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  1. Thanks! but i got it now. thanks anyway!
  2. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6QFwo57WKwg&feature=related I find this oddly relevant...
  3. I was trying to upload a video here, but i cant figure out how. As of right now there is no point to this thread unfortunately. lol Do you mind telling me how to embed a video here? EDIT: nevermind. I got it.
  4. http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=fvwp&v=ikuA6WfgTO8&NR=1
  5. I was actually thinking about that myself. I don't think that them both having their own hearts will change anything, because they're going to be two separate hearts, but they'll probably still have the "Sora connection". But what I was thinking was that if Roxas were to become his own person, would he try to take Sora's body again (lol)? Or will Roxas create his own body similar to sora in CoM? Maybe YenSid has a stock of young boy's bodies laying in his tower?
  6. Oh, sorry, I didn't make that too clear. Of course I know it hasn't been said whether or not he has a heart, I was talking about what would happen IF he had a heart. I just didn't clarify that.
  7. I would only buy a NA 3DS if you live in NA. If you don't live there, for instance you live in EU, I should probably buy a European 3DS. And don't worry, they're all the same quality.
  8. Exactly, I'm betting that there's a very good chance that Roxas is coming back. The ending of DDD when Sora and Roxas talk to each other really made me think that Sora might release Roxas's heart when he releases Ven's. The problem is, Roxas doesn't have a body anymore, his body became Sora. But if a Body can grow a Heart, maybe a Heart can grow a Body. So that's really the only thing I can see that would keep Roxas from coming back.
  9. I leave it in the charging cradel thing whenever I'm not using it OR when it starts spazzing it's red light at me
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