ahriman. They saw him rise into the air, and use he void as his weapon, bringing it down on them. They could try and block it, but it would be much too risky. They could end up being crushed into nothing if they tried, and there would be no turning back. Arthynn would quickly fly out of the way, barely missing the void as they could feel the burn on the end of their tail. Their armor cracked under the massive force, a bit of the tail exposed, but nothing too big to worry for. They had more to worry about. They saw an opening, and they went for it again. No time to waste!

“Rufus is limiting his power. Now’s our chance.” Arthynn places the sword like tail in between his jaws, emitting a loud screech. The blade started to glow yellow from the beast’s fiery breath. As soon as the entire blade was molten, Arthynn let’s go and performs a large spinning slash towards Ahriman. Embers would shoot out from the spin, regardless if Ahriman dodges or not.



Dawson and Bherna-vs Ahriman

Meanwhile, Bherna casts a wind aura, and casts blizzaga as well, sliding on the icy trail left behind towards Ahriman. As soon as she gets close, she jumps and twirls her glaive in attempts to slash at Ahriman. Dawson leaps towards Ahriman alongside Bherna and performs some slashes with his sword, as well as a large pair of claws. Bherna’s wind aura would push back Ahriman’s physical advances, but thanks to Aqua’s barrier, she and Dawson were somewhat safe from his magic as well, especially since Rufus is limiting the false god’s powers. They both create a gap between them and Ahriman to let Arthynn’s attack connect.

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- Aura, Rabiyu and Sifrei - Isopolis: The City of Isolation -

Aura remained quiet for a moment, reading what Helios had written on the ground with his blood. He loved her, and she loved him as well. She nodded in understandment to what Helios said.

"I understand, we still need to take down that pretentious wannabe of a god." She said quietly, "just...just be careful."

"It is just as he said, Yevgeni. It doesn't matter what brought us here. We have to focus on finishing it," Rabiyu answered Yevgeni as she still focused on healing Helios, "You made mistakes, and so did I, so did many, if not all, who conform this group. We failed to see the consequences of our actions, either good or bad, and for that, we must atone. But let us finish this so-called god first before we can try to make up for those mistakes."

Rabiyu's magic was slowly reaching her limit after her blackout, in which she didn't remember what she did, and summoning the elemental spirits, she had to save some of her arcane power just in case it was needed. She once again pointed her bow at Ahriman, looking for an opening.

"Mond, Aurora, allow me the use of your arcane energy once more. My own is almost at its limit and I rather save it, just in case," She said calmly, "I will try to do the same attack as before. It will be weaker, obviously, but still strong enough to cause some damage if it hits its mark."

Sifrei's healing magic stopped as he stood up and walked towards the white haired elf. He put his hand on her shoulder and focused on transferring some of his own power to her bow. Aura remained with Helios a little longer, taking deep breaths to calm herself. After a few seconds she also walked next to Rabiyu and held her sword closer to the bow. Rabiyu's bow produced another arrow made of light ready to be fired at Ahriman, it was just a matter of time for an opening to appear. Rabiyu could hear Rufus' voice in the distance. Apparently he had managed to suppress some of his power, which was a good thing, as Elia's own arrow had found its mark, making the god angry at her, if his multiple attacks were any indication. This gave Rabiyu the perfect opening to also shoot her arrow towards Ahriman in an attempt to hit between his ribs with her arrow of light.

"Now!" Rabiyu said as Ahriman launched his attack towards Elia.

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-Eclaire, Xion, and Rhea-


Xion cursed and backwinged, riding the explosion up to gain altitude and unleash a few Dark Firas, peppering Ahriman. Rhea did the same, holding Bradamante with both hands.

"Holy Spirit!" She cried out, sending a blast of light at Ahriman to mix with the Dark Firas.


Eclaire...her instincts saved her. Her mind frozen in shock at his suppression field destroying her last offensive option. But then the laser banked around, and she had to move...and everything just...clicked.

"IS THAT ALL YOU HAVE, AHRIMAN? FOR THE ASPECT OF DESTRUCTION, ALL I SEE IS A LITTLE LIGHT!" She roared. "This is just some exercise! Can a God only manage a single bolt? It makes sense, you needing to suppress my power! You fear our full wrath, our full might! You must resort to trickery!" She laughed, oh did she laugh, dodging the laser. "If this is your best than why did I ever worry!?"

