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  1. Said Axel, but it's really Axel and Demyx. I grew annoyed with how emo Roxas was in days I tend to see him as whiny a lot now ._.'
  2. Essentially agree with most posts here, it could be a style Nomura just likes (i.e. spiky hair, a million zippers) etc, or symbolize his leadership role. Sora also gets Crowns in KH2FM he can equip (and wear similar to the picture) which implies Nomura does like the look of it (otherwise why make it so in the game).
  3. Since I only have two controllers (4 for Wii U including the Gamepad and compatible Wiimote) for near all consoles, I usually put them on top of the console. Other than that I had an empty drawer I divided for some rarely used ones. However what I would like to get (but can't justify spending money on them for all my controllers) these:
  4. I've had little experience with them all Grand Theft Auto V - Don't have but played on Conaill's PS4, seems fun but not exactly suited to my preferences so I haven't bought it yet (when it's like a tenner I prob will) Red Dead Redemption Haven't played know little about. BioShock Infinite I'm in the middle of Bioshock (1) and love the lore, gameplay and story of it so far, I know that Infinite is meant to be just as good (whereas Bioshock 2's meant to be crap? But the sound of little sisters grown into big sisters seems cool to me), but I've avoided most information about it cause I wanna play it myself L.A. Noire Watched Conaill play through it, it seemed good apart from the way the story went at the end felt weird(some actions of the protag seemed just out of character). And there was one case I watched where the right suspect didn't make sense, like the only logical solution to the person chosen could be based on bias attitude in the police system, but it didn't make that clear. The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Had a crack at it but don't own it so again don't know much about it. I feel it's too in depth for me to really get into right now when I have other games I still need to finish.
  5. I like all the games I own on Wii U but I'd probably rank Hyrule Warriors and Splatoon highest, mainly Splatoon. I did get Mario Maker as a gift at Xmas but no time to play it yet. One game I want but don't have yet is Bayonetta 2, which from the looks of it I think I would like it, but obvs can't tell til I own it.
  6. Well it's either a toss up between it being an issue with your router or a manufacturing fault in the Wii U. I've never had problems with my Wii-U, when I changed rooms (further away from the modem), the signal wasn't good enough for any of my consoles, but I invested in a Wifi Extender since I knew I was too far away from it(£35). You could try resetting your router if you haven't in case the channel you're on has a lot of traffic (turning it off and on makes it look for the best channels when it restarts, mine was slow on channel 3 and when I restarted it it was going grand on channel 40). You can also set the channel you use if you log into your wifi provider (mine is Virgin). Other than that, you could try bringing it to a friends house and testing how it connects with their connection, and if it persists send back to Nintendo for repair, if not, then the issues with the router.
  7. If we say this is the past, for KH3 to come out retroactively sooner than it is now (before the release of the PS4) I would think they'd use the Crystal Tools Engine they made in house, considering it was going to be used for Versus which was essentially FF KH style.
  8. Not sure, because I don't think it would go well. But if it did I'd check some reviews out if it's worth watching or takes a dump on the series.
  9. Was gonna say what Xamhehwt said, we already kind of have a ranking system with regards to likes, it just isn't displayed under our avatar when we post but it's on our profile pages. Could simply have medals made up for those to be displayed near your avatar, gets round the spamming issue of having it just related to post count as well.
  10. A lot of people who call Link Zelda often never played the games, but know of them. The only other acceptable reason to misname Link is to say you are Link, i.e. The Hero of Time was Caity.
  11. Stitch in Hawaii with Lilo. As it stands from KH, he's just blasted off into the unknown and becomes a summon a decade later, fin. Wanna see his happy ending in game with his family.
  12. Mine were 1 Kingdom Hearts II 2 Minecraft 3 Zelda: The Wind Waker 4 Kingdom Hearts 5 Zelda: Ocarina of Time 5 Okami 5 Warcraft III 5 Final Fantasy IX 9 Banjo-Kazooie 10 Zelda: Majora's Mask I would highly disagree with all the 5's, since I haven't played any of them, for games where I hadn't played either (but knew information about the game) I put I feel the same. Also I would put MM before WW for myself when ranking the Zelda games, and Spatoon should have replaced one them fives. If they included the whole KH series it probably would have been all them 1-6 (excluding Days, don't like it).
  13. I've taken my blood pressure several times in Applied Science but damn if I remember.
  14. One my favs, but we're behind you lot in the US (since C5 dropped the show, and it didn't start coming to Netflix/Amazon for ages), so no spoilers for S4, now I've got my bf into though so I save on watching the newer eps until we have time to together, couple eps into season 4 just. I don't think of it as a maturer KH, I just like fairytales/lore/magic settings, from Disney's classic movie adaptations to Grimmer versions I find it to be a "genre" I favor the most. (Shows I loved were Buffy, Charmed, Supernatural (way behind on that one though), OUaT, Grimm, Dead like Me etc). Rumple and Regina are the best
  15. If only they were willing to take a 4th year placement student in Games Dev for one year who doesn't speak a lick of Japanese and lives in Ireland, that'd be swell. So many developers don't bother with placement students /:
  16. I would assume it's something to do with the programming, like to avoid having the 3 digits available in memory when there's only one value that's ever there (100, like you don't get to 101) or cut off overflow. I don't know the exact ones but some do only go to 100 some only 99.
  17. I was about to give my condolences for having to deal with a child, but looks like congratulations are in order instead!
  18. It depends on the series, I would watch KH ones I generally tend to forget the trailers content by the time I get to that point in the game, but for other series like MGS, I wouldn't since it's well known that so much of that is given away in the trailers.
  19. I didn't know you could write letters to Mickey Mouse, Cinderella etc and such until I was like 16, by then it seemed like there's no point since yano, not real. But I've passed the information to my sister who has three young kids because the response would be more magical than it would be for me. When I was younger I did send a letter to Santa and got a postcard set thing back with stickers (Royal Mail), but my Dad worked there so I actually got it on time (whereas now I believe a lot of people get it late)
  20. Windows 7 is even better if you're using a desktop/Non-touch screen input. (While Windows 8 is designed around touch input, it can still be a good OS once you learn to use it) But the reason it is free is the people who download it provide free testers, IMO even free it isn't worth it as it is right now
  21. I wouldn't bother with it til they've ironed out the bugs. Windows 8 is grand enough.
  22. For this series, usually only once, unless I'm tired it seems (like I spent ages in the am trying to defeat Demyx and Hyenas at different points, and was able to beat them first try when I woke up refreshed)
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