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  1. America has a people problem, not a gun problem. I live in Iceland, a country of 300.000 people, a country of 90.000 guns. 3 years ago was the first time in history the police ever killed someone here. http://www.pri.org/stories/2013-12-03/iceland-grieves-after-police-kill-man-first-time-its-history There have only 6 recorded gun related deaths in the history of Iceland, including 1 suicide and 1 accident. The problem isn't guns, it's the people.
  2. No Kingdom Hearts game has ever been 60 fps. PC release for XV is a real must tho. I will double dip for sure.
  3. Did you at least get ending B? You've only played half the game if you haven't.
  4. I'm not saying it because I don't like him, I'm just saying that the statement itself is in no way referencing WoFF directly.
  5. My first time trying a Oculus was the rollercoaster demo, and I was really unimpressed. Later that day I tried the Eve Valkyrie and I was sold on the spot. Being able to use your head to lock on to other ships and look around was really unreal.
  6. 99% of people complaining about the price don't even have a good enough PC to use it. New technology is always expensive. This is a compact screen with 2160x1200 res, 90hz refresh rate and it comes with a controller and 2 games. People that expected this to be around 300 dollars are crazy.
  7. Ah, sorry I thought he was trying to write 6 in roman numerals. My bad.
  8. Scene was good, made sense, don't know what people are bitching about other than "oh noes I liked him"
  9. He's just a bad director, in his later years anyways. He only directed A New Hope and the prequels. New hope is amazing but the prequels are just awful. Same with the Indiana Jones movies, he only did the story for those and they're all good except for the Crystal Skull. I would compare him to Toriyama, used to be good back in the FF7 and FF10 days but then just started to make garbage, FF13 series.
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