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- Henry - A broken man's last stand - Final Battle -

It all happened so quick, Ahriman lashing out, Rhea handing him the lamp, only for it to be snatched away before he could do anything, why didn't his time power kick in? why?! was he too tired? he could not begin to imagine why, then the anti magic field came, which shut down a bit of Henry's aura, the thing keeping him on a unstable lifeline as he so desperately clung to life, he had so little left to give...but he would give it his all.

The emergence of the field sent Henry to his knees as he stood silent, his mouth began to fill with blood, so did his left eye. A hand on the ground for unsteady support, if it weren't for Aqua's protection, he would have surely been torn apart by the laser barrage, that would had been preferable to the state he now found himself in. Less Aura to maintain him, and the power ever consuming of his body, through shaky body and spirit, he slowly rose up, his mouth closed as to not drip blood, he swallowed it back in, a look of pure contempt on his expression, spitting the leftover blood aside. He slowly moved foward. Looking at Elia entering the fight, he did not know what to think. "E...Elia..." He could only mutter in his dazed state as he soon recollected himself.

"I refuse to let a being such as you rule...I will not allow it...this world has no need for gods such as you!" His voice cracked as he would then suddenly speed up, his aura channeling to increase his speed as he would take advantage of Ahriman's distractions during the others's attacks and his now debuffed state. Only after all their attacks had connected or had been avoided would he act.

His aura glowing a bright blue, as he would circle Ahriman, attempting to grab him by the waist with both his arms and suplexing him onto the ground below, a suplex powerful enough to crack the floor, if succesful Henry would recover quick enough to turn around and deliver a kick to Ahriman's face which would then send him an even longer distance away, preferably at a pillar. He faced Ahriman with the expression of someone who was ready to die to achieve what he needed, no more needed to be said. 

If anyone cared enough about him, they could feel his life force...or what was left of it and his soul, waning and flickering away like a light in a storm. His fate was sealed.


- Alastor - The Storm Lord -

After Henry's move on Ahriman, whether it worked or not, Alastor would follow up on the distracted Ahriman with his lightning speed, turning into lightning as he traveled the distance, Zweishock in hand, his wind sillhouetes now gone due to the field, he jumped into the air as he brought Zweishock down in a stabbing motion, attempting to impale Ahriman, easily avoidable but that was the plan, upon stabbing Zweishock to the ground he grabbed his wind sword, Storm Quell, as he began slashing towards Ahriman, each slice sending a high pressure wind shockwave toward the false god as the last attack he would let go of the sword, sending it aside as he would then extend his hand to grab his lightning sword, Lightning Lord as he would then turn into Lightning again, Zweishock would then glow as well, turning into lightning and directing itself at Alastor as he would travel above Ahriman again, reappearing with both weapons in hand as he would proceed to slam them down at him, a lightning bolt falling from the sky to accompany his attack.

Landing or not, the attack would release a strong explosion in its surroundings, both wind and lightning combined, leaving a small crater on Alastor's feet. Upon finishing Alastor only turned to Ahriman, released Lightning Ruler into the wind behind him to float beside him as he held Zweishock in his hands. Silently judging Ahriman's state with pure contempt.


(Only Alastor and Henry for now).


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{Mariel: Isopolis}

The Blood Angel straightened up from her attack on Ahriman, prepare to attack her prone target, but his leg sweep was quicker than anticipated. She landed hard on her back, quickly rolling away. As she rolled, her weight came upon her injured left arm. For a brief moment, the pain was able to eclipse the adrenaline and anger. A muffled grunt escaped her lips as she came to a stop. She carefully got up, taking a moment to take something stock of herself. 

While the Sanguis Vindicta along with the healing magics of Sifrei and Typhon kept her going, Mariel's body was still in need of recuperation from the near fatal strikes from Yevgeni. Plus the new wounds from the false god, she would need some series time to recuperate after this. She could hold off the feelings of weakness and pain, but that didn't change the fact that her body couldn't keep this up. Pushing herself to death didn't concern the Blood Angel, but doing so without insuring that the power mad combined being was stopped wasn't acceptable.

Though Ahriman's spell kept her from calling on the Lost Legions directly, Mariel could still feel the specters of her fallen comrades with her. Through emotions and images, some were trying to get her to do something with her power. But what she was shown she didn't know how to do. Not any more. A clear voice of Asmodel called for more blood, to get in there and rip Ahriman apart bare handed. Mariel managed to resist this urge with what felt like the help of some of the others. 

"No." She thought. "Have to make use of mind. Save brawn."

