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  1. FunkiFlippy

    Watch this and you will die of epicness

    Well I didn't like it. < --- ( Haha that ruined the mood didn't it )
  2. FunkiFlippy

    What's so great about the PSPvita?

    Ummm there's like a ton of new stuff on the Vita. It has dual analog sticks, two touchscreens, some fancy new screen that makes all of the images look better, cross game chat, MUCH better graphics, it's cooler looking, and well that's all I can think of at the top of my head. But there is most definitely more than that.
  3. FunkiFlippy

    Any tips on getting through this new schedule?

    If your in college I reaaaally hope your misspelling Tuesday on purpose.. twice..
  4. FunkiFlippy

    New Sora pic!

    Well drawn, except it doesn't look much like Sora.
  5. FunkiFlippy

    The Boy

    Alriiight if your writing this about yourself you need to stop being so overly dramatic. I seem to remember you saying that your were like 13 or something in another thread? Your not exactly supposed to have relationships at that age and you should quit worrying about being loved and start enjoying life a bit. Being pressured to ask someone out isn't physically or mentally painful to you and it isn't meant to be, it's just your friends trying to get entertained or legitimately trying to help. I'm only mentioning this because I've seen a few semi depressed threads from you and if you're thirteen then your just wasting your life with that stuff. I felt pressured like that too at thirteen, ended up being the worst year of my life until I just stopped caring about it. If this sounds harsh it's cuz I care Thirteen year olds shouldn't waste life getting all philosophical. Or at least that's what I think.
  6. FunkiFlippy

    Did you... HEEY! IT'S DEMYX TIME 15! xD

    I'll just say this. I watched 20 seconds, and I'm not watching anyyyy more.
  7. FunkiFlippy

    House Hippo

    Well. I still don't get it.
  8. FunkiFlippy

    House Hippo

    I don't get it.
  9. FunkiFlippy

    Why should children obey their parents?

    Because they made you and now you owe them.
  10. FunkiFlippy

    What should I name my black kitty stuffie?

    Then make Falulu her middle name.
  11. FunkiFlippy

    What should I name my black kitty stuffie?

    So, basically what your saying is that your naming your cat thing Falulu.
  12. FunkiFlippy


  13. FunkiFlippy

    What do you think of the KH13 roleplaying section?

    What's roleplaying?
  14. FunkiFlippy

    What should I name my black kitty stuffie?

    Name her FALULU! You HAVE to use that name, it's legit.