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  1. Road to KH3: Complete.

    Reread all pre-release, Ultimania, post-release, etc. interviews: Complete.

    *inserts KH3*

    *logs off*

    1. teh lazy prince Xylek

      teh lazy prince Xylek

      you're doin gods work rob

  2. Rob's KH3 order from January 25, 2015 has shipped! It will arrive tomorrow!

    Road to KH3: Will finish DDD and rest of Union X tonight then play 0.2 when my order is out for delivery.

    1. teh lazy prince Xylek

      teh lazy prince Xylek

      Rob? THE rob? you're still around eh? x D

    2. Rob


      Yes. THE Rob drops by from time to time. haha

    3. teh lazy prince Xylek

      teh lazy prince Xylek

      bless you rob over a hundred but still checkin in on us x D

  3. Today is January 25. KH3 is finally out in Japan. Little did Rob know when he pre-ordered KH3 back on January 25, 2015 that it would be KH3's release date. These are the events that were destined to happen.

    Rob's Road to KH3: Started DDD yesterday.

  4. Rob's Road to KH3 update: Finished KH2 today.

  5. Today is 12/19. That means today is the perfect day for Rob to begin his "Road to KH3". Rob will now begin with the X series.

  6. They're really going to announce an Amazon world. Sora and co. get hired by Amazon and deliver items to customers homes. Then he has to fight a snowstorm heartless/nobody/unversed thats delaying his delivery and many more things.
  7. Rob would ask him about a KH anime. Ask him if he can ask Nomura about saving Stella from the darkness and put her in KH. Ask him what happened between 1.5's announcement in 2012 and KH3 announcement at E3. Ask him if KH will ever get a Cero B rating since other Disney games have gotten Teen ratings. Ask him to ask Nomura if Aqua will get her exposed back design again. Ask him about making the Japanese audio of 1.5, 2.5, 2.8 and 3 (At least 1, 2, BBS, DDD, Back Cover, 0.2, and 3) be available for download on PSN for overseas fans. Regarding the choices, Rob chose the one about unused content.
  8. Rob is following Nomura's plan for KH3, which began in 2012 and ended in 2017. PS4.
  9. Rob was hoping for the final game in the Xehanort saga to be Cero B/ Rated T. Wouldn't have been the first Disney owned game to be rated T (Tron Evolution).
  10. Just an old man stopping by to request dark theme.... or should Rob say XIII darkness theme.
  11. Rob will start his Road to KH3 in December, specifically, on his birthday or Christmas. He has to time this accordingly so that he can play 0.2 and KH3 on release day.
  12. Wow at the redesign. Good work. Rob is a genwunner (unofficially since he didn't sign up until 2010), so seeing the site from back then is nostalgic. Damn. Time moves fast. Rob was in his 90's back then. Thanks for adding the easy search option for the pages on the homepage. Now Rob can search for what he wants even quicker. Also, Rob has faith that the interviews section will return. Any chance for a dark theme?
  13. Happy 10th Anniversary to KH13. Thank you DC and Aaron. Rob stalked the site for a long while before finally joining. Thanks for all the great times while Rob was active. Good times.

    1. 2 quid is good

      2 quid is good

      Rob has been missed

    2. KingdomHearts3


      Is Rob happy to be back here with Rob’s colleagues?

    3. Rob


      Thanks 2 quid.


      Yes, Rob most certainly is. lol

  14. Reminder: Since E3 2018's bs trailer at Microsoft's presser, Rob has avoided all trailers (Damn you, Nomura!) and majority of news. He will catch up on what he has missed when he beats KH3. That's over 6 months of news to catch up on. That's a lot for his old age. lol

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Weedanort


      Damn, you're still kicking Rob xD


      We'll see you when you beat the game then x)

    3. ITzDarthLordRevan


      I wish you luck on the spoiler avoiding, Rob!

    4. Rob


      lol Yes. Rob is still alive. He can't kick the bucket until KH3 releases... then he has to Phoenix Down himself for the next saga.


      Thank you all for your support. lol

  15. Aqua in all her perfection. Just wish she was drawn bigger than the rest of the characters. Aqua's zettai ryouiki and Namine legs tho.
  16. Rob called it. Featuring KH3's prologue playable character and main story playable character. The signs that started 8 years old and have continued to now are coming to light.
  17. RIP to Miyoko Asou. She was the voice of Flora in KH2 and BBS. She was 92 years old.

    1. KingdomHearts3


      Oh no. That’s so sad. God rest her soul.:(

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