Getting up, the Blood Angel took to the sky. Light danced around her as she gained height. Positioning herself almost directly above Ahriman, she fired off a barrage of Light Bolts at her foe, empowered by the Wish. 

"If that doesn't work." She thought. "We may have to test this barrier's strength."

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- Ahriman Umbra, Corrupted Aspect of Devastation - Isopolis, City of Isolation, A God's Mistake -

The Fey that stood against Ahriman did not relent, despite their plights, their injuries and potential deaths...they just. Wouldn't. Give. Up. And in a single moment, Ahriman truly faltered for what felt like an eternity. He lost his concentration, his vision was a haze of weakness for that one second and he was punished for it...hard. Every projectile fired hit its mark, knocking him back ever so slightly with each impact, the human Princess assaulted the Fused Deity, her blade embedded into his spine before he could react, though he was able to grab a hold of her legs and toss her violently to the ground, then he would charge at her, grabbing her by the head, lifting her and once more slamming her into the ground as he flew, potentially grinding it across the dirt before lobbing her at his opponents. Whether this succeeded or not didn't matter, because he soon found himself being suplexed by Henry with such force that it cracked the ground beneath him.

Despite being a dead man walking, Henry's attack did its damage, as did the follow up kick into Alastor's own barrage. Each and every blow from Alastor send ripples into his soul, even to the remnants of those who once made him, ultimately leading into Alastor's finisher move: A downward slam that formed a crater on impact and sent Ahriman flying across the room in an embarassing, painful tumble, from which he did not get up from for a few moments. In rage, after shaking his head, Ahriman roared, energy flying out from his body like a shield to stop Mariel's Light Bolts, though this did little to embolden him, for when the God rose to his feet, he stumbled and for a while, he was seeing in double and breathing heavily.

It would soon become clear to the others that Ahriman Umbra was...awry. His body began subtly shifting at first, but this was soon followed with unstable bursts of various energies from his body and his aura was visually distorted. Ahriman looked to his right hand, turning it over as he saw himself becoming...transparent, for a few moments, parts of his skin disappearing to bare his skeleton and small cracks began to form along his muscles, the points of greatest tension...the battle had finally taken its toll...Ahriman was dying.

Yet even as he spat golden blood, Ahriman clenched said fist and glared at his foes. "Y-You...think this is over...?" He began, his derangement seemingly abiding for this period so he could speak to them from the heart. "...I promised...deliverance. To destroy this world and have it begin anew, elevating you all to the status of Angels if you stood with me...! Instead...y...you would've assured but one thing...that all things...would perish for your transgression! NEVER TO RETURN!" Ahriman bellowed, having seemingly become sick of the sight of Fey and Humans, wishing them all to simply begone as his power began to consolidate.

"...but...so long, as this world exists...so long as you continue to fight, to live...to breathe....you remind me of the strength, the valour that I sought to preserve...my hate of you is misplaced." He suddenly said in a calmer tone, showing that he was simply venting a few moments ago, even his expression become softer for a few moments of calm reflection, though he would soon huff once more and go on.

"Instead, I say to you now...now...cough, that this world...needs Ahriman...and I will not die...on this day! ...NOT TODAY!"

With renewed vigour, Ahriman screamed as he powered up, unleashing every ounce of strength within, even that which no living being could access without dying: His own Life Force. Combined with his truly divine power, Ahriman focused enough of this power into his fist, violent crackles of energy were erupting from it just before he slammed it to the ground, cracking it, but not as Henry or Alastor had done a few minutes ago.

Instead, the warriors would be horrified to realise that the cracks were in fact in the world itself, spreading quickly across the ground, all the way to the city in the distance...and then across the distorted skies above them, finally coming to a point directly above them...before shattering completely.

- Reality's Subsidence -


Ahriman had sundered reality itself, opening himself and the warriors to the Fabric of Reality itself, with no ground to stand upon, and no Suppression Field to inhibit them, they would all find themselves in freefall down an endless, fantastical abyss full of a myriad of energies, colours and flashes of events that had once occurred...they would see images in motion, of the Second Great War, of Shiva's demise, the creation of Ahriman and even the memories of all present, including those that hurt to remember, along the folds of this abyss.

Ahriman now, was directly ahead of them and keeping himself in a stable fall with his burning wings, preparing himself for one last hurrah against his enemies.

