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  1. or they ccould annocemt at the concet as well
  2. could this guy work on the remix of punpee rey of hope and since utada made remix of rey of hope with punpee maybe punpee hired this phi guy and he could be working punpee again on kh3
  3. looking at the the fan event and xv uncoverd tehy both are 80 minutes so i ownder if they going that our xv uncoverd event for kingdom hearts and if it is i hope they stream it
  4. I think it kairi he never said it a retuning or new world plus he keeping this person a secret as well
  5. again he never anything about next report being in 2018 i don't think going hold up on the world annocemts until 2018 when he want to reveal more up until the relase day and there not many events in 2018 besides d23.e3 and gamescon and maybe tgs
  6. that what not he said though he said the release date will be in anouce in 2018 not the next report will be in 2018 besides if he said the next report wont be until 2018 then how can reveal more worlds then the next ecent in 2018 would be d23 in japan then e3 then gamescon there not a lot event left to reval more worlds before it comes if it come out at the end of 2018 which ithink is maybe the case
  7. he never said the next report will be in 2018 — The release window for KH3 has finally been announced! 2018… Do you have anything more specific? Nomura: I’m not sure what else you’re expecting other than “Please wait” (wry smile)
  8. um some of this stiif is wrong Nomura: I’m not sure what else you’re expecting other than “Please wait” (wry smile) Nomura: With the amount of characters involved this time, the story is also becoming quite rich. Because of the chain of events so far, the number of both friend and foe have multiplied. There’s too many to even have them all assemble together in one place (wry laugh). Additionally, I can’t just let each character speak one line and just be done with.
  9. i could see stuff at tgs,jump festa and psx and i think the 2018 talking about the realse for kh3 not the next date for the news also something is off here how could he reveal worlds if the next report is in 2018 which is likey the japan d23 but this game come out at 2018 i reaher wait for the translation first
  10. does anybody know how nomura going reveal the person yet? that what i i wondering this quote here said he going to revel that person later but how?
  11. i dont know about i know marvel doing there own thing with there games but i'm not sure and im not sure if there a marvel game panel star wars battlefront 2 will be there or having there own thing as well
  12. no not really because i believe one they show the release year is show t proablly at d23 i think disney will start promting kh3 and we will see more words up to release date
  13. dan seto a commuity person from square enix said that we going to like the news from d23 so hmm?
  14. well cosidering i knew disney would want the publicty for kh3 if we get a rease date
  15. it not look they trailer going to be private for the concert if there new kh youtube will proablly uploadit on youtube besides nomura wont be at e3
  16. he ddidnt it say it would be revel on friday but would start promtiing ac for the trailer La semana que viene Ubi enseñará el primer tráiler de AC Origins a sus inversores y puede que empiecen con la promoción.
  17. would people people stop comparing kh to ffxv to different game to differnt director if anything is cut fro kh3 it would be summons,unfisjed worlds and next saga content nomura is not going to send out a game with a unfinshed game
  18. it hard to speculate where this photo take place in becuase it look like the skylark studio and the same time it doesn't so kh3 can't be rule out just yet
  19. i know but i just saying exapect hm to be differnt or not even the kh series lighting has a better chance then noctics though
  20. the thing about noctis if he in the game he might differnt for xv noctics or might not be in kh3 after all
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