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Kingdom Hearts II

    Original release date: 12/22/2005

Kingdom Hearts II is a sequel to Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories originally releasing on the PlayStation 2 in Japan (December 22, 2005), North America (March 28, 2006), Australia (September 28, 2006) and Europe (September 29, 2006). Kingdom Hearts II would later follow with a re-release, Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix exclusively in Japan on March 29, 2007 before being remastered in HD on the PlayStation 3 as Kingdom Hearts HD 2.5 ReMIX available worldwide. 

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  • Tagged From Our Community

    • By Power Jusho
      How many forms does Ansem, Seeker of Darkness have?
    • By polowogs
      Can Sora even do basic math??
      Answer: 42 Keyblades
    • By Allwil13
      Hey guys. So I'm at work right now (don't judge me; it's insanely dead and I'm suuuuuuper bored) and I was just browsing on the Kingdom Hearts wiki to pass the time when I learned something interesting. Apparently both Ava and Luxu from KHUX both have names derived from the latin words for two of the seven deadly sins (greed and lust, respectively). This intrigued me, and after I did some digging I learned that all of the Master of Master's apprentices have names like this: Invi is envy, Aced is sloth, Ira is wrath, and Gula is gluttony. Even more interesting is that apparently each foreteller's union has an animal that is associated with each sin (with the exception of Gula for some reason). This blew my mind, and I immediately suspected that the Master of Masters' true name must be derived from the latin word for pride, because that is the only sin missing here. 
      This got me thinking: do Sora and his friends mirror this trope? Maybe each guardian of light will represent a different deadly sin like the foretellers. What do you guys think? Have you noticed any other symbolism in the series? Do you think this will be expanded upon in Kingdom Hearts III, or do you think it's just kind of a cool connection?
    • By Power Jusho
      What time do you need to score to get S rank on Mushroom VI?
    • By 2 quid is good
      Looking at the new box art thread I noticed that the NA and EU ones are pretty much completely different! These games are over a decade old and we're still learning new things about them.
      EU Box Art:

      NA Box Art

      I think I prefer the eerie feeling of the NA one for KH1, but EU KH2 is hands down my fave.
      Did Australia and Japan have different covers too? Please let me know
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