"You have been worthy adversaries! Now come, heroes! Come! And DIE for your Worlds!!" Ahriman declared, preparing to unleash a great barrage of attacks, all at the cost of his life, to slow or stop them entirely: Fireballs, Projections of his Wings, Swords, Laser beams, Energy Mines, Electrical blasts, imitations of Indignation would be scattered here and there, Divine Projections of Triangles that acted as traps, which would cause massive damage to those who fell prey to them, Time Snares that would slow them and Portals to the Dark Void, which would consume those who fell into them, losing them forever to the Dark Realm, being the most dangerous things that approached them as a veritable maelstrom of chaos...standing between them...and Ahriman.


- Soren Monroe, the Sentinel, Demonic Form - Reality's Subsidence -

Like everyone else present, Soren found himself in freefall into the endless abyss that none of them should've ever witnessed in their eternal lifetimes, which would either send them mad or into the clutches of despair and misery.

But in a few precious moments before Ahriman launched his attacks, Soren remembered something, as time seemed to slow down...his promise to the Shades of Isopolis, to the shrine itself and in essence, to those he had lost...to be a resolute, unflinching Sentinel. To protect and rally his allies in this time of desperation...and to die for them if need be. Soren's perception of time resumed as he righted himself in midair and called out to all present.

"Everyone! Do not fear! This is our chance! Ahriman is on his last legs and our power is at its highest once more! Stand with me and we can finish this, comrades!! Whether we die today or not, we will kill him!" Soren belllowed, hellfire surrounding his body to protect himself as he looked directly to Yevgeni.

"Yevgeni! You wish to break this curse!? Make this count!" He addressed the elf without an inkling of hate, for now was not the time, instead he spurred him on, before focusing on the deranged God, wrenching the Amulet in his belly counter-clockwise, unleashing pure Demonic Power from his body as his limits were broken, he swiped his now empowered Blade of Cinder several times, sending crimson Sword Beams that would punch through the wave of projectiles to deal great damage to Ahriman.

(All right all right all right, it's time to end this, people. Ahriman has sent everyone into freefall into the folds between reality itself and now is the time to crush him for good. Your powers are no longer suppressed and he is vulnerable, but literally killing himself to finish you all off. Don't hold back and heed Soren's words: Kill him.)

Edited by Nero Kunivas

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It was time . . . .

The blond elf, caught in the same freefall, nodded in response to Soren's words.  He uttered an incantation and traced a glyph below them with his rapier, which glowed brilliant shades of fuchsia, yellow, and pink before solidifying below their feet.  A platform of holy light had been made, though it was not immune to their descent.  They still rushed past, but at least the heroes would have some footing.

"Ahriman," Yevgeni started, removing his gloves and bringing his glare to meet the falling god.  "Destruction of all is not what the world needs, nor what you need.  Without existence, what would you have?  Without hate, love, conflict, camaraderie . . . there is nothing.  And that, I am afraid, would leave you in a state of misery."

His magic was waning; the barrier underfoot was taking mass amounts of mana to withhold, and what he planned to do would exert him beyond his threshold.  He glanced over to Rabiyu, whom he stood alongside, his blond hair whipping his face as they rushed into nothingness below.  There were so many words he wanted to say, so many thoughts that could not make it to his tongue.  Instead he offered her a smile and grasped her hand tightly.

"Take him down," he murmured, swiftly bringing her hand to his lips where he implanted the faintest of kisses.  A custom in the world below, but was that all he intended?  Rabiyu would perhaps never know.

He then soared above the party, rising to Ahriman's level and looking the god in the eye.

"Your reign was short lived indeed, but it is now finished.  Say goodbye . . . to existence!"

Channeling his magic and that within the air, Yevgeni brought his hands close to his chest, making an intricate pattern with his wrists and fingers intwined.  A circle made from blinding light was formed, which shot forth from his body and encircled Ahriman.  This spell-binding circle would hold Ahriman and, if successful, would not permit the god to fight back as everyone let out their deathly blows.

Meanwhile there was little that Elia, Athena, and Alderon could do.  The human king was slowly coming to, awakening moments after the platform was formed.  Elia sat alongside him, Aqua in her arms, watching as the others did their work.  Without her flight and healing magic there was little that she could do.

Athena had taken quite the hit from Ahriman's clutches, meeting a similar fate to her father's as she collapsed in a bleeding heap near Arthynn.  She fell unconscious, the left side of her head oozing with blood as her lips grew pale.  Her left leg was also twisted in an unnatural fashion, likely indicating that it was broken.

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