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  1. They just described two things that happened DDD perfectly. Honestly I'm going to go with them being confused. Like have you guys ever said DDD out loud? I always say "Kingdom Hearts three D", I couldn't blame them if they got confused. KH has some of the worst names for releases.
  2. "Feel the heat" not only does he say it really weirdly, but it's like a constant stream when fighting Hades.
  3. My thoughts? Eh. It's existed for 12 years, I'm sure it's been a big part for some people's childhood but for the most of us we haven't heard of it and it's never made any impact on any of Disney's franchises that we interact with. If it did, then the impact it made would purely depend on whether it was positive or negative. I don't know anything about it though and it's impossible for me to judge it.
  4. For the most part it's great, but there are a few voices that lack emotion I guess (there was something I didn't like about Aqua's portrayal which is a shame because the voice suited her well) and Sora's voice is becoming increasingly more strained. I just kind of wanna go up to Haley Joel Osment and say "Hey, calm down with the voice a little" And just for the heck of it I'll mention at the end of the intro to KH2, when Roxas yells out "Hayner! Pence! Olette" there was also something really weird, like it just sounded like he was yelling out random words instead of calling out to his friends,
  5. Yes, as in it's following what's happened in the franchise. No retconning where it pretends ts3 didn't happen or goes against the events of ts4 (somehow), this doesn't mean it becomes a canon part of the series itself.
  6. "how about having lunch with me tomorrow?" "O.K. *^^*" "What time?" oh I dunno, lunch time?
  7. I don't see Kingdom Hearts playing a part in Toy Story 4. Nor playing into it's canon universe at all. Just to clarify, I'm fine with toy story impacting the kingdom hearts storylines, but not the other way around.
  8. Move to Australia, it's getting pretty cold here.
  9. Original CoM without a doubt. I attempted that game so many times and I still have not finished it once. One of these days I need to buy 1.5+2.5 so I can actually see what happens in that game.
  10. It means 2016 was the year of the monkey. That's literally it. They were celebrating year of the monkey.
  11. My language skills are really rusty and Xemnas is hard to understand but I think at the end he was asking Sora to make use of the power of darkness. What a villain.
  12. Definitely despair. I'm not really interested in the first game's characters all that much, a lot of them ended up feeling kind of plain and boring? Or maybe they were too well explained? There is a lot more mystery with the SDR2 cast because we don't know a terrible amount about them prior to coming to Hope's Peak aside from the things you learn during FTE. But what has me most excited is the chance to perhaps see Kamukura! Sorry I can't vote in the poll you have set up, I don't own a twitter account myself.
  13. My heart yearns for a new Jak and Daxter game. It doesn't look likely though, they tried to reboot it before (rather recently too) with a more gritty and serious feel, only to cancel it pretty quickly. But maybe they'll reconsider it after seeing Ratchett and Clank's success - they might see where the money is.
  14. ...;-; I'd prefer if they announced a European and Australian release as well. I guess I'll have to do the stupid roundabout method of getting the american edition.
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